VOLUME LXXVIII, NO. 1 (March 1989-Autumn 1988)

Arnold Rampersad Psychology and Afro-American Biography 1
Gloria Naylor Love and Sex in the Afro-American Novel 19
Les A. Murray Three Poems 32
Carolyn G. Heilbrun Freud’s Daughters 37
Robert Erwin The Man Who Discovered America 46
Robert E. Lerner The Pope and the Doctor 62
Katherine Soniat Learning in Time Poetry 80
Brian Swann Two Poems 80
A. F. Moritz Popular Songs Poetry 83
Rita Dove Dedication Poetry 84
Robert Karen The Revenge of the Wounded 85
Philip Kuberski Proust’s Brain 97
Daryl Hine Postscripts Poetry 113
Robert Thomas December Matinee Poetry 115
Julie Agoos Two Poems 116
Giles Gunn Authority and Its Distractions 119
Mary T. Reynolds Present at the Creation 127
Gianfranco Poggi A Work in Progress 134
Debora Greger Two Poems 142
Robert Pack Display Poetry 144