VOLUME LXXVII, NO. 4 (October 1988)

Noel Annan Dean Acheson 463
Julian Barnes Playing Chess with Arthur Koestler 478
Fred Collier The First Lady of the World 492
John Hollander W. H. Auden 501
Amy Clampitt Dejection: A Footnote A Poem 512
Jeffery Donaldson Word from Niagara Falls A Poem 513
David Lehman The Answering Stranger A Poem 518
Maureen Howard There Are Many Wonderful Owls in Gambier 521
James Laughlin About Gertrude Stein 528
Eleanor Perényi Carl Van Vechten 537
Henri Peyre Claudel, Breton, and Sartre at Yale 544
Vincent Price A Legend in My Life 551
Steven Runciman Mrs. Wharton 560
Angus Wilson D. P. Walker 563
Mary Kinzie On the Actor Edward Petherbridge A Poem 566
Alan Shapiro Covenant A Poem 568
Mona Van Duyn Three Poems 572
Marjorie Sandor Judgment A Story 578
Daniel Wallace The Offering A Story 589
David R. Schmahmann Baptie in Her Homeland A Story 600
Joe Bolton Tall Palms A Poem 607
Turner Cassity Two Poems 607
Sandra McPherson Four Poems 609
Comment: Annie Dillard Making Contact 615