VOLUME LXXVIII, NO. 4 (March 1990-Summer 1989)

Ford Madox Ford War and the Mind 497
Ford Madox Ford Creative History and the Historic Sense 511
Kai Erikson On Sociological Prose 525
Terrence Des Pres Channel Fire: Political Intrusion in Poetry 539
Sandra Spatt Olsen The Sigh of the Hard-Pressed Creature Fiction 561
Marilyn Hacker Two Poems 579
Sylvain Maréchal The Last Judgment of Kings: A Prophecy in One Act, in Prose 583
Sara Suleri Contraband Histories: Salman Rushdie and the Embodiment of Blasphemy 604
Mark Strand Fiction Poetry 625
Tom Sleigh Aubade Poetry 625
Daniel Hoffman Evidence Poetry 626
William Logan The Rule of the Rule of Law Poetry 627
Comment: Donald Hutter The Repository: A Remembrance of Scribner’s 629
Deborah Larsen Slant Shape Poetry 654
James Richardson How It Ends Poetry 654