Volume V (5) (1915-1916)

[Reviews are entered under the author of the book reviewed and under the reviewer.]

Abbott, Lyman. Reminiscences. Rev. by W. Walker 877-8
Abbott, Wilbur Cortez. The War and American Democracy 484-502
— G. Ferrero’s Ancient Rome and Modern America 184-8
— G. Ferrero’s Between the Old World and the New 184-8
— G. Ferrero’s Greatness and Decline of Rome 184-8
Adams, Brooks. The American Democratic Ideal 225-33
Adams, George Burton. America’s Obligation and Opportunity 474-83
— British Imperial Federation After the War 687-701
Adams, Henry. Buddha and Brahma: a Poem 82-9
Allinson, Anne Crosby (Emery). Faces in the Roman Crowd 146-65
Along the Maine Coast. Edward Parmelee Morris 843-55
America’s Obligation and Opportunity. George Burton Adams 474-88
American Country Life in Old French Memoirs. Charles H. Sherrill 130-48
American Democratic Ideal, The. Brooks Adams 225-38
Americanizing the Immigrant. Henry Pratt Fairchild 781—40
Amram, Beulah B. Swinburne and Carducci 865—81
Anthony, Katharine. Mothers Who Must Earn. Rev. by H. P. Fairchild 662-6
At the Picture-Show: a Poem. Karle Wilson Baker 128-9
Bacon, Benjamin Wisner. A. T. Robertson’s New Testament Grammar 440-1
Baker, Karle Wilson. At the Picture-Show: a Poem 128-9
Bakewell, Charles Montague. Nietzsche: a Modern Stoic 66-81
Baldwin, Simeon Eben. E. J. Clapp’s Economic Aspects of the War 656-9
Barton, George Aaron. A. T. Clay’s Miscellaneous Inscriptions 885-6
Bates, Katharine Lee. Sea Memories: Three Poems 841-2
— Selections from Bronte, ed. by A. C. Benson 873-6
Beard, Mary Hitter. Woman’s Work. Rev. by V. D. Scudder 221-3
Beers, Henry Augustin. Emerson and his Journals 668-83
— The Pasture Bars: a Poem 363-4
Before the Deluge: a Poem. William Young 88
Belloc, Hilaire. Bayeux Tapestry. Rev. by E. B. Reed 205-7
Benét, William Rose. The Falconer of God. Rev. by E. B. Reed 428-6
Bennett, Charles Andrew. B. Croce’s Philosophy of Vico, Hegel, the Practical 668-72
Bingham, Hiram. Watch Therefore! 717-30
Bjornson, Bjornstjerne. Poems and Songs. Rev. by H. A. Larsen 430-1
Blake, William. Symbolical Poems. Rev. by G. McL. Harper 638-5
Bracton de Legibus, ed. by G. E. Woodbine. Rev. by O. W. Holmes 223-4
Bradford, Gamaliel. Charles Sumner 541-56
Brinkley, Frank. History of the Japanese. Rev. by F. W. Williams 434-6
British Imperial Federation after the War. G. B. Adams 687-701
Bronte, Selections, ed. by A. C. Benson. Rev. by K. L. Bates 873-6
Brooke, Tucker. Common Conditions. Rev. by W. A. Neilson 864-5
Brooks, Charles Stephen. Journeys to Bagdad. Rev. by George Soule 871-2
Brown, Philip Marshall. Sir E. Pears’s Constantinople 654-6
Buddha and Brahma: a Poem. Henry Adams 82-9
Callender, Guy Stevens. Cyclopedia of American Government 212-4,
Campaign in Western Asia, The. H. G. Dwight 603-21
Canby, Henry Seidel. College Life and College Education 105-16
— Lafcadio Hearn’s Interpretations of Literature 860-1
— College Sons and College Fathers. Rev. by Bliss Perry 649-50
Carducci, Swinburne and. Beulah B. Amram 365-81
Cartwright, Otho G. Middle West Side. Rev. by H. P. Fairchild 662-6
Chew, Samuel Claggett. W. H. Durham’s Critical Essays 870-1
Clapp, Edwin Jones. Economic Aspects of the War, Rev. by S. E. Baldwin 656-9
Clarke, Charles Cameron. Amy Lowell’s Six French Poets 642-5
— W. Stephens’s French Novelists of To-day 642-6
Clay, Albert Tobias. Miscellaneous Inscriptions. Rev. by G. A. Barton 885-6
College Life and College Education. Henry Seidel Canby 103-16
Colton, Arthur. Values 798-809
Columbia Dramatic Museum. Publications. Rev. by J. R. Crawford 645-9
Common Conditions, ed. by Tucker Brooke. Rev. by W. A. Neilson 864-5
Compulsory Service in the United States. George N. Tricoche 90-104
Cooper, James Fenimore. Unpublished Letters 810-31
Cram, Ralph Adams. Heart of Europe. Rev. by F. J. Mather, Jr. 652-4
Crawford, Jack Randall. Publications of the Dramatic Museum 645-9
Crimean War, Letters from Russia during the. Daniel C. Gilman 605-30
Croce, Benedetto. Philosophy of Fico. Rev. by C. A. Bennett 668-72
— Philosophy of the Practical. Rev. by C. A. Bennett 668-72
— What is Living of Hegel? Rev. by C. A. Bennett 668-72
Cushing, Harvey. With the British Medical Corps in France 523-39
Cyclopedia of American Government. Rev. by G, S. Callender 212-4
Darwin, Emma. A Century of Family Letters. Rev. by A. G. Keller 666-7
Davis, Fannie Stearns. Crack o’ Dawn. Rev. by E. B. Reed 423-6
Day, Clive. H. W. van Loon’s Rise of the Dutch Kingdom 436-8
Dennis, Alfred L. P. H. Fielding-Hall’s Passing of Empire 444-5
Dewey, John, and Evelyn. Schools of Tomorrow. Rev. by E. C« “Moore 888-90
Dewing, Arthur Stone. Our Economic Peril 673-86
Dickson, Frederick S. Covent-Garden Journal, ed. by G. E. Jensen 865—70
Dostoevsky, Fyodor. The Brothers Karamazov. Rev. by W. L. Phelps 417-21
— Letters. Rev. by W. L. Phelps 417-21
Durham, Willard Higley. Critical Essays. Rev. by S. C. Chew 870-1
Dwight, Harry Griswold. The Campaign in Western Asia 503-21
— Constantinople Old and New. Rev. by Helen McAfee 883-4
Economic Aftermath, The. Alexander D. Noyes 50-65
Emerson and his Journals. Henry Augustin Beers 568-83
Emerson, Nathaniel Bright. Pele and Hiiaka. Rev. by C. M. Lewis 650-2
Erskine, John. Stefan Zweig’s Emile Verhaeren 197-8
Eve Speaks: a Poem. Louis Untermeyer 324—2
Faces in the Roman Crowd. Anne C. E. Allinson 146-6
Fairchild, Henry Pratt. Americanizing the Immigrant 731-4
— Russell Sage Foundation Publications 662-6
Federal Valuation of Railroads. Morrell W. Gaines 557-67
Ferrero, Guglielmo. Ancient Rome. Rev. by W. C. Abbott 184—8
G. Greatness and Decline of Rome. Rev. by W. C, Abbott 184-8
— The Old World and the New. Rev. by W. C. Abbott 184-8
Fielding, Henry. Covent-Garden Journal. Rev. by F. S. Dickson 865-70
Fielding-Hall, H. Passing of Empire. Rev. by A. L. P. Dennis 444-5
Firkins Oscar W. To My Country: a Poem 267-8
Fitch, Clyde. Plays. Rev. by W. L. Phelps 861-4
Four ‘Scandinavian Feminists. Hanna Astrup Larsen 347-62
Francke, Kuno. German Autocracy 775-82
Frost, Robert. The Hill Wife: a Poem 584-6
Game’s, Morrell W. The Federal Valuation of Railroads 557-67
Gardiner, Harry Norman. G. T. Ladd’s What Can I Know? 217-21
— G. T. Ladd’s What May I Hope? What Should I Believe? 892-5
— G. T. Ladd’s What Ought I To Do? 217-21
German Autocracy. Kuno Francke 775-82
Gervais: a Poem. Margaret Adelaide Wilson 522
Oilman, Daniel Coit. Letters from Russia During the Crimean War 605—30
Gjerset, Knut. History of the Norwegian People. Rev. by A. H. Palmer 880-3
Goodell, Thomas Dwight. Two Poets: a Poem 522
Gorky, Maxim. My Childhood. Rev. by R. P. Utter 878-80
Great French School in the War. A. Maurice Lavarenne 758-74
Greenslet, Ferris. C. B. Tinker’s The Salon and English Letters 421-3
Hadley, Arthur Twining. Undercurrents. Rev. by M. Storey 409-14
“Hamlet” with Hamlet Left Out. Brander Matthews 117-26
Harper, George McLean. F. E. Pierce’s Selections from Blake 633-5
Hart, Sophie Chantal. Mary Russell Mitford’s Correspondence 639-42
Hatred—and a Possible Sequel. Lawrence Pearsall Jacks 1-18
Head, Henry. I Cannot Stand and Wait: a Poem 540
Hearn, Lafcadio. Interpretations of Literature. Rev. by H. S. Canby 860-1
Henderson, Archibald. W. L. Phelps’s Browning 635-7
Hill Wife, The: a Poem. Robert Frost 584-6
Hillquit, Morris. The War and International Socialism 39-49
Holloway, Rufus Emory. Walt Whitman in New Orleans 166-83
Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Bracton de Legibus, ed. by G. E. Woodbine 223-4
Hooker, Brian. Fairyland. Rev. by Louis Untermeyer 199-200
— Poems. Rev. by Louis Untermeyer 199-200
Hope of the Great Community, The. Josiah Royce . 269-91
Hornaday, William T. Wild Life Conservation. Rev. by L. C. Sanford 210-2
Huneker, James. New Cosmopolis. Rev. by George Soule 201-3
Hunter, The. Gusta de Wit 397-408
Huntington, Ellsworth. F. Nansen’s Through Siberia 438-40
— Climatic Factor. Rev. by T. S. Woolsey, Jr. 207-10
I Cannot Stand and Wait: a Poem. Henry Head 540
Industrial Future of .Italy, The. Raphael Zon 702-13
Invading Alsace. By a French Officer 292-305
Italy and the War. Henry Dwight Sedgwick 19-37
Italy. The Industrial Future of. Raphael Zon 702-13
Jacks, Lawrence Pearsall. Hatred—and a Possible Sequel 1-18
James, Henry. William Lyon Phelps 783-97
Japan to America. Rev. by F. W. Williams 434-6
Jensen, Gerard Edward. Covent-Garden Journal. Rev. by F. S. Dickson 865-70
Johnson, Henry. The Divine Comedy. Rev. by Kenneth McKenzie 637-9
Jordan, Mary Augusta. F. H. Vizetelly’s Essentials of English Speech 431-4
Keller, Albert Galloway. Emma Darwin 666-7
— Societal Evolution. Rev. by H. Webster 442-4
Kellogg, Paul Underwood. Pittsburgh District. Rev. by H. P. Fairchild 662-6
Kittredge, George Lyman. Chaucer. Rev. by H. N. MacCracken 426-30
Ladd, George Trumbull. Trials of an Old-Fashioned College Treasurer 382-96
— What Can I Know? Rev. by H. N. Gardiner 217-21
— What May I Hope? Rev. by H. N. Gardiner 892-3
— What Ought I to Do? Rev. by H. N. Gardiner 217-21
— What Should I Believe? Rev. by H. N. Gardiner 892-5
Larsen, Hanna Astrup. Bjornstjerne Bjornson’s Poem* and Songs 430-1
— Four Scandinavian Feminists 347-62
Lavarenne, Maurice. A Great French School in the War 758-74
Leach, Henry Goddard. Scandinavia. Rev. by A. H. Palmer 880-3
Learned, Henry Barrett. N. R. Thayer’s Life of John Hay 856-60
Letters from Russia during the Crimean War. Daniel C. Oilman 605-30
Lewis, Charlton Miner. N. B. Emerson’s Pele and Hiiaka 650-2
Liberty and Discipline. A. Lawrence Lowell 741-54
Lindsay, Vachel. Art of the Moving Picture. Rev. by H. M. Luquiens 895-6
Litchfield, Henrietta. Emma Darwin. Rev. by A. G. Keller 666-7
Loon, Hendrik Willem van. Dutch Kingdom. Rev. by Clive Day 436-8
Lounsbury, Thomas R. Life of Tennyson. Rev. by Brander Matthews 631-3
Lowell, Abbott Lawrence. Liberty and Discipline 741-54
Lowell, Amy. Six French Poet*. Rev. by C. C. Clarke 642-5
Luquiens, Huc-Mazelet. The Post-Impressionistic Revolt 330-46
— Vachel Lindsay’s Art of the Moving Picture 895-6
McAfee, Helen. Arthur Schnitzler’s Green Cockatoo 192-7
— H. G. Dwight’s Constantinople Old and New 883-4
— Arthur Schnitzler’s Lonely Way 192-7
MacCracken, Henry Noble. G. L. Kittredge’s Chaucer and his Poetry 426-30
McKenzie, Kenneth. The Divine Comedy, transl. by G. H. Johnson 637-9
McLeod, Irene. Mary: a Poem 714-6
Mary: a Poem. Irene McLeod 714-6
Masters, Edgar Lee. Spoon River Anthology. Rev. by E. B. Reed 423-6
Mather, Frank Jewett, Jr. R. A. Cram’s Heart of Europe 652-4
Matthews, Brander. “Hamlet” with Hamlet Left Out 117-26
— T. R. Lounsbury’s Life and Times of Tennyson 631-3
Meyer, George von Lengerke. Our Navy in the Event of War 284—40
Mitford, Mary Russell. Correspondence. Rev. by S. C. Hart 689-42
Moore, Ernest Carroll. J. and E. Dewey’s Schools of Tomorrow 888-96
Morris, Edward Parmelee. Along the Maine Coast .843-55
Morse, Samuel Finley Breese. Letters. Rev. by A. P. Stokes 188-92
Nansen, Fridtjof. Through Siberia. Rev. by E. Huntington 438-40
Navy in the Event of War, Our. George von L. Meyer r 234-40
Neilson, William Allan, Common Conditions 864-5
Newmarch, Rosa. Russian Opera. Rev. by D. S. Smith 203-5
Nietzsche: a Modern Stoic. Charles M. Bakewell 66-81
Noyes, Alexander Dana. The Economic Aftermath 50-65
Osborn, Henry F. Men of the Old Stone Age. Rev. by C. Schuchert 659-62
Our Economic Peril. Arthur S. Dewing 673-86
Our Navy in the Event of War. George von L. Meyer 234-40
Palmer, Arthur Hubbell. H. G. Leach’s Scandinavia 880-3
— K. Gjerset’s History of the Norwegian People 880-3
Pasture Bars, The: a Poem. Henry Augustin Beers 363-4
Pears, Sir Edwin. Forty Years in Constantinople. Rev. by P. M. Brown 654-6
Perry, Bliss, H. S. Canby’s College Sons and College Fathers 649-50
Phelps, William Lyon. Henry James 783-97
— Clyde Fitch’s Plays 861-4
— Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov 417-21
— Letters of Dostoevsky 417-21
— Browning: How to Know Him. Rev. by A. Henderson 635-7
Pierce, Frederick E. Selections from Blake. Rev. by G. McL. Harper 633-5
Pollard, Albert Frederick. The War and the British Realms 306-23
Porritt, Edward. C. Seymour’s Electoral Reform in England 886-8
Post-Impressionistic Revolt, The. Huc-Mazelet Luquiens 830-46
Preparedness, Question of. Anson Phelps Stokes 241-66
President Wilson’s Administration. Moorfield Storey 449-73
Question of Preparedness. Anson Phelps Stokes 241-66
Reed, Edward Bliss. Three Friends: a Poem 127-8
— E. L. Masters’s Spoon River Anthology 423-6
— F. S. Davis’s Crack o’ Dawn 423-6
— Hilaire Belloc’s Book of the Bayeux Tapestry 205-7
— Sara Teasdale’s Rivers to the Sea 428-6
— W. R. Benét’s The Falconer of God 423-6
Richardson, Caroline Francis. The Sixth Reader 832-40
Riverside History of the United States. Rev. by T. C. Smith 414-7
Robertson, A. T. Grammar of the Greek N. T. Rev. by B. W. Bacon 440-1
Royce, Josiah. The Hope of the Great Community 269-91
Russell Sage Foundation Publications. Rev. by H. P. Fairchild 662-6
Sanford, Leonard Cutler. W. T. Hornaday’s Wild Life Conservation 210-2
Schnitzler, Arthur. Green Cockatoo. Rev. by Helen McAfee 192-7
— Lonely Way. Rev. by Helen McAfee 192-7
Schuchert, Charles. H. F. Osborn’s Men of the Old Stone Age 659-62
Scudder, Vida Dutton. M. R. Beard’s Woman’s Work 221-3
Sea Memories: Three Poems. Katharine Lee Bates 841-2
Sedgwick, Henry Dwight. Italy and the War 19-37
Seymour, Charles. Electoral Reform in England. Rev. by E. Porritt 886-8
Sherrill, Charles H. American Country Life in Old French Memoirs 180-43
Sixth Reader, The. Caroline Francis Richardson 882-40
Smith, David Stanley. Rosa Newmarch’s Russian Opera 203-5
Smith, Theodore Clarke. Riverside History of the United States 414-7
Socialism, The War and International. Morris Hillquit 39-49
Songs in a Hospital: a Group of Lyrics. Sara Teasdale 755-7
Soule, George. C. S. Brooks’s Journeys to Bagdad 871-2
— James Huneker’s New Cosmopolis 201-3
Stephens, Winifred. French Novelists. Rev. by C. C-. Clarke 642-5
Stokes, Anson Phelps. The Question of Preparedness 241-66
— Samuel F. B. Morse’s Letters and Journals 188-92
Storey, Moorfield. President Wilson’s Administration 449-73
— A. T. Hadley’s Undercurrents in American Politics 409-14
Stowell, Ellery Cory. Diplomacy of the War. Rev. by E. Wambaugh 445-8
Sumner, Charles. Gamaliel Bradford 511-56
Sumner, William Graham. Challenge of Facts. Rev. by C. H. Walker 215-7
Swinburne and Carducci. Beulah B. Amram 365-81
Teasdale, Sara. Songs in a Hospital: a Group of Lyrics 755-7
— Rivers to the Sea. Rev. by E. B. Reed 423-6
Thayer, William Roscoe. Life of John Hay. Rev. by H. B. Learned 856-60
Three Friends: a Poem. Edward Bliss Reed 127-8
Tinker, Chauncey B. Salon and English Letters. Rev. by F. Greenslet 421-3
To My Country: a Poem. Oscar W. Firkins 267-8
Trials of an Old-Fashioned College Treasurer. George T. Ladd 382-96
Tricoche, George Nestler. Compulsory Service in the United States 90-104
True, Ruth Smiley. Boyhood and Lawlessness. Rev. by H. P. Fairchild 662-6
Two Poets: a Poem. Thomas Dwight Goodell 522
Untermeyer, Louis. Eve Speaks: a Poem 824-9
— Brian Hooker’s Fairyland 199-200
— Brian Hooker’s Poems 199-200
Utter, Robert Palfrey. Maxim Gorky’s My Childhood 878-80
Values. Arthur Colton 798-809
Van Kleeck, Mary. L. D. Wald’s House on Henry Street 890-2
— Working Girls in Evening Schools. Rev. by H. P. Fairchild 662-6
Vizetelly, Frank Horace. Essentials of English. Rev. by M. A. Jordan 431-4
Wald, Lillian D. House on Henry Street. Rev. by M. Van Kleeck 890-2
Walker, Curtis Howe. W. G. Sumner’s Challenge of Facts 215-7
Walker, Hugh. Wise Men Who Have Passed for Fools 587-604
Walker, Williston. Lyman Abbott’s Reminiscences : 877-8
Wallin, J. E. W. Health of the School Child. Rev. by H. P. Fairchild 662-6
Wambaugh, Eugene. E. C. Stowell’s Diplomacy of the War of 1914 445-8
War and American Democracy, The. Wilbur Cortez Abbott 484-502
War and International Socialism, The. Morris Hillquit 39-49
War and the British Realms, The. Albert Frederick Pollard 306-23
War, Italy and the. Henry Dwight Sedgwick 19-37
Watch Therefore ! Hiram Bingham 717-30
Webster, Hutton- A. G. Keller’s Societal Evolution 442-4
Whitman, Walt, in New Orleans. Rufus Emory Holloway 166-83
Williams, Frederick Wells. F. Brinkley’s History of the Japanese 434-6
— Japan to America 434-6
Wilson, Margaret Adelaide. Gervais: a Poem 522
Wilson, Woodrow. President Wilson’s Administration. Moorfield Storey 449-73
Wise Men Who Have Passed for Fools. Hugh Walker 587-604
Wit, Gusta de. The Hunter 397-408
With the British Medical Corps in France. Harvey Gushing 523-39
Woodbine, George Edward. Bracton de Legibus. Rev. by O. W. Holmes 223-4
Woolsey, Theodore Salisbury, Jr. Ellsworth Huntington’s Climatic Factor 207-10
Young, William. Before the Deluge: a Poem 38
Zon, Raphael. The Industrial Future of Italy 702-13
Zweig, Stefan. Emile Verhaeren. Rev. by John Erskine 197-8