VOLUME LXXIX, NO. 4 (May 1991-Summer 1990)

Beasley, Bruce. Eurydice in Hades. Poetry. 688

Brown, Anthony. The Ever-Articulate Love of Sweets. Fiction. 652

Carson, Anne. Short Talks. 610

Chase, Clifford. Calf Development. Fiction. 664

Cooper, Bernard. Mightier than the Pen. Rev. 698

Gorey, Edward. The Doleful Domesticity. 604

Hall, Daniel. Termination Dust. 562

Howard, Richard. And Tell Sad Stories. Poetry. 745

Koestenbaum, Wayne. Rhapsody. Poetry Rev. 719

Mayo, Wendell. Robert’s Bride. Fiction. 675

Macdonald, Cynthia. The Role of the Stars in Psychoanalysis. 579

Mallon, Thomas. Rodeo. 622

McCourt Ackerley, James. Comment 729

Moritz, A.F. Christmas Decorations. Poetry. 674

Pemberton, Gayle. None of the Above. 509

Powers, Richard. State and Vine. Rev. 690

Rogoff, Jay. Did the Black-and-White Movies Make My Mother? Poetry. 662

Schuyler, James. First Light 553

Sneff, Priscilla. Nostalgic de la “Boo!” Rev. 713

Towle, Andrew. Tennyson. Poetry. 661

Van Duyn, Mono. Words for the Dumb. Poetry. 647

Winters, Anne. The Child Vanishes. Rev. 703

Yenser, Stephen. Vertumnal. Poetry. 615