VOLUME LXXVIII, NO. 3 (December 1989-Spring 1989)

Richard Wilbur The Persistence of Riddles 333
Michael G. Cooke Byron, Pope, and the Grand Tour 352
Robert B. Shaw The Post Office Murals Restored Poetry 370
Stephen Menick Dr. Rapallo Fiction 379
James Gordon Bennett The Searle Sisters Fiction 392
Sandra Spatt Olsen The Butcher’s Girl Fiction 403
Wyatt Prunty The Lake House Poetry 410
Kevin Hearle Each Thing We Know Is Changed Because We Know It Poetry 414
Joyce Carol Oates Edward Hopper, Nighthawks, 1942 Poetry 415
Paul Horgan Not Even a Footnote Fiction 417
Tom Ruane Space on the Tape Fiction 428
Catherine Mellett The Orange Popsicle Fiction 442
Peter Gordon Joan in Love Fiction 452
David Wojahn Two Poems 459
Henri Cole Lost in Venice Poetry 462
Wayne Koestenbaum Immunities 466
Roberto González-Echevarría Love in the Golden Years 472
Doretta Wildes Blow Ball Poetry 479
Frances Lindsay An Iris from Purgatory Poetry 480
Katha Pollitt Two Poems 481
Hannah Stein Anniversary Poetry 483
Daniel Hall Two Poems 484
Comment: Geoffrey Hartman The Longest Shadow 485