VOLUME LXXIV, NO. 2 (January 1985)

Robert Fitzgerald When the Cockroach Stood by the Mickle Wood 161
Elting E. Morison Being an American 182
Lawrence W. Levine American Culture and the Great Depression 196
Michael Seidel Nabokov and the Aesthetics of American Exile 224
Laura Battey Katz Recovery A Story 240
Gjertrud Schnackenberg Kremlin of Smoke A Poem 253
John Skoyles Two Poems 259
R. W. B. Lewis Letters of a Self-Renewer 261
Frederick Wegener An Inward Life 269
Andrew Delbanco Reconstructing Hawthorne 276
Roberto González-Echevarría America Conquered 281
Catherine L. Albanese Religion on the Uninstallment Plan 290
Ross Spears Fiction as Life 296
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 307
Comment: Annie Dillard Singing with the Fundamentalists 312
Maureen Howard Fiction in Review vii