VOLUME LXXII, NO. 4 (July 1983)

Phyllis Rose A Victorian Marriage: Catherine Hogarth and Charles Dickens 481
Lidia Avilova The Puzzle A Story 522
Willis Johnson The Ice Fish A Story 541
Patricia Meyer Spacks Gossip: How It Works 561
Harvey Birenbaum The Art of Our Necessities: The Softness of King Lear 581
Louis Coxe Two Poems 600
Jody Swilky Tenants A Poem 601
Rennie McQuilkin The Undoing A Poem 602
Dan Masterson Treehouse A Poem 603
Martha Hollander Central Park A Poem 604
Paul H. Fry Northrop Frye’s Myth of Concern 605
Carol F. Karlsen On Witchcraft and Witch-hunting 612
Ishmael Reed Charles Davis: A Pioneer Critic 619
Carlos R. Hortas Growing Up Hispanic 622
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 627
Comment: Norman Birnbaum What Really Happened at the Sorbonne 632
Edward Mendelson The OED in Review ix