VOLUME LXXVIII, NO. 2 (September 1989-Winter 1989)

Frank Kermode The Last Classic 147
William Arrowsmith Grave Prattle: Eliot’s “Le Directeur” 166
Prefaces: Five Poets on Poems by T. S. Eliot
Amy Clampitt T. S. Eliot’s “Different Voices” 196
Anthony Hecht The First Eighteen Lines of The Waste Land 202
James Merrill “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” 209
Gjertrud Schnackenberg “Marina” 210
Richard Wilbur “Ash-Wednesday” 215
Denis Donoghue The Idea of a Christian Society 218
Christine Froula Eliot’s Grail Quest, or, The Lover, the Police, and The Waste Land 235
A. Walton Litz The Allusive Poet: Eliot and His Sources 254
Lucy McDiarmid Eliot: The Dead, the Living, and the End of Poetry 265
Lawrence S. Rainey The Price of Modernism: Reconsidering the Publication of The Waste Land 279
Comment: Patricia C. Willis American Modern: Scofield Thayer, Marianne Moore, and the Dial 301
Cleanth Brooks The Waste Land: A Prophetic Document 318