VOLUME LXXVI, NO. 2 (June 1987)

Isaiah Berlin Edmund Wilson at Oxford 139
Peter Blume A Recollection of Hart Crane 152
Jerome Bruner Le Patron: Jean Piaget 157
Robert Brustein Lionel Trilling: Memories of a Mentor 162
Hortense Calisher Stead 169
Paul A. Freund Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. 178
Nat Hentqff Finding Malcolm X 181
John Hersey First Job 184
Richard Howard Manila Clipper 198
G. Evelyn Hutchinson Rebecca West 203
Harry Levin Jean Renoir 206
Kenneth MacKenzie Remembering Casey 214
William Maxwell Zona Gale 221
W. V. Quine Carnap 226
Rosanna Warren Two Poems 231
David Lehman Cambridge, 1972 A Poem 234
Konrad Kellen Reminiscences of Thomas Mann 238
Sidney Lovett A Boy’s Recollections of William James 247
Howard Nemerov A Christmas Card of Halley’s Comet A Poem 256
Henri Cole Saint Stephen’s Day with the Griffins A Poem 256
Sidney Wade Kansas Weather A Poem 258
Jay Parini Reading through the Night A Poem 259
Grace Schulman Easter in Bellagio A Poem 260
Michael Lee The Kid A Story 261
Jincy Willett Mr. Lazenbee A Story 268
Christina Baker From Whence the Rivers Come A Story 285