VOLUME LXXIII, NO. 2 (January 1984)

David Bromwich The Uses of Biography 161
R. W. B. Lewis The Courtship of William James 177
C. Vann Woodward Mary Chesnut in Search of Her Genre 199
David Levin Trying to Make a Monster Human: Judgment in the Biography of Cotton Mather 210
Alan Trachtenberg Brady’s Portraits 230
John Burt Plains of Peace A Poem 254
Boyer Rickel Two Poems 259
William Wilborn From the Chorus A Poem 261
Karen Fish Wishbone A Poem 262
Robert Pinsky Clara and Benedict A Story 263
Marianne Wiggins Stonewall Jackson’s Wife A Story 268
Leon Lipson Smart Alexeyevich 280
Le Anne Schreiber Isak Dinesen’s Afterlife 285
Charles Berger Angel Surrounded by Paysans 290
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 295
Turner Cassity For the Scrapbook of Mrs. Charles Black A Poem 301
Eric Trethewey Rescue A Poem 302
Moore Moran The Face A Poem 303
Vern Rutsala Darkening World A Poem 304
Brian O’Neill Burn Out A Poem 306
Lewis Turco The Day the Shed Came Apart A Poem 307
Comment: Robert Coles Simone Weil: The Mystery of Her Life 309
Maureen Howard Fiction in Review ix