VOLUME LXXV, NO. 4 (October 1986)

E. P. Thompson The Reasons of the Yahoo 481
George J. Watson Cultural Imperialism: An Irish View 503
Terrence Des Pres On Governing Narratives: The Turkish-Armenian Case 517
Amy Clampitt The Odessa Steps A Poem 532
Marilyn Hacker Two Poems 533
Stephen Tapscott Two Poems 534
Ira Sadoff In the House of the Child A Poem 535
Alfred Corn The Candlelight Burglary A Poem 536
Pattiann Rogers The Next Story A Poem 538
Robert Polito Nana A Poem 539
Joseph LaPalombara The Achille Lauro Affair: A Note on Italy and the United States 542
Wendell Bell The Invasion of Grenada: A Note on False Prophecy 564
James Merrill The Ponchielli Complex A Poem 587
Joyce Carol Gates Heat A Poem 588
Baron Wormser Starting the First Fire, Autumn A Poem 589
William Logan Disease and Etiquette A Poem 589
Alan Williamson The City A Poem 591
Virginia W. Rasmussen The Peril of Ecological Illiteracy: Thoughts for the Graduating Class 594
Janette Turner Hospital The Mango Tree A Story 601
Janet Levine Inside Apartheid 610
Patricia Nelson Limerick True West 619
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 628
Comment: Charles Bernstein Pound and the Poetry of Today 635