VOLUME LXXVII, NO. 3 (June 1988)

Joan Dayan The Crisis of the Gods: Haiti after Duvalier 299
Ronald Aronson Lecturing in South Africa: “Remember, Stay out of Politics” 332
William Kornblum Working the Deuce 356
Craig Raine Two Poems 368
Stephen Romer Three Poems 369
Andrew Motion Lovely Day A Poem 373
Jeremy Reed Two Poems 373
Carol Rumens Two Poems 376
Nancy F. Cott Women’s Rights: Unspeakable Issues in the Constitution 382
Richard Howard Colored Stones A Poem 397
Edward Hirsch When Skyscrapers Were Invented in Chicago A Poem 399
Robert Pinsky An Old Man A Poem 401
Mary Helen Stefaniak America, the Beautiful A Story 402
William F. Van Wert Shoe Trees A Story 418
A. R. Ammons The Damned A Poem 435
Cynthia Zarin Klex A Poem 436
James Laughlin Our Bicycles A Poem 438
Paul Lake Additions A Poem 439
Jeanne Schinto The Disappearance A Story 441