VOLUME LXXV, NO. 3 (June 1986)

Mary de Rachewiltz Pound as Son: Letters Home 321
Emily Mitchell Wallace Some Friends of Ezra Pound: A Photographic Essay 331
A. Walton Litz “Remember that I have remembered”: Traces of the Past in The Pisan Cantos 357
Irving Feldman From All of Us Here A Poem 368
Mary Jo Salter The Annunciation A Poem 370
Susan Snively The Women at the Watching A Poem 370
Timothy Steele Beatitudes, While Setting Out the Trash A Poem 372
Louis L. Martz Pound: The Prophetic Voice 373
Lloyd G. Reynolds Economics in History: The Poetic Vision of Ezra Pound 385
Barry Goldensohn Pound and Antisemitism 399
Sandra McPherson Two Poems 422
Reg Saner What We See Is What We Are A Poem 424
Lee Upton Aide-Mémoire A Poem 425
Kay Ryan The Animal Itself A Poem 427
John Frederick Nims Closed for Restoration A Poem 428
Vernon Shetley The Place of Poetry 429
William H. Youngren Contemplating Musicology 437
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 445
Comment: Edward Mendelson Word Processing: A Continuing Guide for the Perplexed 454