VOLUME LXXVI, NO. 1 (December 1986)

Seamus Heaney The Impact of Translation 1
James Tatum The Iliad and Memories of War 15
Todd Lieber Steers A Story 32
Julie Agoos Florence Interlude A Poem 42
Debora Greger Two Poems 43
Charles Wright From a Journal of the Year of the Ox A Poem 46
Editors Boston in Turmoil: A Foreword 49
Kevin H. White Boston in Turmoil: Ironies 51
J. Anthony Lukas Boston in Turmoil: A Matter of Class 56
Harvey Cox Boston in Turmoil: Uncommon Time 62
Peter Makuck Bound Away A Story 74
Frank Vick Pigeons A Story 91
Frank J. Popper The Strange Case of the Contemporary American Frontier 101
Howard Moss Seven Odes of Departure A Poem 122
Albert Goldbarth Shawabty, Ushabi, or Shabti Figures A Poem 124
Michael J. Rosen Always the Deeper Meaning A Poem 125
Elizabeth Spires The Needle A Poem 126
Anthony Hecht Envoi A Poem 127
Barry Goldensohn Love and Work 128
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 136