VOLUME LXXVII, NO. 1 (December 1987)

John Hersey Mr. Quintillian A Story 1
Douglas Crase True Solar Holiday A Poem 25
Priscilla Sneff Poem A Poem 26
Mark Doty Harbor Lights A Poem 26
Jay Cantor Kat and Maus 29
Alfred Corn The Poet’s Criteria 41
Robert Garis Dancing for Balanchine 52
Carolyn G. Heilbrun Women, Jews, and Nazism 69
Mary Jo Salter The Moon and Big Ben A Poem 79
Wayne Koestenbaum Shéhérazade A Poem 80
Alvin Kernan Criticism as Theodicy: The Institutional Role of Literary Criticism 86
Robert Miklitsch The Language of Literary History-Dead or Alive? 103
Stephen Yenser Bright Sources 115
Jeffrey Harrison Reflection on the Vietnam War Memorial A Poem 148
Terese Svoboda Conquistador A Poem 148
Donald Finkel Separation A Poem 150
William Wadsworth The Physicist on a Cold Night Explains A Poem 150
Dave Smith Lake Drummond Dream A Poem 151