VOLUME LXXIX, NO. 3 (November 1990-Spring 1990)

Killarney Clary “In Doubt and Thus Alive” 323
James Conant Throwing Away the Top of the Ladder 328
Lydia Goehr The Power of the Podium 365
Elizabeth Macklin A Field Guide to Lesser Desires Poetry 382
Edgar Bowers Clothes Poetry 383
Chase Twichell Two Poems 384
Tom Disch Riddle Poetry 387
James Merrill To the Reader Poetry 387
Langdon Hammer Who Was Randall Jarrell? 389
Richard Johnson Rhetoric Revived 406
Jean Sudrann Goings and Comings 414
Lynne McMahon Two Poems 439
Carol Muske Field Trip Poetry 441
Alexander Thorburn Wedding Poetry 443
Rachel Hadas Roadblock Poetry 445
Cynthia Zarin Forensic Biography 446
Jonas Zdanys Voices from the Other Europe 467
Henri Cole Two Poems 483
Dick Davis Two Poems 485
Mary Stewart Hammond Accepting the Body Poetry 487
Jeanne Schinto The Art of Eating Words 489
Marc Wortman Battery Park City: Utopian Poetics in the Urban Greenhouse 501