VOLUME LXXIV, NO. 3 (April 1985)

Jaroslav Pelikan Christ—and the Second Christ 321
Zbigniew Brzezinski Poland: Reflections on Solidarity 346
Marie Borroff “Fowler and the Rest” 353
Victor Bers Achilles’ Name among the Maidens and Deeper Questions: Looking It Up in the Classics 368
Barbara McCorkle An Atlas for the Times 378
Edward Mendehon Baedeker’s Universe 386
Barry Goldensohn Poetry Anthologies and the Canon 404
John McGahern Like All Other Men A Story 415
Gish Jen Eating Crazy A Story 425
Debra Ratner The Dreams of All Men A Story 434
Allen Grossman Two Poems 447
Alice Fulton 603 West Liberty St. A Poem 450
David Wagoner By a Waterfall A Poem 452
Yannis Ritsos Two Poems 452
Christine Froula The Adventures of Ulysses 454
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 467
Comment: Paul Wallich Computers and the Humanities 472
John Hollander Poetry in Review ix