VOLUME LXXIX, NO. 2 (October 1990-Winter 1990)

Helen Vendler The Waste Land Revisited 147
James Longenbach The Ghost of Yeats at Fifty 162
Langdon Hammer Robert Lowell’s Breakdown 172
Mary Jo Salter Puns and Accordions: Emily Dickinson and the Unsaid 188
Barbara Browning We Were All Hungry Poetry 222
Philip Levine Two Poems 222
Jonas Zdanys Inheritance Poetry 225
James Laughlin Cutting Poetry 226
Alice Fulton The Fractal Lanes Poetry 227
Amy Herrick Pinocchio’s Nose Fiction 228
Charles Wright Tennessee Line Poetry 246
John Hollander River Remembered Poetry 247
Mark McBride Driving Lessons Fiction 251
Suzanne Hunter Brown Storytelling Fiction 266
Les Murray Two Poems 286
Mary Kinzie Canicula Poetry 287
Daniel Hall The Beanstalk Poetry 288
Brigit Pegeen Kelly Pipistrelles Poetry 289
C. A. Fiedler A Border Tale 293
Comment: Ted Cohen There Are No Ties at First Base 314