Volume VI (6) (1916-1917)

[Reviews are entered under the author of the book reviewed and under the reviewer.]

Abbott, Wilbur Cortez. The Literature of the War 615-33
— The Mind of Prussia 889-93
Aberdeen, Lady. The Sorrows of Ireland 61—79
Adams, Charles Francis. An Autobiography. Rev. by E. M. Chapman 189-93
Adams, Thomas Sewall. A. D. Noyes’s Financial Chapters of the War 424-5
Adamson Law, The. Edwin J. Clapp 258-75
Alden, Raymond M. Sonnets of Shakespeare. Rev. by W. A. Neilson 438-40
Alleged Failure of the Church, The. Vida D. Scudder 326-41
Alleged Isolation of Germany, The. Charles Seymour 521-35
Allinson, Anne Crosby Emery. G. Bradford’s Portraits of Women 651-4
America’s Meat. Arthur Fisher 807-22
American Neutrality after the War. Norman Angell 44-59
Amram, Beulah B. Patriot and Poet 573-85
Anesaki, Masaharu. Buddhist Art. Rev. by F. W. William 223-4
Angell, Norman. American Neutrality after the War 44—59
Angier, Roswell Parker. E. B. -Holt’s The Freudian Wish 219-22
Archer, John Clark. J. B. Pratt’s India and its Faiths 217-9
Back to Nature. Henry Seidel Canby 755-67
Bacon, Benjamin Wisner. E. L. Heermance’s Unfolding Universe 222-3
Bacon against Shakespeare. Frederick E. Pierce 170—84
Baker, Karle Wilson. A Group of Lyrics 167-9
Baldwin, Simeon E. F. B. Dexter’s Documentary History of Yale 429—33
— G. H. Nettleton’s Book of the Yale Pageant 429-33
— E. Oviatt’s Beginnings of Yale 429-33
Barrett, John. Mexico: a Review and a Forecast 307—25
Bartlett, H. C. Census of Shakespeare’s Plays. Rev. by W. A. Neilson 215—7
Beegle and Crawford’s Community Drama. Rev. by C. Hamilton 446—8
Belgium in England. Henri Davignon 87-100
Belgium, Is there a Future for? Emile Cammaerts 699-714
Benét, William Rose. The Great White Wall. Rev. by E. B. Reed 859-64
Bennett, Charles Andrew. Heaven and Happiness 560-70
Bernhardi, Friedr. v. Germany and the Next War. Rev. by W. C. Abbott 889-93
Biglow Papers Fifty Years After, The. E. M. Chapman 120-34
Bingham, Hiram. C. L. Jones’s Caribbean Interests of the U. S. 634-8
Biology and National Welfare. Edwin Grant Conklin 474-89
Blake, Barton. W. B. Yeats’s Reveries over Childhood and Youth 410-2
Books for Tired Eyes. Arthur E. Bostwick 358-68
Bostwick, Arthur Elmore. Books for Tired Eyes 358-68
Boyhood Friends: a Poem. Edgar Lee Masters 401-6
Bradford, Gamaliel. Portraits of Women. Rev. by A. C. E. Allinson 651-4
Breakfast. Henry Dwight Sedgwick 548-59
Breckenridge, Lester Paige. J. W. Roe’s Tool Builders 649-51
Brent, Charles Henry. Tutoring the Philippines 715-26
Brooke, Tucker. Shakespeare’s England 440-1
Brooks, Charles Stephen. There’s Pippins and Cheese to come 369-78
— W. D. Howells’s Years of My Youth 868-71
— Helen McAfee’s Pepys on the Restoration Stage 654-7
Bryan, Wilhelmus Bogart, The National Capital. Rev. by F. E. Leupp 885-9
B�low, Bernhard von. Imperial Germany. Rev. by W. C. Abbott 889-93
Bulnes, Francisco. The Truth about Mexico. Rev. by C. Sheldon 638-41
Burton, Richard. W. L. Phelps’s Advance of the English Novel 644-7
Cammaerts, Emile. Is there a Future for Belgium? 699-714
— New Belgian Poems. Rev. by E. B. Reed 859-64
Canby, Henry Seidel. Back to Nature 755-67
— G. H. Gerould’s Saints’ Legends 436-8
— Elizabeth Robins Pennell’s Our Philadelphia 647-8
Case of Latin, The. Albert Galloway Keller 135-49
Chamberlain, Houston. The Nineteenth Century. Rev. by W. C. Abbott 889-93
Chapman, Edward Mortimer. The Biglow Papers Fifty Years After 120-34
— Charles Francis Adams’s Autobiography 189-93
Church, The Alleged Failure of the. Vida D. ‘Scudder 826-41
Clapp, Edwin Jones. The Adamson Law .258-75
— The Port of Boston. Rev. by Clive Day 427-9
Colton, Arthur. J. F. Harris’s Samuel Butler 412-5
— W. H. Hudson’s Idle Days in Patagonia 856—8
Congress and the War. Charles Merz 684—98
Conklin, Edwin Grant. Biology and National Welfare 474—89
— Heredity and Environment. Rev. by E. Huntington 667-70
Conkling, Grace Hazard. Mexico: a Poem 768-70
Constantinople, Russia in. Stephen Graham 508-20
Crawford, Jack Randall. Community Drama. Rev. by C. Hamilton 446-8
Crisis, The. William Howard Taft 449-58
Cromer, Earl of. Reflections on the War 276-90
Cruelty and Humor. Agnes Repplier 537-47
Davignon, Henri. Belgium in England 87-100
Dawn: a Poem. Edward Bliss Reed 118-9
Day, Clive. E. J. Clapp’s Port of Boston 427-9
Death-Grapple with Prussian Militarism, The. A. F. Pollard 80-6
De la Mare, Walter. Two Poems: Farewell. Nightfall 571-2
Democratic Record, The. William Howard Taft 1-25
Democracy, Obligations of. Henry T. Hunt 586-99
De Morgan, A New View of. Wilson Follett 771-88
Destroyers: a Poem. Henry Head 473
Dexter, F. B. Documentary History of Yale. Rev. by S. E. Baldwin 429-33
Disruption of Islam, The. Duncan B. Macdonald 101-16
Dodd, Lee Wilson. To a Neo-Pagan: a Poem 117-8
— The Middle Miles. Rev. by E. B. Reed 417-22
Doubting Pacifist, The. Vida Dutton Scudder 738-51
Earth: a Poem. John Hall Wheelock 752-4
Edgell, George Harold. O. Sirén’s Leonardo da Vinci 442-4
Erskine, John. The New Poetry 379-95
Ervine, St. John Greer. Four Irish Plays. Rev. by H. McAfee 881-3
Fagan, James Octavius. The Railroads and the People 244-57
Farewell; Nightfall: Two Poems. Walter de la Mare 571-2
Fisher, Arthur. America’s Meat 807-22
Fiske, Bradley Allen. The Navy. Rev. by W. O. Stevens 893-6
Follett, Wilson. A New View of De Morgan 771-88
Frost, Robert. Not to Keep: a Poem 400
George, Lloyd, and his Government. H. W. Massingham 727-37
Germany, The Alleged Isolation of. Charles Seymour 521-35
Gerould, Gordon Hall. Saints’ Legends. Rev. by H. S. Canby 436-8
Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson. Livelihood. Rev. by E. B. Reed 859-64
Goodell, Thomas Dwight. Greek in the New University 150-60
Graham, Stephen. Russia in Constantinople 508-20
— Through Russian Central Asia. Rev. by F. W. Williams 661-6
Grant, Madison. Passing of the Great Race. Rev. by E. Huntington 667-70
Greek in the New University. Thomas Dwight Goodell 150-66
Grinnell, George Bird. The Fighting Cheyennes. Rev. by C. H. Merriam 199-201
Group of Lyrics, A. Karle Wilson Baker 167-9
Hagedorn, Hermann. The Great Maze. Rev. by E. B. Reed 417-22
Hamilton, Clayton. M. P. Beegle and J. R. Crawford’s Community Drama 446-8
Hapgood, Norman. Wilson or Hughes 26-43
Harper, George McLean. E. S. Robertson’s Eve and her Sons 415—7
— William Wadsworth. Rev. by F. E. Pierce 212-5
Harris, John Frederick. Samuel Butler. Rev. by Arthur Colton 412—5
Head, Henry. Destroyers: a Poem 473
Heaven and Happiness. Charles Andrew Bennett 560—70
Heermance, Edgar Laing. The Unfolding Universe. Rev. by B. P. Bacon 222—3
Henderson, Archibald. C. A. Smith’s O. Henry Biography 657—9
Highmount: a Poem. Louis Untermeyer 398—9
Hill, David Jayne. W. F. Johnson’s America’s Foreign Relations 185—9
Holt, Edwin Bissell. The Freudian Wish. Rev. by R. P. Angler 219-22
Hopkins, Edward Washburn. Epic Mythology. Rev. by A. V. W. Jackson 444-6
Hornbeck, Stanley Kuhl. Far East. Rev. by F. W. Williams 661-6
Howells, William Dean. Years of My Youth. Rev. by C. S. Brooks 868-71
Hudson, William Henry. Idle Days in Patagonia. Rev. by A. Colton 856-8
Hughes, Wilson or. Norman Hapgood 26-43
Hunt, Henry Thomas. Obligations of Democracy 586-99
I Huntington, Ellsworth. E. G. Conklin’s Heredity and Environment 667-70
— Madison Grant’s Passing of the Great Race 667-70
— T. H. Morgan’s Critique of the Theory of Evolution 667-70
— Civilization and Climate. Rev. by J. R. Smith 425-7
Hyde, Charles Cheney. What Lies Behind the Crisis 459-72
Ireland, The Sorrows of. Lady Aberdeen 61-79
Is there a Future for Belgium? Emile Cammaerts 699-714
Islam, The Disruption of. D. B. Macdonald 101-16
Italy’s Unredeemed Children. Bruno Roselli 490-507
Jackson, A. V. Williams. E. W. Hopkins’s Epic Mythology 444-6
Johnson, Willis F. America’s Foreign Relations. Rev. by D. J. Hill 185-9
Jones, Chester Lloyd. Caribbean Interests. Rev. by H. Bingham 634-8
Jordan, Mary Augusta. J. Mackenzie’s Black Sheep 433-6
Jusserand, Jean Jules. With Americans. Rev. by B. Wendell 407-10
Kalaw, Maximo M. Case for the Filipino. Rev. by F. W. Williams 661-6
Keller, Albert Galloway. The Case of Latin 135-49
— The Mythology of all Races 871-4
— H. Webster’s Rest Days 422-4
Kellor, Frances Alice. Women in the Campaign 233-43
Ladd, George Trumbull. Why Women Cannot Compose Music 789-806
Laski, Harold Joseph. W. A. Robinson’s Jeffersonian Democracy 883-5
Latin, The Case of. Albert Galloway Keller 135-49
Leupp, Francis Ellington. W. B. Bryan’s History of the Capital .885-9
Lewis, Charlton Miner. Pro Patria: a Poem 673-5
Lippmann, Walter. A Progressive’s View of the Election 225-32
Literature of the War, The. Wilbur Cortez Abbott 615-33
Lombard, Frank A. Pre-Meiji Education. Rev. by F. W. Williams 661-6
Lowell, Amy. Three Poems 396-7
Lowell, J. R. The Biglow Papers Fifty Years After. E. M. Chapman 120-34
McAfee, Helen. St. J. G. Ervine’s Four Irish Plays 881-3
— Pepys on the Restoration Stage. Rev. by C. S. Brooks 654-7
McCormick, Medill. The Task Before the Country 676-83
MacCracken, Henry Noble. J. E. Wells’s Writings in Middle English 659-61
Macdonald, Duncan Black. The Disruption of Islam 101-16
Mackenzie, Jean. Black Sheep. Rev. by M. A. Jordan 433-6
Masefield, John. The Will to Perfection: a Poem .536
— The Wind-Barren: a Poem 60
Mason, Lawrence. J. C. Powys’s Suspended Judgments 874-7
Massingham, Henry William. Lloyd George and his Government 727—37
Masters, Edgar Lee. Boyhood Friends: a Poem 401—6
— Songs and Satires. Rev. by E. B. Reed 417-22
Mather, Frank Jewett. O. Sirén’s Catalogue of the Jarves Collection 877—81
Merriam, Clinton Hart. G. B. Grinnell’s The Fighting Cheyennes 199-201
Merz, Charles. Congress and the War 684-98
Mexico: a Poem. Grace Hazard Conkling 768-70
Mexico: a Review and a Forecast. John Barrett 307-25
Millard, Thomas F. Our Eastern Question. Rev. by F. W. Williams 661-6
Millis, Harry A. Japanese Problem in the U. S. Rev. by F. W. Williams 661-6
Monroe, Harriet. The New Poetry. Rev. by E. B. Reed 859-64
Moore, Ernest Carroll. Why We Get On so Slowly 823-37
Moore, George. Duncan Phillips 342—57
Morgan, Thomas Hunt. Theory of Evolution. Rev. by E. Huntington 667-70
Music, Why Women Cannot Compose. George Trumbull Ladd 789-806
Mythology of All Races. Rev. by A. G. Keller 871-4
National Need of Scientific Research. Willis R. Whitney . 600-14
Nature, Back to. Henry Seidel Canby 755-67
Naumann, Friedrich. Central Europe. Rev. by W. C. Abbott 889-93
Neilson, William Allan. R. M. Alden’s Sonnets of Shakespeare 438-40
— H. C. Bartlett’s Census of Shakespeare’s Plays 215-7
Nettleton, George Henry. The Yale Pageant. Rev. by S. E. Baldwin 429-33
New Poetry, The. John Erskine 379-95
New View of De Morgan, A. Wilson Follett 771-88
Nietzsche, Friedrich. Beyond Good and Evil. Rev. by W. C. Abbott 889-93
Nightfall: a Poem. Walter de la Mare 572
Not to Keep: a Poem. Robert Frost 400
Noyes, Alex. D. Financial Chapters of the War. Rev. by T. S. Adams 424-5
Obligations of Democracy. Henry Thomas Hunt 586—99
Odell, George C. D. E. H. Sothern’s Melancholy Tale of “Me” 641-4
Osborn, Norris Galpin. T. M. Osborne’s Society and Prisons 195-9
Osborne, Thomas Mott. Society and Prisons, Rev. by N. G. Osborn 195-9
O’Shaughnessy, E. Diplomat’s Wife in Mexico. Rev. by J. H. Smith 193-5
Oviatt, Edwin. Beginnings of Yale. Rev. by S. E. Baldwin 429-33
Pacifist, The Doubting. Vida Dutton Scudder 738-51
Patriot and Poet. Beulah B. Amram 573-85
Pennell, Elizabeth Robins. Our Philadelphia. Rev. by H. S. Canby 647-8
Petrunkevitch, Alexander. The Russian Revolution 838-55
Phelps, William Lyon. Advance of the English Novel. Rev. by R. Burton 644-7
— Russian Novels in New Translations 207—12
Philippines, Tutoring the. Charles Henry Brent 715-26
Phillips, Duncan. George Moore 342-57
Pierce, Frederick Erastus. Bacon against Shakespeare 170-84
— G. McL. Harper’s William Wordsworth 212-5
— C. T. Winchester’s William Wordsworth 212-5
— Jordan Farms. Rev. by E. B. Reed 417-22
Pollard, Albert Frederick. The Death-Grapple with Prussian Militarism 80-6
Pollard, Alfred Wm. Census of Shakespeare. Rev. by W. A. Neilson 215-7
Powys, John Cowper. Suspended Judgments. Rev. by L. Mason 874—7
Pratt, James Bissett. India and its Faiths. Rev. by J. C. Archer 217—9
Pro Patria: a Poem. Charlton Miner Lewis 673-5
Progressive’s View of the Election, A. Walter Lippmann 225—32
Prolongation of Peace, The. Simeon Strunsky 291—306
Prussian Militarism, The Death-Grapple with. A. F. Pollard 80-6
Railroads and the People, The. James O. Fagan 244—57
Reed, Edward Bliss. The Dawn: a Poem 118-9
— Poetry of Three Nations 859-64
— Recent American Verse 417-22
Reflections on the War. Earl of Cromer 276-90
Repplier, Agnes. Cruelty and Humor 537-47
Robertson, Eric S. Eve and her Sons. Rev. by G. McL. Harper 415-7
Robinson, Edwin A. The Man Against the Sky. Rev. by E. B. Reed 417-22
— Merlin. Rev. by E. B. Reed 859-64
Robinson, William Alex. Jeffersonian Democracy. Rev. by H. J. Laski 883-5
Roe, Joseph Wickham. Tool Builders. Rev. by L. P. Breckenridge 649-51
Roselli, Bruno. Italy’s Unredeemed Children 490-507
Russia in Constantinople. Stephen Graham 508-20
Russian Novels in New Translations. William Lyon Phelps 207-12
Russian Revolution, The. Alexander Petrunkevitch 838-55
Sandberg, Carl. Chicago Poems. Rev. by E. B. Reed 417-22
Scientific Research, National Need of. W. R. Whitney 600-14
Scudder, Vida Dutton. The Alleged Failure of the Church 326-41
— The Doubting Pacifist 738-51
Sedgwick, Henry Dwight. On Breakfast .548-59
Seymour, Charles. The Alleged Isolation of Germany 521-35
Shakespeare’s England. Rev. by T. Brooke .440-1
Shaw, Anna Howard. The Story of a Pioneer. Rev. by M. E. Woolley 201-5
Sheldon, Charles. Francisco Bulnes’s Whole Truth about Mexico 638-41
Sirén, Osvald. The Jarves Collection. Rev. by F. J. Mather, Jr. 877-81
— Leonardo da Vinci. Rev. by G. H. Edgell 442-4
Smith, Charles Alphonso. p. Henry Biography. Rev. by A. Henderson 657-9
Smith, Joseph Russell. E.*Huntington’s Civilization and Climate 425-7
Smith, Justin Harvey. E. O’Shaughnessy’s Diplomat’s Wife in Mexico 193-5
Sorrows of Ireland, The. Lady Aberdeen 61-79
Sothern, Edward Hugh. Melancholy Tale. Rev. by G. C. D. Odell 641-4
Stevens, William Oliver. B. A. Fiske’s The Navy as a Fighting Machine 893-6
Strunsky, Simeon. The Prolongation of Peace 291—306
Taft, William Howard. The Crisis 449-58
— The Democratic Record 1-25
Task Before the Country, The. Medill McCormick 676-83
There’s Pippins and Cheese to come. Charles S. Brooks 369-78
To a Neo-Pagan: a Poem, Lee Wilson Dodd 117-8
Treitschke, H. von. Germany in the 19th Century. Rev. by W. C. Abbott 889-93
Tutoring the Philippines. Charles Henry Brent 715-26
Untermeyer, Louis. Highmount: a Poem 398—9
— These Times. Rev. by E. B. Reed 859-64
— “— and other Poets.” Rev. by E. B. Reed 417-22
Verhaeren, Emile. Afternoon. Rev. by E. B. Reed 859-64
— Choix de Poèmes. Rev. by E. B. Reed 859-64
— The Sunlight Hours. Rev. by E. B. Reed 859-64
Webster, Button. Rest Days. Rev. by A. G. Keller 422-4
Wells, John E. Writings in Middle English. Rev. by H. N. MacCracken 659-61
Wendell, Barrett. J. J. Jusserand’s With Americans 407-10
Wesley, John. Letters. Rev. by C. T. Winchester 864-8
What Lies Behind the Crisis. Charles Cheney Hyde 459-72
Wheelock, John Hall. Earth: a Poem 752-4
Whitney, Willis Rodney. The National Need of Scientific Research 600-14
Why We Get On so Slowly. Ernest Carroll Moore 823-37
Why Women Cannot Compose Music. George Trumbull Ladd 789-806
Will to Perfection, The: a Poem. John Masefield 536
Williams, Frederick Wells. Rising Nationalism in Asia 661-6
— M. Anesaki’s Buddhist Art 223-4
Wilson or Hughes. Norman Hapgood 26-43
Winchester, Caleb Thomas. Letters of John Wesley 864-8
— William Wordsworth. Rev. by F. E. Pierce 212-5
Wind-Barren, The: a Poem. John Masefield 60
Women in the Campaign. Frances Alice Kellor 233-43
Woodbridge, Elisabeth. L. J. Wylie’s Social Studies in Literature 205-7
Woolley, Mary Emma. A. H. Shaw’s Story of a Pioneer 201-5
Wylie, Laura Johnson. Social Studies. Rev. by E. Woodbridge 205-7
Yeats, William Butler. Reveries over Childhood. Rev. by B. Blake 410-2