VOLUME LXXVI, NO. 4 (September 1987)

Natalie Zemon Davis “Any Resemblance to Persons Living or Dead”: Film and the Challenge of Authenticity 457
Paul Horgan A Writer’s Margins 483
Stanley Kauffmann Two Vulgar Geniuses: Augustin Daly and David Belasco 496
Peter Sacks Autumn A Poem 514
Ben Belitt Displaced Person A Poem 518
Jane Brown Gillette A Preface for Mrs. Parry 520
Lewis S. Feuer Recollections of Alfred North Whitehead in the Harvard Setting (1931-1937) 530
George Bradley Cyclopean Wall in the Alto-Molise A Poem 551
Rachel Hadas Four Angers A Poem 552
David Craig Austin Good Friday A Poem 553
Emily Grosholz The Warning A Poem 554
Sarah Arvio Library at Los Milagros A Poem 554
Nicholas Christopher Collecting Stamps in Port-au-Prince A Poem 555
Steve Barthelme Zorro A Story 557
Ed Minus The Furniture Store A Story 569
Ned Polsky Centenaries for 1987 in the Humanities ix