VOLUME LXXIX, NO. 1 (May 1990-Autumn 1989)

Wayne Koestenbaum Callas and Her Fans 1
Phyllis Rose Literary Warhol 21
Amy Hempel The Rest of God Fiction 34
Priscilla Snejf Chemo Poetry 39
Don Bogen A Muse Poetry 40
Ruth Fainlight Two Poems 42
Rachel Hadas Mornings in Ormos 43
Richard Wertime Italy, 1969-1989 61
Jan F. Kiely China 1989: The Wuhan Spring 78
Margaret Morganroth Gullette Letter from Nicaragua: How Not to Be a Tourist 93
Jan Epton Scale Cockscombs Fiction 117
Martha Hollander Pillar of Salt Poetry 124
Carole Bernstein The Charm Machine, 1965 Poetry 125
James Lasdun Edenesque Poetry 125
Jordan Smith Two Poems 126
Mary Jo Salter Honest Elegist 129
Lucy McDiarmid Liberating the Pseudoese 136