VOLUME LXXV, NO. 2 (February 1986)

José Ortega y Gasset Kant and the Modern German Mind 161
Thomas Mann Germany and the Germans 181
Marcelle Tinayre French Women after the War 200
S. C. Thompson A Whaling Cruise in The Sea Fox 210
Emily Dickinson Two Unpublished Poems 224
Robert Frost Four Poems 225
Edith Wharton The Great American Novel 229
André Gide Henry James 239
Virginia Woolf A Conversation about Art 242
Wallace Stevens Effects of Analogy 255
Katherine Anne Porter “Noon Wine”: The Sources 271
John Hersey The Legend on the License 289
David Wagoner Lullaby through the Side of the Mouth 315
Robert Penn Warren From You, Emperors, and Others: Two Poems 316
Robert Lowell The Public Garden 318
John Berryman Two Dream Songs 319
Penelope Laurans Retrospect: Poetry in Review vii
B. H. Haggin Retrospect: Recording and Records xvi