Volumes 100-108 (2012-2020)

VOLUME C, NO. 1 (January 2012)

Edmund White: Genet’s Prisoner of Love: The Evolution of a Muslim Saint
William Gass: Narrative Sentences
Robert Boyers: My “Others”
Penelope Niven: Choice Souls
Irving Feldman: Thoughts Thinking
Robert A. Gross: Helen Thoreau’s Antislavery Scrapbook

Jean McGarry: The Meat-Eater

Tom Sleigh: Sixth Sense
Tom Sleigh: “Let Thanks Be Given to the Raven as Is Its Due”
Valerie Wohlfeld: Horizon
George Witte: Mr. Nobody
Mairi MacInnes: The Absentee
Wilmer Mills: A Letter to Myself as a Young Man
Alex Dimitrov: Bloodletting
David Bergman: Ideas and Bodies
David Galef: Disorder
Mary Stewart Hammond: Lines Composed at Beaufort, South Carolina, A Few Miles Above Parris Island
Alexander Theroux: Owls in California
Alexander Theroux: Louise Brooks and Greta Garbo Spend the Night Together
Michael Miller: Rue Cambon
B. H. Fairchild: Red Snow
B. H. Fairchild: The Story
David Mason: The New Dope
David Gale: Disorder

Robert Messenger: When Britten Ruled the Staves
Caleb Smith: Fiction in Review: Lynne Tillman
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Elizabeth Bishop
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Frederick Delius
Charles Taylor: Film in Review: Winter Kills

VOLUME C, NO. 2 (April 2012)

James Longenbach: Fear of Music
John Whittier Treat: Lisbon to Sendai, New Haven to Fukushima: Thoughts on 3/11
Lorrie Goldensohn: Dying in War Poetry
Willard Spiegelman: Some Words on Silence
Mark Mazullo: Alone: Kazuo Ishiguro and the Problem of Musical Empathy
Jonathan F. S. Post: Early Anthony Hecht

Sheila Kohler: Magic Man
John Romano: The Book of Summer

Sandra McPherson: Letter Writing
Robert Wrigley: On a Series of Four Photographs
John Talbot: Nightjar
John Talbot: Property Tax Eclogue
Arthur Vogelsang: The Ocean River
DeSales Harrison: Afterlife
Brian Swann: Images
Dolores Hayden: In the Middle Lane, Leaving New Haven
Scott Dalgarno: Sacred Heart
Mary Stewart Hammond: Lines Composed at Beaufort, South Carolina, A Few Miles Above Parris Island
Bill Christophersen: Heretics

David Mikics: A Great Rock
James Trilling: The Red Book
David Galef: Fiction in Review: Adam Ross
Stephen Burt: Poetry in Review: Albert Goldbarth
Kenneth Bleeth: Recordings in Review: Early Vocal Recordings

VOLUME C, NO. 3 (July 2012)

Leon Katz: A Year with Alice B. Toklas
Jonathan Galassi: A Translator’s Confession
Nicolas Nabokov, with an introduction by Vincent Giroud: The Learned Judge: A Portrait
Noël Valis: Collecting, the Rescue of Things, and the Human
Martin Greenberg: Goethe and Evil: “Faust, Part One”
Bonnie Costello: Buenos Aires, City of Statues
Wyn Wachhorst: Crossing the Wide Missouri

Kit Reed: How It Works

John Koethe: The Emergence of the Human
Littera Scripta Manet: A Brief History of Water
Daryl Hine: Hyacinth
Debora Greger: On First Looking into Chapman’s Flora
Debora Greger: Romeo, the Morning After
Greg Wrenn: Baptism
Deborah Warren: Cupressus
Julie Sheehan: Sliders
Bruce Bond: Genesis
Bruce Bond: Vitruvian Man
Rafael Campo: Shared

Jeffery Meyers: Ernest Becoming Hemingway
Stephen J. Burn: Fiction in Review: Don Delillo
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Nabokov-Shade
James Steichen: Recordings in Review: Richard Strauss

VOLUME C, NO. 4 (October 2012)

C. K. Williams: Some Reflections on Tragedy
Russell Fraser: The Pattern of the World
Henry Hart: Is Robert Frost a New England Poet?
Craig Watson: “The Mystery of the World”: On the Criticism of Fairfield Porter
Gerald Majer: A Perfectly Beastly State of Filth: Hector Gavin, Sanitary Ramblings, and the Abominable I
Theodore Leinwand: The Shakespeare Perverse

Jean Ross Justice: The Interlude

Grace Schulman: In Praise of Shards
Carole Bernstein: Under the Pier
Joseph Harrison: Fidelities
Barbara Hamby: Ode to Skimpy Clothes and August in the Deep South
Michelle Boisseau: Hack
David Lehman: The Case of the Spurious Spouse
Jason Koo: Kissing You
Gabriel Fried: Fragments from Unpublished Tales of Beatrix Potter

Amy Hungerford: Fiction in Review: “Spoiler Alert”: Julian Barnes
Willard Spiegelman: Poetry in Review: Timothy Donnelly
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Debussy
Charles Taylor: Film in Review: Not Even Past

VOLUME CI, NO. 1 (January 2013)

David Cannadine: Civilization
Paul West: On Being Introduced
Maribeth Fischer: The Fiction Writer
Matthew Spellberg: Child of Paradise
Marianne Boruch: Boredom

Joyce Carol Oates: “Stephanos is Dead”
Jessica Francis Kane: Local Birds

Rachel Hadas: The Garden
David Baker: Fall Back
David Baker: Spring Buds
Justin Quinn: A Glove
Elisabeth Murawski: First Real Paycheck
Joanie Mackowski: Particles and Waves
David Wagoner: Dust to Dust
Alan Williamson: The Ring
Don Bogen: After Some Years

Phillip White: After the Troubadours
Caleb Smith: Fiction in Review: Ben Marcus
Marit MacArthur: Poetry in Review: W. G. Sebald
Jay Nordlinger: Recordings in Review: Young Musicians

VOLUME CI, NO. 2 (April 2013)

Joseph J. Ellis: Of Arms and Men
Jefferson Hunter: Sleep, Wakefulness, and Space: Virgil, Petrarch, and Monteverdi
James Longenbach: My Ulysses
Bruce Fleming: Small Hard Things

Lily Tuck: Sure and Gentle Words
James Gordon Bennett: Fade Away
T . M . McNally: Moon in Leo

Cecily Parks: Love Poem
William Logan: Number, Please
Richie Hofmann: Three Cranes
Austin Segrest: Nuclear Medicine
John Poch: A Perspective on Might
John Kinsella: St. Ives, Cornwall, Tidal Equations, 2012
Peter Cameron: No Way to Treat Lady
Peter Cameron: The Locksmith
Mary Jo Bang: A Room in Cleopatra’s Palace
Mary Jo Bang: Cleopatra’s Palace. Another Room
Mary Jo Bang: The Same. Another Room
Michael Hulse: The Truth of Fiction
Michael Hulse: Wewelsfleth
James Cummins: In a Farmhouse Near the Saar River
Stephen Kampa: Bachelor Pad
Stephen Kampa: During the Hymn of Commitment

Alastair Fowler: C . S . Lewis, Translator
David Galef: Fiction in Review: Adam Johnson
Abigail Deutsch: Poetry in Review: Louise Glück
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Dame Janet Baker at Eighty
Charles Taylor: Film in Review: Nine or Ten Things I Know About Bond

VOLUME CI, NO. 3 (July 2013)

Robert Bagg: Richard Wilbur’s Cambridge Years, 1946 - 1954
Peter Brooks: Panther and Bulldog: Recalling May Day 1970
Will Eaves: Where Do You Get Your Tired Ears From?: Monologues
Sara Wheeler: Rebecca Burlend Goes to Illinois

Jean McGarry: And the Little One Said
Jane Delury: Careful, Don’t Slip
Michael Carroll: Referred Pain

Emily Fragos: Inventory of the Royal War Paintings
Ben Downing: Suicides
Daniel Anderson: Insomnia at Forty-Six
Eric Weinstein: Sunshower
Austin Smith: Nancy and Dwayne, Danville, Virginia, 1970
Brian Swann: World’s Shadow
Alan Michael Parker: Reading Antony and Cleopatra at the Airport Again
Tony Sanders: Voir Dire, My Dire
Erica McAlpine: Love Poems As Ars Poetica
Patricia Hooper: Moving South
Alan Feldman: A Walk to the Spring
Michael Shewmaker: Ink

Rachel Trousdale: Not a Prophet: Salman Rushdie’s Joseph Anton
John Crowley: Fiction in Review: Classic Science Fiction
George Bradley: Poetry in Review: No Place for Sissies: Seidel & Stern
Timothy Young: Recordings in Review: Alec Wilder & Fran Landesman

VOLUME CI, NO. 4 (October 2013)

Witold Rybczynski: Ideas in Architecture
Russell Fraser: My War
Ronald A. Sharp: Friendship, Modernity, and Elegiac Tradition
Paula Marantz Cohen: The Princess of Clèves and Nicolas Sarkozy
Patrick McCaughey: A Roman Journal
Paul West: The Beckett Seminar

Russell Banks: Blue

Sandra McPherson: The Uses of Silhouettes
Joan Swift: I Find Your Dry Fly Fishing Gear
Frannie Lindsay: To the Muse After a Long Illness
Daryl Hine: Epistolary
Daryl Hine: Momento Mori
Daryl Hine: Aphorisms
Daryl Hine: Rimes Riches
Peter Cole: What Is
Susan Barba: In the Shadows
Lorrie Goldensohn: Lament for the Makaris
Maurice Manning: Obedience
Nathaniel Bellows: The Wound
George David Clark: Cigarettes
H. L. Hix: I’ve Plotted a Course for Us …
H. L. Hix: It’s Not Some High Thing …

Anis Shivani: Orhan Pamuk’s Radical Project to Visual the Making of Novels
Amy Hungerford: Fiction in Review: Chris Ware
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Glyn Maxwell
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Young Britten
Charles Taylor: Film in Review: Gatsby

VOLUME CII, NO. 1 (January 2014)

James Romm: Dying Every Day: The Suicides of Seneca and Nero
Roger Shattuck, Edited and Introduced by Jed Perl: “The Swift Flow of Things”: From the Paris Journals, 1947 - 1948
Victor Brombert: The Pensive Citadel
David Kaufmann: Robert Pinsky and Modern Memory

Sabina Murray: The Sisters
Sheila Kohler: The Kindness of Strangers

Chase Twichell: The Ends of the World
Chase Twichell: Cloud-Seeding
Geoffrey Hartman: No One Can Stand in for Him
John Allman: What if Lethe
Karl Kirchwey: Pater ° Filio ° Fecit
Karl Kirchwey: Chiaraviglio
Karl Kirchwey: Airbus
Peggy O’ Brien: Tracking in Winter
Jeffrey Harrison: Elizabeth Bishop and the Grateful Dead
Noah Warren: Thereafter
Ralph Angel: Anne Frank
Deborah Warren: Petscan
Heather Dubrow: Here Comes the Bride
Robert B. Shaw: Sensitive Plant

Robert Boyers: Reading Late Montale
Edison Miyawaki: One, Two, Three, Phi
David Galef: Fiction in Review: Alina Simone
Willard Spiegelman: Poetry in Review: May Swenson
Matthew Aucoin: Recordings in Review: Performing Verdi
Charles Taylor: Film in Review: “To Go”

VOLUME CII, NO. 2 (April 2014)

William Logan: Keats’s Chapman’s Homer
David Mikics: Bellow’s Augie at Sixty
Alastair Fowler: First Phrases
Arthur Kirsch: The Bitter and the Sweet of Tragicomedy: Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well and Montaigne

Jordan Jacks: Don’t Be Cruel
Anjali Sachdeva: Glass-Lung

Terese Svoboda: Orpheus
Barbara J. Orton: Justine
Susa Ludvigson: Nightshirt Sonata
Carl Phillips: The Strong by Their Stillness
Carl Phillips: For Long to Hold
Stephen Cramer: Wanting the Buddha
Stephen Cramer: The Garden as a Garden
Adam Giannelli: Vona Groarke
Adam Giannelli: Half the Leaves
Caki Wilkinson: Philter
Caki Wilkinson: Via Negativa
Stephen Yenser: Desk: An Address
Howard Altmann: Saudade
Sherod Santos: Having Already Invented the Greeks
Sherod Santos: Glass House
Brett Foster: BC Prospect

Molly McQuade: To Scratch an Itch: J. D. Salinger
Jane Mendelsohn: Fiction in Review: Alice Munro
Abigail Deutsch: Poetry in Review: Clive James
Vincent Giroud: Recordings in Review: Renata Scotto

VOLUME CII, NO. 3 (July 2014)

Mary Maxwell: Biala and Ford Madox Ford’s Buckshee: The Summer at Benfolly
Jeffrey Skinner: Religio Scriptor
Paula Fox: Summer Losses
Timothy Peltason: The Professional
Alan Williamson: The Trouble with “Theory”

Mary Gordon: The Fall
Ellen Wilbur: The Sailor

W. S. Merwin: The Handwriting of the Old
W. S. Merwin: Pianist in the Dark
W. S. Merwin: From Time to Time
Rachel Hadas: Ghost Yogurt
Joshua Mehigan: Elegy
Patricia Hooper: The Copperhead
Patricia Hooper: Sudden
James Scully: In This Homely Processional
Jordan Smith: Three for John Cheever
Nicholas Friedman: The Illusionist
Aaron Shapiro: Two Poems
Julian Gewitz: The Bliss of Solitude
Julian Gewitz: A Being Without an Envelope
Elisabeth Murawski: Musings
David Orr: Recycling
John Gosslee: Coastal

Timothy Young: On Lying and the Brave Men Who Do It: McCourt and Morrisey
David Galef: Fiction in Review: George Saunders
Stephen Burt: Poetry in Review : Six Poets
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Valhalla on the Hudson
Charles Taylor: Film in Review: Everybody’s Adolescence

VOLUME CII, NO. 4 (October 2014)

Colette, Translated by Zach Rogow and Renée Morel: Two by Colette
Laura Auricchio: Lafayette Arrives in America
Mark Mazullo: My Verdi Year
David McGlynn: On Wisconsin
Deborah Rosenthal: Writing About Painting: Jean Hélion in English
Barry Goldensohn: The Law Plays of David Mamet: Race and The Anarchist

Eavan Boland: The Moving Statue
Eavan Boland: For That Called Body Is a Portion of Soul
Eavan Boland: An Irish Georgic
Bruce Bond: Sacrum
Eric Pankey: Epiphenomenon
Benjamin Myers: What to Do After a Tornado
Joseph Harrison: Harrison’s Clock
Mairi MacInnes: Waking Ataraxia
Eric Weinstein: Love Syllogism
Jill Bialosky: Sonnet for the Misbegotten
Molly Peacock: Promise
David Bottoms: Sundowners Syndrome
Edmund Kelley: Act of Nature
Valeria Wohlfeld: Emily Dickinson
James Hatch: Carnal Knowledge

Olivia Clare: Quiet! Quiet!
Joyce Carol Oates: The Memorial Field at Hazard, Minnesota
Paul West: Sinbad’s Head

Paul H. Fry: Eric Auerbach’s Reality
Caleb Smith: Fiction in Review
George Bradley: Poetry in Review
Jay Nordlinger: Recordings in Review

VOLUME CIII, NO. 1 (January 2015)

Lorrie Goldensohn: Approaching Elizabeth Bishop’s Letters to Ruth Foster
Arthur Kirsch: “’Twixt Two Extremes of Passion, Joy and Grief”: Shakespeare’s King Lear and Last Plays
Rosanna Warren: Stepping Out and Stepping Over: The Figure of Hyperbaton
Irving Feldman: Usable Truths
Roberto González Echevarría: Roman Law in the Constitution of Macondo
Sheila Kohler: Narrative Techniques in Freud’s Case Histories

James Richardson: Watch
James Richardson: All the Right Tools
James Richardson: Late Aubade
Robert Wrigley: Crescent Wrench
Gerard Malanga: Hans Werner Henze, 1926-2012
MarK Jarman: The Istanbul Album
Scott Hightower: Sillion
Henry Sloss: Dashiell Hammett Lived Here
Phillis Levin: Road Trip Through the Rockies Interrupted by a Dream
John Kinsella: Razorshell Wreck on Barleycove Beach on the Eve of All Saints’ Day
Ernest Hilbert: Mineral Point
Callie Siskel: Arctic Revival
Robert Morgan: Binary
Robert Morgan: Going West
Elizabeth Smither: A Friendship Through Books
G.C. Waldrep: Passion Play
Craig Blais: Sonnet (While Emptying Out My Grandparents’ House)
Hope Coulter: Keeping Watch

Ann Beattie: A Day in a Great Tradition
Peter Cameron: A Decent Family
Jonathan Tel: The Shoe King of Shanghai

David Galef: Fiction in Review: Karen Russell
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Louise Glück
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Colin Davis
Charles Taylor: Film in Review: New Traditionalists

VOLUME CIII, NO. 2 (April 2015)

H.L. Hix: Fire at Night: A Version of Herakleitos
Paula Marantz Cohen: Haunted by Henry James
Kenneth Gross: The Survival of Strange Sounds: Forms of Life in Lyric Poetry
Irina Dumitrescu: My Father and the Wine
Paul West: Falling for Faulkner
Elizabeth B. Joyce and Kayla Allen: Words with My Daughter

Clive James: Balcony Scene
Henri Cole: Stampeding Buffalo
Henri Cole: Mother and Child
James Richardson: Essay Traversed by Deer
Mary Jo Salter: Smoking the Dead Sea Scrolls
Mary Jo Salter: Drapery for God the Father
Mary Jo Salter: The Profane Piano Tuner
Dolores Hayden: 143 62nd Street
Richard Howard: 85 Off & On
Jack Anderson: Night Song Naming Night
Carol Muske-Dukes: Orphanage
Will Eaves: Wellington Ferry
Steven Ray Smith: Used to Be
Hannah Baker Saltmarsh: Hero Ship
Randy Blasing: Portents
Jim Daniels: Hearing Loss in Middle Age
Christine Kwon: Pleasure Palace
Justin Quinn: Visiting Chair
Justin Quinn: Wayside Rest
Roderick Townley: Heliopause

Robert Penn Warren: Invitation to a Dance: A “Lost” Story
Jean McGarry: The Cones
Peter LaSalle: Biscuit Tin

Jeffrey L. Sammons: Original Grimm
Abigail Deutsch: Fiction in Review: Elena Ferrante
Willard Spiegelman: Poetry in Review: Mark Strand
Jay Nordlinger: Recordings in Review: New Music

VOLUME CIII, NO. 3 (July 2015)

Primo Levi, Translated by Anthony Shugaar: To Translate and Be Translated
Roberto Calasso, Translated by Richard Dixon: Publishing as a Literary Genre
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Russian Winter Journal, February-March 1967
Jean McGarry: On Writer’s Block : A Meditation on Sadism
Jonathan F. S. Post: “The Book of Yolek,” the Sestina, and the Tattoo

William Gass: The Toy Chest
Joyce Carol Oates: The Bereaved

Kay Ryan: Dynamic Scaling
Kay Ryan: Erratic Facts
Kay Ryan: Fizz
Timothy Steele: Changing of the Guard
Timothy Steele: Cafe du Soir
Timothy Steele: Squirrel Among Sweet Gum Trees
Ruddy Darter: Yesterday’s Pizza
John Talbot: Tongue of Prayer
D. Nurkse: Edinnu
David Barber: Hanetsuki
Aaron Fagan: My Lonesome Cowboy
Hailey Leithauser: Tollund
Eric McHenry: Canes
Felicity Sheehy: An Outdoor Othello
Mark Rubin: Showing Up
Mark Kraushaar: Sand Pond
Stephen Gibson: Looking at the Göring Suicide Photograph
Nathaniel Bellows: Youth
Charles Harper Webb: Animals in the News
Dan O’Brien: The War Reporter Paul Watson Amidst the Generations

Daniel Hall: Trumpets at Sunset: Clive James
Timothy Young: Fiction in Review: Richard McGuire
Stephen Burt: Poetry in Review: Wilkinson, Kunin, Kocot, Bishop, Moestrup
Matthew Spellberg: Recordings in Review: Martin Frost

VOLUME CIII, NO. 4 (October 2015)

Antonia Fraser: Jeune Fille in Publishing
Mathew Spender: A Worldly Failure
Will Eaves: Live Recordings
Ruth Bernard Yeazell: Who Owns The Art?
Romaine Brooks, Introduction by Timothy Young: The Toll of Friendship: Selection from the Memoirs of Romaine Brooks

David H. Lynn: Of a Different Order
Karen Satran: Nights

John Koethe: Fear and Trembling
Patricia Hooper: Fall Changes
John Foy: The White-Breasted Nuthatch
Brooks Haxton: Lingerie Femme and the Vagaries of Pronunciatio
David Bottoms: The Moon My Mother Shot For
Ryan Teitman: Jesuits
Elizabeth Metzger: The Unmaking Life
Elizabeth Metzger: Regression
Michael Pearce: The Visit
Nicholas Friedman: Petty Theft
Michael Shewmaker: The Lepidopterist
Michael Shewmaker: The End of The Sermon
David Mason: The Gifts of Time
William Wenthe: Ambition
John Hennessy: Spontaneous Midnight Makeover Party

Marc Robinson: Tennessee Williams’s Restraint
Edison Miyawaki: A Neurology of Analogy
David Galef: Fiction in Review: Kelly Link
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Alice Fulton
Vincent Giroud: Recordings in Review: Strauss Lieder

VOLUME CIV, NO. 1 (January 2016)

Volker Weidermann, Translated by Carol Brown Janeway: A Summer in Ostend: Stefan Zwieg and Joseph Roth in 1936
Fritz Stern: Our Legacy: On Freedom and Exile in Heinrich Heine’s World and Our Own
Bonnie Costello: Hermes, Master of the Roads
Frederic Will: Eighteen Polarities from Within the Self

Mary Gordon: Ugly
Greg Johnson: The Plagiarist

W. S. Merwin: Variations to the Accompaniment of a Cloud
W. S. Merwin: Here Together
W. S. Merwin: December Morning
Chase Twichell: Early Winter Wilderness
Chase Twichell: My Bob Dylan
Clive James: Recollected in Tranquillity
Elisabeth Murawski: Unlike Anybody Else in the World
Bill Christophersen: Central Park, December
Maura Stanton: The Hemlock Grove
Alan Williamson: The Old Man by the Roadside
Jeffrey Harrison: Higher Education
Paula Bohince: Sunrise
Judith Hall: Coin
Benjamin S. Grossberg: The Dogs of Sochi
Benjamin S. Grossberg: Why It Matters
Brian Swann: Fenland Vignettes
Charles Martin: From Komarovo, 1962
Wyatt Townley: Pentimento

Daniel Hall: The Life Lived
Vincent Giroud: Virgil Thomson: Music Chronicles
Molly McQuade: Fiction in Review: To Kill a Classic
Abigail Deutsch: Poetry in Review: James Tate
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: The New Bruckner
Charles Taylor: Film in Review: Signs of intelligent life

VOLUME CIV, NO. 2 (April 2016)

Adina Hoffman: Beautiful Things Are Difficult
Colin Dayan: The Old Gray Mare
Matthew Spellberg: Proust in the Dreamtime
Brenda Wineapple: The Rosebud Effect: The Mystery in Biography

Jean McGarry: The System
Jean Ross Justice: Ariel
Sagy Zwirn: Carthage

Frannie Lindsay: Poem at the Deathbed of an Atheist
Rachel Hadas: The Edge of Light
Catherine Stearns: Apology, After Your Mother’s Funeral
Austin Allen: Tamam Shud; or, Secrets in the Sand
Bruce Bond: The Carriers
Ellen Kaufman: Old Dress
Max Freeman: Madonna of the Rabbit
Seth Lobis: On Watching Fanny and Alexander
Jeredith Merrin: Poem with a Line from Tomas Transtomer
Will Schutt: The Book of Beginnings
Will Schutt: Empty Space
Kate Monaghan: For Paper Money
Max Ritvo: Living It Up
Henry Sloss: From the Clinic at Coeur d’Alene
Grace Schulman: Orchid
Grace Schulman: Happiness
Stephen Kampa: Guarded
Stephen Kampa: The Toast
Henry Hart: Call of Duty in the Video Bunker

Greg Johnson: Fiction in Review: Gavin McCrea
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Devin Johnston
Jay Nordlinger: Recordings in Review : Young Pianists

VOLUME CIV, NO. 3 (July 2016)

Christopher Bram: Ghosts in the Details
Langdon Hammer: The Biographical Container
Noël Valis: Lorca’s Grave
Florian Gargaillo: Anthony Hecht’s Controlled Disorder
Francisco Unger: You’ve Seen Balloons Set, Haven’t You?: On Three of Dickinson’s Poems of Death

Joyce Carol Oates: Owl Eyes
Ellen Wilbur: The New Year

Clive James: Not Forgetting George Russell
Clive James: Ronsard Sings of Helene
Clive James: The Gods Make Mischief
Gwyneth Lewis: From the Antimatter Factory
Gwyneth Lewis: Lunch
Gwyneth Lewis: Persephone
Robert B. Shaw: The Tally
Robert B. Shaw: The Loss of the Joy of Cooking
Robert B. Shaw: Afterthought
Debora Greger: Elegy on the Far Bank
Debora Greger: Skin of Clay
John Poch: Evening
Peter Filkins: Credo
Peter Filkins: Little Problem
Edmund Keeley: On Turning Eighty-eight
Siobhan Phillips: Begin
Christopher Childers: Deep Tissue
Ian Ganassi: No Time to Lose
Justin Jannise: Stingray Petting Zoo
Cynthia Zarin: Metaphysicks

Edison Miyawaki: Noam Chomsky: Ignorance and Hypothesis
David Galef: Fiction in Review: Annie Proulx
George Bradley: Poetry in Review: James Lasdun, John Koethe
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Aida
Charles Taylor: Film in Review: Life During Wartime

VOLUME CIV, NO. 4 (October 2016)

William Gass: On Wanting to Say [spoken slowly, by a poorly received writer to a poet]
Steven Smith: The Iliad, an Affair of Honor
James Longenbach: The Longest Poem in the English Language
Elizabeth Powers: On Situating Sylvia Townsend Warner
Ronald Sharp: Friendship, Time, and the Sabbath

Gerald Majer: Eye of Tylor
Sheila Kohler: The Real Thing

Stephen Edgar: Twister
Stephen Edgar: Sunday Mirror
Mary Jo Salter: The Bickers
Mary Jo Salter: Pastry Level
Stanley Moss: Letter to Laren
Stanley Moss: Wet Paint
Richard Howard: The Right Fit for Sure
Molly McQuade: The Last Page
Jean Ross Justice: Loss
Leslie McGrath: Some Comfort in a Smaller Field of Vision
Deborah Garrison: The Show Opens Tomorrow
Deborah Garrison: Wish
Morri Creech: Cézanne
Jeff Dolven: A New English Grammar
Mary Stewart Hammond: Venasque

Greg Johnson: Fiction in Review: Anne Tyler
Stephen Burt: Poetry in Review: James Lasdun, John Koethe
Timothy Young: Recordings in Review: The new traditionalists

VOLUME CV, NO. 1 (January 2017)

Alastair Fowler: A Boy’s War
Maya Deren, Edited and introduced by Jamie James: Maya Deren’s Last Script
Maribeth Fischer: Damage
Jerry Thompson: Walker Evans: Reading Him Backward and Forward
Bhisham Bherwani: The Elegiac Strain in Robert Morgan’s Poetry

Gordon Jay Lish: Acids of Tiredness
James Wilcox: Another Chance

Stephen Edgar: Coming Up for Air
Stephen Edgar: Ghost Gum
Stephen Edgar: Hampstead Incident
Sandra McPherson: Coördinates
Sandra McPherson: Five Blind Boys
Boris Dralyuk: Absentee Ballet
Mike White: Nativity
Susan Barba: This Republic
Susan Barba: Requiem for the Stars
Scott Dalgarno: Caesura
Scott Dalgarno: Bypasses
Robin Magowan: Glimpse
Valerie Wohlfeld: Kissing Fear
Hailey Leithauser: Bookworm
Hailey Leithauser: Wanderlusts
Sarah Best: Tinder
David Bergman: The Man Who Hated Irony
Elisabeth Murawksi: For Edward Thomas
Melissa Stein: Seven Minutes in Heaven
Noah Warren: Like the Pelican

Greg Johnson: Fiction in Review: Jonathan Safran Foer
Paul Franz: Poetry in Review: Geoffrey Hill
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Back to the Future: Stravinsky
Charles Taylor: Film in Review: Elle

VOLUME CV, NO. 2 (April 2017)

Terry Tempest Williams: Earth—Planet–Universe
Ken Ludwig: (Book information): Jane Austen and the Comic Tradition
Karin Roffman: Some Trees, 1947-1949: John Ashbery at Harvard
Geoffrey Lindsay: “But at last. today,/I remembered that hill”: The Imperatives of Memory in Anthony Hecht
Irving Feldman: Reusable Truths

Jean McGarry: Tunnel of Love

Clive James: Modern Dance Certificate
Clive James: Front Flip Half Twist
Clive James: Panis Angelicus
Clive James: Initial Outlay
Clive James: Declaration of Intent
Margaret Gibson: Clouds and Moon
Dolores Hayden: Bird Man, 1911
Devin Johnston: Domestic Scenes
Devin Johnston: Annabelle
Devin Johnston: The Sinkhole
Devin Johnston: Early November
Elise Paschen: The Middle Seat
Alexandria Peary: Balsam
A. F. Moritz: Rhythm of Time
Max Ritvo: Name My Time of Death and See What I Do to You
Adam Giannelli: Little Winds
Laura Kolbe: Thanks to Leibniz, Putative Father of Topology
Laura Kolbe: Imagining Marriage, #36
Bruce Beasley: Comes the Reckoning
Steven Gehrke: The Bargain

Vincent Giroud: A Cocteau for Our Time
David Galef: Fiction in Review: Nell Zink
Willard Spiegelman: Poetry in Review: Adrienne Rich
Timothy Young: Music in Review: Bob Dylan

VOLUME CV, NO. 3 (July 2017)

Wyn Wachhorst: Table of Contents: The Yale Review, Vol. 105, no. 3, July 2017
The Case for Wonder: A Meditation
Alastair Fowler: Oxford English in the Sixties
Frances McCall Rosenbluth and Ian Shapiro: Directing Democracy
Mary Maxwell: Correspondences and Affinities
Vincent Kling: Griefs, not Grievances: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Anthony Hecht, and Contexts for an Act of Translation
Timothy Steele: Two Versions of Orpheus: Edgar Bowers and Thom Gunn
Bruce Fleming: Belief and Sunburn in the Weight Room

John Crowley: Mount Auburn Street

Karl Kirchwey: Turning the Compost
Karl Kirchwey: Roma Città Aperta
Karl Kirchwey: Blood and Light
Chase Twichell: Murder and Mayhem in Miami
Chase Twichell: The Words of His Dementia
Chase Twichell: Her Ashes
Randy Blasing: Summer Evening in New England
Ernest Hilbert: Independence Day
Jeredith Merrin: Wunderbar
Moira Egan: Jardin du Poète
Mary Donnelly: The Photographer Feasts Upon His Dish of Cold-Metal Lips
Laura Romeyn: Sheet Music
David Yezzi: Dying the Day Prince Died
Alan Williamson: Jacarandas in Albany
Fleming Meeks: Self-Portrait at Fifty-Six

James Trilling: The Unknown Is Still Winning: The Voynich Manuscript
Marta Figlerowicz: Fiction in Review: Zadie Smith
Stephen Burt: Poetry in Review: New collections
Dewey Faulkner: Music in Review: Mr. Haydn’s Symphonies

VOLUME CV, NO. 4 (October 2017)

Nicholas Hytner: Balancing Acts
Lincoln Perry: Making as Metaphor: The Sculpture of Natalie Charkow and Manuel Neri
Paula Marantz Cohen: My Reading Habit
Anne Fadiman: Jew
Jean Ross Justice: The Unknown Poet
John Mauceri: A Short History of Conducting

Will Eaves: Murmur
Joyce Carol Oates: Night-Gaunts

Robert Mezey: Endings
Robert Mezey: In Texas: Variations on a Theme of Borges
Robert Mezey: The Art of Poetry
Rachel Hadas: Footprints
Rachel Hadas: Diagnostic Radiology
Barry Sternlieb: November
Scott Hightower: The Salt Lick
David Bottoms: A Panic of Bats
Caitlin Doyle: The Dress Code
Caitlin Doyle: Wish
Nicholas Friedman: The No-Pond Hermit
Nicholas Friedman: Undark
Brian Wickers: Presently
Charles Martin: The Woman Taken in Adultery
Lisa Russ Spaar: Torso Madrigal
Edmund Keeley: The Problem of Time
Jack Anderson: Spectacle
Jim Powell: Her Capricorn Quondam Compañero

Edison Miyawaki: Perilous Equations: Big data
Molly McQuade: Prose and Politics: Adam Phillips, Mary Cappello
David Galef: Fiction in Review: Diane Williams
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Robert Pinsky
Timothy Young: Recordings in Review: Tracey Thorn and Conor O’Brien

VOLUME CVI, NO. 1 (January 2018)

Rachel Kushner: HMS Bounty
Giulio J. Pertile: Ashbery’s Pastoral Art
Jane Costlow: Turning the Soil: Cultivating Our Gardens in Times of Trouble (Ruminations on Doctor Zhivago)
Seth Lerer: The Aquarists
Lida Maxwell: Whistleblower, Traitor, Soldier, Queer?: The Truth of Chelsea Manning

Hanne Ørstavik, Translated by Martin Aitken: Love (excerpts)
Dina Nayeri: The Pinch
Mary Gordon: The Artist’s Model

Shane McCrae: Between
Li-Young Lee: My Sweet Accompanist
David Baker: Physics of the Breeze
David Baker: A Portrait of My Father in Seven Maps
Kathleen Winter: In the cottage
Kathleen Winter: swing-shift ruckus
Henry Sloss: The Coming of Age
Kate Partridge: Ode on Inheritance
Henry Walters: The Marvel of It Is
Henry Walters: Crime Scene
Robert Thomas: Three Sonnets
Owen McLeod: Something You Left to Me
Owen McLeod: Breakup at the Starfish Brasserie
John Sibley Williams: On Being Told: You Must Learn to Love the Violence
John Sibley Williams: On Being Told: You Must Learn to Pray
Chad Davidson: Roundabout
Ryan Wilson: For a Dog
Geri Doran: All We Are Not
Rush Rankin: There
Steve Barbaro: Concave Decades
Steve Barbaro: Quadratic

Marta Figlerowicz: Fiction in Review: Claire Messud
Christopher Spaide: Poetry in Review: Frank Bidart
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: The “New” Metropolitan Opera at Fifty

VOLUME CVI, NO. 2 (April 2018)

Homage to J. D. McClatchy
J. D. McClatchy: Reading
J. D. McClatchy: My Fountain Pen
Alexander Chee: 100 Things About Writing a Novel
Gregory Pardlo: Tolle, Lege
Alice Kaplan: Remembering a Memoir: Afterword to a new edition of French Lessons
Yunte Huang: Mayberry, USA

Joan Silber: Love and Money
Terese Svoboda: Continental
Kate Walbert: Slow the Heart
Ellen Wilbur: The Fortune Teller

Rosanna Warren: Darklight
Rosanna Warren: The Point
Donald Platt: First Crocuses
Knute Skinner: Margaritas
Hannah Louise Poston: Julia Hungry
Hannah Louise Poston: Peony
Andrew Eaton: Each Morning
Andrew Eaton: Avoiding News Along the Coast
Martha Zweig: Bottom
Martha Zweig: Hearse
Julian Gewirtz: Hardcore Innocence in Hangzhou
Rick McKenzie: FL 50’s
Robert Morgan: Poor Relatives
Phillis Levin: Moroni’s Tailor
Joseph Harrison: Shakespeare’s Head
Catherine Stearns: Two Views of Home
Aaron Fagan: Limitless Again

Leah Mirakhor: Nonfiction in Review: A Problem Shared: Feeling Jewish
David Galef: Fiction in Review: Thomas Pierce
Danielle Chapman: Poetry in Review: Annemarie Ní Churreáin & Miller Oberman
R. Clifton Spargo: Music in Review: Peter Doherty
Charles Taylor: Film in Review: Her Guy Bradlee

VOLUME CVI, NO. 3 (July 2018)

Deborah Baker: Bengali Baboo
Tom Sleigh: In the Tank
Adam Keller: Unliving Hands: Lyric Distance in Owen’s “Anthem for Doomed Youth”
Lily Tuck: Great Aunt Dorothea Mendelssohn or, Foam on the Wave
Ilan Stavans: Wrestling with Machado

Tiphanie Yanique: Plant of Contradictions
Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, Translated by Ryan C. K. Choi: Four Japanese Stories
Sergio Troncoso: Eternal Return
Virginie Despentes: Pretty Things (excerpt)

John Koethe: Prospects from the Palisades
Susan Barba: Wide Margin Love Poem
Susan Barba: Current
Peter Cameron: The Way You Look Tonight
Jeffrey Harrison: The Light in the Marsh Grass
Nicholas Friedman: Echo Lake
Christina Pugh: Flirt
Christina Pugh: Staircase
Daniel Bourne: Still Life, Mouth of the Vistula
Ann Keniston: Unconscious Ode
John Skoyles: His Shirt
Laura Marris: self-driving
Arthur Vogelsang: Living Room
Elisabeth Murawski: Cold Heaven
Elisabeth Murawski: Watch
Edmund Keeley: On Turning Ninety
Caki Wilkinson: Mansplaining Oracle
G. C. Waldrep: To the Embalmers
G. C. Waldrep: The Completion of Shadows

Hollie Harder: Nonfiction in Review: Finding Proust’s Duchess
Abigail Deutsch: Fiction in Review: Rachel Kushner
Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert: Poetry in Review: Federico García Lorca
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: The New York Philharmonic’s 175th anniversary
Paul Franz: Film in Review: Springes to Catch Woodcocks

VOLUME CVI, NO. 4 (October 2018)

Megan Hyska: Of Martyrs and Robots: Propaganda and Group Identity
Renée DiResta: Computational Propaganda: If You Make It Trend You Make It True
Reginald Dwayne Betts: Incarcerated Language
Francine Prose: Leni Riefenstahl
Jabari Asim: Getting It Twisted
Cailin O’Connor and James Owen Weatherall: The Misinformation Age
David W. Blight: Bondage and Freedom: Frederick Douglass

Karen E. Bender: The Pilot’s Instructions
Leslie Epstein: Anthropophagi

Randy Blasing: Albuquerque Aubade
Stanley Moss: Hasty Pudding
Vona Groarke: Against Pessimism
Vona Groarke: Against Anxiety
Vona Groarke: The Old Country
Carolie Parker: Perspective
Jeredith Merrin: Light Steps
Bruce Bond: Verklärte Nacht
Hailey Leithauser: Boats
Hailey Leithauser: Dove Song
Hailey Leithauser: Invitation
Don Bogen: Jar Song
Henry Hart: The Sandy Hook Fire
Zoë Hitzig: On Atrazine
Zoë Hitzig: Proxy Means
James Arthur: Nostalgia

Ayten Tartici: Fiction in Review: Lisa Halliday
Christopher Spaide: Poetry in Review: Danez Smith
Marit MacArthur: Music in Review: Musicologist Nina Eidsheim
Charles Taylor: Film in Review: Hearts Beat Loud

VOLUME CVII, NO. 1 (January 2019)

Gerard Malanga, Edited and Introduced by Richard Deming: Still, Image: Excerpts from In Remembrance of Things Past
Carolyn Forché: What You Have Heard Is True
Nan Z. Da: The Angelus
Martin Hägglund: Natural and Spiritual Freedom
Peter P. Brooks: Prison Term
Terry Reilly: “They Don’t Know It, but We’re Integrated”: Thomas Pynchon’s “The Secret Integration” and The Saturday Evening Post

Gish Jen: Mr. Crime and Punishment
Samir Toumi, Translated by Alice Kaplan: Alger, le cri

John Kinsella: “The moon has set”
Elizabeth Smither: Ballet and sawhorse
C. J. Driver: Verkeerdekraal
A. F. Moritz: As Far As You Know
Amy Roa: Animal Kingdom
Andrew Saviano: Middle of the Movie
Catherine Staples: After Seeing the Irish Modern Dance Theatre’s Lear
Catherine Staples: Hurricane
Catherine Staples: In a Hurry
Kimiko Hahn: The Nest in Winter
John Rybicki: What Feeds on Want
Noah Warren: California Christmas
Willie Perdomo: On Sundays
Natania Rosenfeld: Beret
Natania Rosenfeld: Nick
Samuel Hazo: Unbudgably Yours

Feisal Mohamed: Shipwreck with Spectator
Marta Figlerowicz: Fiction in Review: Giorgio Bassani
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Don Paterson
Dewey Faulkner: Music in Review: Birgit Nilsson
Richard Deming: Art in Review: Andy Warhol
Roy Scranton: Film in Review: Children of Thanos

VOLUME CVII, NO. 2 (April 2019)

Jennifer Acker: Cultural Differences
Mark Mazullo: Music in the Second Person: Listening to Opus 110
Emily Bernard: Nothing New Under the Sun: Ann Petry’s The Street and The Narrows
Karin Roffman: “Sitting at the Table” with Stein and Ashbery: “An Occasion” for Thin[g]king
Matthew Spellberg: Myth and Anarchy

Matthew Spellberg: Stalking
Joanna Scott: The Silver Pearl
Ha Seong-Nan, Translated by Janet Hong: The Woman Next Door

Derek Mahon: An Old Theme
Derek Mahon: Chorus from The Birds
Jacques Moulin, Translated by David Ball: Baggy-arsed country
Frannie Lindsay: Elegy in October
Peter J. Cooley: To My Daughter
James Longenbach: The Way I Like Best
Jodie Hollander: The Potato Plants
Benjamin S. Grossberg: Something Forced
Benjamin S. Grossberg: “As Are Right Fit”
Benjamin S. Grossberg: The Wedgewood, the Watches
Bernard O’Donoghue: Rough Plaster
Karl Kirchwey: Five Goldfinches
Karl Kirchwey: Three Sarcophagi
Randy Blasing: Storm Warning
Peter Balakian: Bulgur
Peter Balakian: How Much I Love You
Karen An-hwei Lee: Dear Millennium: Of Edible Flowers and the Unborn
Jessica Greenbaum: I Was Waiting for You Outside the Post Office
Barry Goldensohn: Dissonance
Barry Goldensohn: The Duchess of Malfi
Barry Goldensohn: Chaos Theory
Henry Sloss: Cassandra in San Francisco
John Canaday: Ernest Lawrence
Kevin Honold: Some Letters to Cabeza da Vaca
Giovanni Pascoli, Translated by Geoffrey Brock: The Tablecloth
Geoffrey Brock: Midwinter Letter
Nathaniel Hutner: Revenge
Lynne Potts: D. and Dog

David Galef: Fiction in Review: Nathan Englander
Stephanie Burt: Poetry in Review: Nine recent collections
Timothy Young: Music in Review: Modern composition
Ayten Tartici: Film in Review: The Cinematic Afterlife of James Baldwin

VOLUME CVII, NO. 3 (July 2019)

Giovanni Gioviano Pontano, Translated by G. W. Pigman III: The Virtues and Vices of Speech
Shifra Sharlin: Listening to the Provinces: A Painter’s Letters Home
Oana Sanziana Marian: In the Time that Remains: Reflections on the Poetry of Derek Mahon
Jeff Wheelwright: The Wild Man Within: Peter Matthiessen’s Bigfoot

Jean McGarry: I Can See Your House from Here
Jean McGarry: Man Overboard

Geoffrey Hill: Finalists
Cornelius Eady: Four Days
Cornelius Eady: Deep Song
William Virgil Davis: Sestina
Garrett Hongo: The Night’s Cascade
Warren Slesinger: Oracle
Constantine Contogenis: Easier Done
Richard Kenney: Pax
Richard Kenney: Afterlife
Ioanna Carlsen: The Southwest Part of the Truth
David Danoff: My Enemy
Elisabeth Murawski: Sunday with George
Justin Quinn: Eight Radioactive Tableaux (with Venus and Adonis)
Rachel Trousdale: The Reef
Sara Wallace: Beauty
Eamon Grennan: Summer Visitation
Charles Baudelaire, Translated by David Lehman: Five Prose Poems
Catherine Stearns: “It’s Complicated”
Deborah Diemont: Prodigal
Debora Lidov: Ring
Katie Donovan: Loose Talk
Esther Schor: Arcade
Morri Creech: Shadow
Nathaniel Mackey: Eleanoir and Huff’s New Blues and Gospel
Luis H. Francia: Clay

James Trilling: Nonfiction in Review: One Man’s Modernism: J. R. R. Tolkien:
Marta Figlerowicz: Fiction in Review: Uwe Johnson
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Nick Laird
Dewey Faulkner: Music in Review: Films to operas
Elizabeth Leake: Film in Review: Alice Rohrwacher
Charles Taylor: Film in Review: Roma

VOLUME CVII, NO. 4 (October 2019)

Meghan O’Rourke: Editor’s Note

Cathy Park Hong: In Centennial: The only ones left alive
Sarah Manguso: Loss: When yearning is pleasure
Sheila Heti: A Common Seagull: The lessons of art
Miranda Featherstone: Ghosts in My Nursery: The brother I never knew
Lydia Davis: Changing My Mind: On sources, revision, and order
Langdon Hammer: Still to Love: For J. D. McClatchy
Molly McCully Brown: The Skin You’re In: On living in—and losing—a body
Emily Bernard: Stereopticon: Twelve ways of looking at my mother
Carlos Manuel Álvarez: Broken Doll: A daughter’s suicide in another country

Idra Novey: Husband and Wife During the Nightly News
Raven Leilani: Breathing Exercise
Ivan Vladislavić: Save the Pedestals

Aria Aber: First Snow
Aria Aber: Nostos
Aria Aber: Hades
Kevin Young: Sting
Kevin Young: Halter
The Editors: A New Direction in American Poetry: A Folio
Margaret Ross: Ceremony
Margaret Ross: Greenish Picture
Margaret Ross: Blood
Sandra Lim: Bent Lyre
Sandra Lim: The Stronger
Sandra Lim: San Francisco
Sasha Debevec-McKenney: Sestina Where Every End Word Is Lyndon Johnson
Sasha Debevec-McKenney: When I Met Sharon Olds She Told Me to Write A Poem About LBJ’s Penis
Daniel Poppick: The Hell Test (Seven Springs)
Sarah Trudgeon: Don’t Let Me Down
Anaïs Duplan: For Alain
Robyn Schiff: Information Desk
Vidyan Ravinthiran: Leviathan
Vidyan Ravinthiran: Worry
Monica Youn: Study of Two Figures (Agave/Pentheus)

Consuelo Kanaga

Catherine Barnett: Ben Lerner on writing and magic pills

Brian Dillon: Furious Permissions: On Susan Sontag
Laura Kolbe: Styles of Radical Illness: Anne Boyer’s new memoir
Dan Chiasson: The Dolphin Letters: Robert Lowell’s infamous book
Jim Lewis: San Francisco, 1956: The legacy of Robert Frank

VOLUME CVIII, NO. 1 (Spring 2020)

Feisal G. Mohamed: Is This Tyranny?: Notes from the election’s sidelines
Jess Row: Despair Management: Notes on Commuting
Eileen Myles: Copying & Lying: From For Now

Ayşegül Savas: An Introduction to the Works of S.L.
Dantiel W. Moniz: The Hearts of Our Enemies
David Moloney: Property

Laura Kasischke: A Doll’s House
Laura Kasischke: Drachma
Vijay Seshadri: Meeting
Vijay Seshadri: Birding
Jenny Xie: In Search of
Jenny Xie: No Exit
Major Jackson: Double Major
Angela Gardner: Waiting for the Rain
Stephanie Burt: After Callimachus
Tess Taylor: Song with Day Glo & Jelly
Shane McCrae: The Hastily Assembled Angel on Care and Vitality
Shane McCrae: The Hastily Assembled Angel Meets the God of Human Freedom
Shane McCrae: Jim Limber Burning Where No Fire Is
Victoria Chang: The Bees
Victoria Chang: Guilt
Carlos Andrés Gomez: Native Tongue
Paul Muldoon: Salonica

Maria Lax: A photographer reimagines the northern lights

Meghan O’Rourke: Amy Herzog and Brenda Shaughnessy: On making art and the multiverse of motherhood

Jerome Ellison Murphy: Conspicuous Erudition: The new black poetry
Stephanie Burt: On Long Poems: Four recent collections make length a virtue
Maggie Doherty: Metafiction and #MeToo: A new way to write trauma