Volume VII (7) (1917-1918)

[Reviews are entered under the author of the book reviewed and under the reviewer.]

Abbott, Wilbur Cortez. Cossack or Republican? 322-86
— Industrial England: Book Reviews 859-64
Ackerman, Carl W. Germany: The Next Republic. Rev. by B. Lasker 648-52
Adams George Burton. G. L. Beer’s English-Speaking Peoples 416-8
Airplane, The Edwin Bidwell Wilson 688-701
Allinson, Anne Crosby (Emery). Seed-Corn and Harvest 828-36
— Virgil and the New Patriotism 140-58
America’s Place in the World. George Louis Beer 229-48
American Essay in War Time, The. Agnes Repplier 249-59
Andréev, Leonid. To the Russian Soldier 225-8
Andrews, Charles McLean. J. S. Clark’s Life of John Fiske 865-9
Army, The Expansion of our. William Addleman Ganoe 280-92
Art, Caviar and the General. Arthur Kingsley Porter 592-611
At Parting: Discharged: Two Poems. Irene McLeod 53-5
Austin, Alfred, Robert Browning and. William Lyon Phelps 580-91
Austria-Hungary, Should it Exist? Charles Pergler 308-21
Aydelotte, Frank. The Yale Shakespeare 875-7
Bacon, Benjamin Wisner. Christ and the Pacifist 293-306
— G. S. Hall’s Jesus the Christ 211-5
— A. P. Stokes’s What Jesus thought of Himself 211-5
Baker, Karle Wilson. A Group of Poems 360-1
Baur, Paul Victor Christopher. C. M. Cobern’s New Archeological Discoveries 652-5
Beer, George Louis. America’s Place in the World 229-48
— The English-Speaking Peoples. Rev. by G. B. Adams 416-8
Beers, Henry Augustin. The Two Twilights. Rev. by C. M. Lewis 873-4
Belligerents, Illusions of the. Emile Joseph Dillon 837-53
Benét, William Rose: Four Sonnets 159-60
Bennett, Charles Andrew. Nationalism and Nationality in Ireland: Book Reviews 438-43
Berden, Louis. Pictures of Ruined Belgium. Rev. by C. C. Clarke’ 428-30
Bing, Phil Carleton. The Country Weekly. Rev. by A. Nevins 882-6
Birth Control. Albert Galloway Keller 129-39
Black-Earth Russia. Olive Gilbreath 382-95
Bleackley, Horace. Life of Wilkes. Rev. by W. C. Abbott 859-64
Books, On Buying Old. Charles Stephen Brooks 120-8
Biosphere, Jean de. The Closed Door. Rev. by L. W. Dodd 877-81
Boyd, Ernest Augustus. Ireland’s Literary Renaissance. Rev. by C. A. Bennett 438-43
Breakfast Table The Cheerful. Meredith Nicholson 762-76
British Novelists, Ltd. Katharine Fullerton Gerould 161-85
Brooke, Tucker. The Romantic lago 349-59
— John Euphues, ed. by Croll and Clemons 435-6
Brooks, Charles Stephen. On Buying Old Books 120-8
— F. L. Humphreys’s Life of David Humphreys 437-8
Browning, Robert and Alfred Austin. William Lyon Phelps 580-91
Buck, Albert Henry. Growth of Medicine. Rev. by F. H. Garrison 205-7
ynner, Witter. Grenstone Poems. Rev. by L. W. Dodd 877-81
Cammaerts, Emile. Méditation sur la Nuit du Trois Août: a Poem 20-3
Canby, Henry Seidel. Bertrand Russell’s Political Ideals 655-9
— T. Veblen’s Inquiry into the Nature of Peace 655-9
Catt, Henri de. Frederick the Great. Rev. by A. L. Cross 221-4
Channel Tunnel, The. Francis Vinton Greene 727-41
Chapman, John Jay. Retrospection: a Poem 579
Cheerful Breakfast Table, The. Meredith Nicholson 762-76
Chemical Warfare, The New. Julius Stieglitz 495-511
Chester, Colby Mitchell. The True Story of the Flag 702-11
Child, Richard Washburn. Potential Russia. Rev. by L. Pasvolsky 191-5
China, The Question of. Kenneth Scott Latourette 101-17
Christ and the Pacifist. Benjamin Wisner Bacon 293-306
Citizenship, The Science of. Ellsworth Huntington 337-48
Clapp, Frederick Mortimer. Jacopo da Pontormo. Rev. by A. K. Porter 215-8
Clark, John Spencer. Life of Fiske. Rev. by C. M. Andrews 865-9
Clarke, Charles Cameron. L. Berden’s Pictures of Ruined Belgium 428-30
Cobern, Camden McCormack. New Archeological Discoveries. Rev. by P. V. C. Baur 652-5
Colvin, Sidney. John Keats. Rev. by H. B. Hinckley…’ 659-63
Conklin, Edwin Grant. The Revival of Interest in Evolution: Book Reviews 889-96
Connaught Rangers, The: a Poem. Winifred M. Letts 464
Coolidge, Louis Arthur. Ulysses S. Grant. Rev. by L. E. Robinson. 645-8
Cooper, Lane. Greek Genius. Rev. by T. D. Goodell 886-9
Copland, Howard. The Red Cross Dollar in France 397-415
Corbin, Alice. A Litany in the Desert: a Poem 612
Cossack or Republican? Wilbur Cortez Abbott 322-36
Cram, Ralph Adams. A. K. Porter’s Lombard Architecture 420-7
Cross, Arthur Lyon.” Henri de Catt’s Frederick the Great 221-4
Darbishire, Arthur Dukinfield. Introduction to Biology. Rev. by E. G. Conklin 889-96
Davies, William. Autobiography of a Super-Tramp. Rev. by L. Untermeyer 199-202
— Collected Poems. Rev. by L. Untermeyer 199-202
Died of his Wounds: a Poem. Henry Head 307
Dillon, Emile Joseph. Illusions of the Belligerents 837-53
Discharged: a Poem. Irene McLeod 54-5
Dixon, William Macneile. The British Navy at War. Rev. by W. O. Stevens 418-20
Dodd, Lee Wilson. The Parting: a Poem 396
— Aesthetic Theory and the new Poets: Book Reviews 877-81
Drugs and Genius. Jeannette Marks 789-800
Dunn, Samuel Grace. The Railways ha Peace and War 362-81
Edwards, Arthur Cecil. German Intrigues in Persia 613-31
Egan, Maurice Francis. Scandinavian Neutrality 479-92
Emerson, Edward Waldo. Henry Thoreau. Rev. by N. Foerster 430-3
English Language, Is it Decadent? Brander Matthews 545-61
Essay, The American, in War Time. Agnes Repplier 249-59
Expansion of our Army, The. William Addleman Ganoe 280-92
Fernau, Hermann. The Coming Democracy. Rev. by B. Lasker 648-52
Finley, John. The Valleys of the Blue Shrouds: a Poem 673-5
Flag, The True Story of the. Colby Mitchell Chester 702-11
Fletcher, John Gould. A New Heaven: a Poem 527-8
Foerster, Norman. E. W. Emerson’s Henry Thoreau 430-3
— F. B. Sanborn’s Life of Thoreau 430-S
Four Sonnets. William Rose Benét 159-60
Fourth Year of War, The. Simeon Strunsky 1-19
Ganoe, William Addleman. The Expansion of our Army 280-92
Garland, Hamlin. A Son of the Middle Border. Rev. by T. S. Perry 641-5
Garrison, Fielding Hudson. A. H. Buck’s Growth of Medicine 205-7
Genius, Drugs and. Jeannette Marks 789-800
Gerard, James Watson. My Four Years in Germany. Rev. by R. B. Perry 663-72
German Intrigues in Persia. Arthur Cecil Edwards 613-31
Gerould, Katharine Fullerton. British Novelists, Ltd 161-85
Gilbreath, Olive. Black-Earth Russia 382-95
Gilder, Richard Watson. Letters. Rev. by C. M. Lewis 210-1
Gjerset, Knut. W. Westergaard’s Danish West Indies 446-8
Good Temper in the Present Crisis. Lawrence Pearsall Jacks 512-26
Goodell, Thomas Dwight. Lane Cooper’s Greek Genius 886-9
— A. F. West’s Value of the Classics 886-9
Gosse, Edmund. Life of Swinburne. Rev. by C. B. Tinker 195-9
Grandpère and Family. George McLean Harper 819-26
Grant, Robert. The Tired Business Man 56-72
Greene, Francis Vinton. The Channel Tunnell 727-41
Gwynn, Stephen Lucius. Life of Dillee. Rev. by W. C. Abbott 859-64
Hall, Granville Stanley. Jesus in Light of Psychology. Rev. by B. W. Bacon 211-5
Hammond, John Lawrence. The Town Labourer. Rev. by W. C. Abbott 859-64
Harper, George McLean. Grandpère and Family 819-26
Havemeyer, Loomis. Drama of Savage Peoples. Rev. by L. H. Holt 207-9
Head, Henry. Died of his Wounds: a Poem 307
Henderson, Arthur. A New International Order 676-87
Hinckley, Henry Barrett. S. Colvin’s John Keats 659-63
— S. P. Sherman’s Matthew Arnold 218-21
— W. A. Neilson’s Robert Burns 218-21
Hobson, John Atkinson. The Evolution of Capitalism. Rev. by W. C. Abbott 859-64
Hocking, William Ernest. Personal Problems of the Soldier 712-26
Holland’s War Policy. Hendrik Willem van Loon 748-59
Holmes, the Friend and Neighbor. Mark Anthony DeWolfe Howe 562-78
Holt, Lucius H. L. Havemeyer’s Drama of Savage Peoples 207-9
Howe, Mark Anthony DeWolfe. Dr. Holmes, the Friend and Neighbor 562-78
Humphreys, Frank Landon. Life of Humphreys. Rev. by C. S. Brooks 437-8
Huntington, Ellsworth. The Science of Citizenship 337-48
Iago, The Romantic. Tucker Brooke 349-59
Illusions of the Belligerents. Emile Joseph Dillon 837-53
Ingpen, Roger. Shelley in England. Rev. by C. M. Lewis 433-4
Is the English Language Decadent? Brander Matthews 545-61
Jacks, Lawrence Pearsall. Good Temper in the Present Crisis 512-26
James, Henry. The Middle Years. Rev. by T. S. Perry 641-5
Jamison, Evelyn Mary. Italy, Mediaeval and Modern. Rev. by H. D. Sedgwick 854-8
Jerusalem Delivered: a Poem. Louis Untermeyer 742-7
Jordan, Mary Augusta. D. Scott’s Men of Letters 202-5
— E. F. Wyatt’s Great Companions 202-5
Journeys to Go: a Poem. William Young 118-9
Keller, Albert Galloway. Birth Control 129-39
Kreymborg, Alfred. Others. Rev. by L. W. Dodd 877-81
Labor and Reconstruction. Ordway Tead 529-42
Lasker, Bruno. The Way to Durable Peace 24-42
— C. W. Ackerman’s Germany 648-52
— H. Fernau’s The Coming Democracy 648-52
— K. Liebknecht’s Militarism 648-52
Laski, Harold J. Studies in Sovereignty. Rev. by C. Seymour 443-5
Latourette, Kenneth Scott. The Question of China 101-17
Lee, James Melvin. History of American Journalism. Rev. by A. Nevins 882-6
Leith, Mrs. Disney. Algernon Charles Swinburne. Rev. by C. B. Tinker 195-9
Letts, Winifred M. The Connaught Rangers: a Poem 464
Lewis, Charlton Miner. H. A. Beers’s The Two Twilights 873-4
— R. W. Gilder’s Letters 210-1
— R. Ingpen’s Shelley in England 433-4
Liebknecht, Karl. Militarism. Rev. by B. Lasker 648-52
Lindsay, Vachel. The Chinese Nightingale. Rev. by L. W. Dodd 877-81
Litany in the Desert, A: a Poem. Alice Corbin 612
Lull, Richard Swarm. Organic Evolution. Rev. by E. G. Conklin 889-96
Lyly, John. Euphues, ed. by Croll and Clemons. Rev. by Tucker Brooke 435-6
MacDonagh, Thomas. Literature in Ireland. Rev. by C. A. Bennett 438-43
McLeod, Irene. Songs to a Soldier: Two Poems 760-1
— Two Poems 53-5
Marcovitch, Lazare. Serbia: the Buffer State 90-100
Marks, Jeannette. Drugs and Genius 789-800
Matthews, Brander. Is the English Language Decadent? 545-61
— These Many Years. Rev. by T. S. Perry 641-45
Mayer, Emile. The Strategy that will Win the War 449-63
Meditation sur la Nuit du Trois Août: a Poem. Emile Cammaerts 20-3
Mobilization of American Women, The. Caroline Ruutz-Rees 801-18
Monypeny, William Flavelle. Life of Disraeli. Rev. by W. C. Abbott 859-64
Morgan, Thomas Hunt. Critique of Evolution. Rev. by E. G. Conklin 889-96
Morley, John. Recollections. Rev. by W. C. Abbott 859-64
Munger, Robert. The Sleepers: a Poem 827
Music, Our Taste in. Horatio Parker 777-88
Neilson, William Allan. Robert Burns. Rev. by H. B. Hinckley 218-21
Nevins, Allan. P. C. Bing’s The Country Weekly 882-6
— J. M. Lee’s History of American Journalism 882-6
New Chemical Warfare, The. Julius Stieglitz 493-511
New Heaven, A: a Poem. John Gould Fletcher 527-8
New International Order, A. Arthur Henderson 676-87
Newmarch, Rosa. The Russian Arts. Rev. by L. Pasvolsky 191-5
Nicholson, Meredith. The Cheerful Breakfast Table 762-76
Novelists, Ltd., British. Katharine Fullerton Gerould 161-85
On Buying Old Books. Charles Stephen Brooks 120-8
Osborn, Henry Fan-field. Origin of Life. Rev. by E. G. Conklin 899-96
Our Taste in Music. Horatio Parker 777-88
Pacifist, Christ and the. Benjamin Wisner Bacon 293-306
Parker, Horatio. Our Taste in Music 777-88
Parting, The: a Poem. Lee Wilson Dodd 396
Pasvolsky, Leo. Interpreting Russia: Book Reviews 191-5
Patten, Simon Nelson. Problems of War Finance 73-89
Peace, The Way to Durable. Bruno Lasker 24-42
Pergler, Charles. Should Austria-Hungary Exist? 308-21
Perry, Bliss. S. P. Sherman’s Contemporary Literature 869-72
Perry, Ralph Barton. J. W. Gerard’s My Four Years in Germany 663-72
— T. Roosevelt’s Foes of Our Own Household 663-72
Perry, Thomas Sergeant. Memories of the Golden Age: Book Reviews 641-5
Persia, German Intrigues in. Arthur Cecil Edwards 613-31
Personal Problems of the Soldier. William Ernest Hocking 712-26
Phelps, William Lyon. Robert Browning and Alfred Austin 580-91
— Recent Russian books: Reviews 186-91
Plea for Honesty, A. Moorfield Storey 260-79
Porter, Arthur Kingsley. Art, Caviar and the General 592-611
— F. M. Clapp’s Jacopo Carucci da Pontormo 215-8
— Lombard Architecture. Rev. by R. A. Cram 420-7
Pound, Ezra. Lustra. Rev. by L. W. Dodd 877-81
Problems of War Finance. Simon Nelson Patten 73-89
Question of China, The. Kenneth Scott Latourette 101-17
Railways in Peace and War, The. Samuel Grace Dunn 362-81
Reconstruction, Labor and. Ordway Tead 529-42
Red Cross Dollar in France, The. Howard Copland 397-415
Repplier, Agnes. The American Essay in War Time 249-59
Retrospection: a Poem. John Jay Chapman 579
Reynolds, Rothay. My Slav Friends. Rev. by L. Pasvolsky 191-5
Robinson, Luther Emerson. L. A. Coolidge’s Ulysses S. Grant 645-8
Romantic lago, The. Tucker Brooke 349-59
Roosevelt, Theodore. Foes of Our Own Household. Rev. by R. B. Perry 663-72
Russell, Bertrand. Political Ideals. Rev. by H. S. Canby 655-9
Russell, George William. The Irish Home-Rule Convention. Rev. by C. A. Bennett 438-43
Russia, Black-Earth. Olive Gilbreath 382-95
Russian Soldier, To the. Leonid Andréev 225-8
Ruutz-Rees, Caroline. The Mobilization of American Women 801-18
Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin. Life of Thoreau. Rev. by N. Foerster 430-3
Scandinavian Neutrality. Maurice Francis Egan 479-92
Science of Citizenship, The. Ellsworth Huntington 337-48
Scott, Dixon. Men of Letters. Rev. by M. A. Jordan 202-5
Scott, William Berryman. Theory of Evolution. Rev. by E. G. Conklin 889-96
Sedgwick, Henry Dwight. E. M. Jamison’s Italy, Mediaeval and Modern 854-8
— W. K. Wallace’s Greater Italy 854-8
Seed-Corn and Harvest. Anne Crosby Emery Allinson 828-36
Serbia: the Buffer State. Lazare Marcovitch 90-100
Seymour, Charles. H. J. Laski’s Studies in Sovereignty 443-5
— Literature of the Trenches: Book Reviews 632-41
Shakespeare, The Yale. Rev. by F. Aydelotte 875-7
Sherman, Stuart Pratt. Matthew Arnold. Rev. by H. B. Hinckley 218-21
— On Contemporary Literature. Rev. by B. Perry 869-72
Should Austria-Hungary Exist? Charles Pergler 308-21
Sleepers, The: a Poem. Robert Munger 827
Soldier, Personal Problems of the. William Ernest Hocking 712-26
Songs to a Soldier: Two Poems. Irene McLeod 760-1
Stephens, James. The Insurrection in Dublin. Rev. by C. A. Bennett 438-43
Stevens, William Oliver. The Submarine 465-78
— W. M. Dixon’s The British Nan/ at War 418-20
Stieglitz, Julius. The New Chemical Warfare 493-511
Stokes, Anson Phelps. What Jesus thought of Himself. Rev. by B. W. Bacon 211-5
Storey, Moorfield. A Plea for Honesty 260-79
Strategy that Will Win the War, The. Emile Mayer 449-63
Strunsky, Simeon. The Fourth Year of War 1-19
Submarine, The. William Oliver Stevens 465-78
Taste in Music, Our. Horatio Parker 777-88
Taylor, Henry Osborn. The Wisdom of the Ages 43-52
Tead, Ordway. Labor and Reconstruction 529-4S
Teasdale, Sara. Love Songs. Rev. by L. W. Dodd 877-81
Tinker, Chauncey Brewster. E. Gosse’s Life of Swinburne 195-9
— Mrs. D. Leith’s Algernon Charles Swinburne 195-9
Tired Business Man, The. Robert Grant 56-72
To the Russian Soldier. L. Andréev 225-8
True Story of the Flag, The. Colby Mitchell Chester 702-11
Untermeyer, Louis. Jerusalem Delivered: a Poem 742-7
— Two Poems 543-4
— W. H. Davies’s Autobiography of a Super-Tramp 199-202
— W. H. Davies’s Collected Poems 199-202
Valleys of the Blue Shrouds, The: a Poem. John Finley 673-5
Van Loon, Hendrik Willem. Holland’s War Policy 748-58
Veblen, Thorstein. Nature of Peace. Rev. by H. S. Canby 655-0
Virgil and the New Patriotism. Anne Crosby Emery Allinson 140-58
Wallace, William Kay. Greater Italy. Rev. by H. D. Sedgwick 854-8
War Finance, Problems of. Simon Nelson Patten 73-89
War, The Fourth Year of. Simeon Strunsky 1-19
Way to Durable Peace, The. Bruno Lasker 24-42
West, Andrew Fleming. Value of the Classics. Rev. by T. D. Goodell 886-9
Westergaard, Waldemar. Danish West Indies. Rev. by K. Gjerset 446-8
Wilson, Edwin Bidwell. The Airplane 688-701
Wisdom of the Ages, The. Henry Osborn Taylor 43-52
Women, The Mobilization of American. Caroline Ruutz-Rees 801-18
Wyatt, Edith Franklin. Great Companions. Rev. by M. A. Jordan 202-5
Yale Shakespeare, The. Rev. by F. Aydelotte 875-7
Young, William. Journeys to Go: a Poem 118-9