VOLUME LXXIV, NO. 1 (November 1984)

Malcolm Cowley A Time of Resignations 1
Stanley Kauffmann Album of an Eccentric 15
Mary Jo Salter Mary Cazzato, 1921 A Poem 25
Reginald Gibbons The Eager Interpreter A Poem 27
James Schuyler This Notebook A Poem 30
William Logan Capability Brown in the Tropics Poem 31
Daniel Aaron Letter to a Chinese Friend 32
Norman Birnbaum Letter to A European Friend 47
Howard Lamar The First American West: Jamestown, 1607-1699 64
David St. John Two Poems 56
Frederick Turner The Cave at Zhoukoudian A Poem 58
Carl S. Smith Urban Disorder and the Shape of Belief: The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire 79
Carrie Young Bank Night A Story 96
John Hermann South Fork A Story 107
Louis Menand Revisionists Revised 119
Amy Kaplan “Absent Things in American Life” 126
Giles Gunn Perception at the Pitch of Passion 135
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 142
Barbara Ascher A Visit with Eudora Welty 147
Ben Sonnenberg Public Relation 154
John Hollander Poetry in Review