Volumes 70-79 (1981-1991)

The Yale Review by decade: VOLUMES LXX-LXXIX (1980-1990)

VOLUME LXX (1980-1981)

[Reviews are entered under the author of the reviewer.]

VOLUME LXX, NO. 1 (October 1980)

John Hersey The Legend on the License 1
Youth in the Sixties: Three Views
Michael Harrington Contradictions and Complexities 26
Robert Coles The South and Harvard 38
David Bromwich Two Moments 52
Don Nichols My Grandmother’s Rhetorician A Story 63
John Halberstadt The Making of Thomas Wolfe’s Posthumous Novels 79
Robert Penn Warren Chthonian Revelation: A Myth A Poem 95
Robert Pinsky The Living A Poem 97
F. D. Reeve A Pair of Gloves A Poem 99
James Merrill Developers at Crystal River A Poem 100
Jay Parini Two Poems 101
Dorothy Emerson Two Poems 103
Todd Gitlin The Failure of Muscles to Form a Mask A Poem 104

Stephen Yenser Recent Poetry: Five Poets 105
Howard Zinn Civility and Social Change 128
Nathan Glazer The Plot Against Play 132
John Baskin Human Voices, Human Hearers 139
Victor Erlich The Life of Blok 143
Phyllis Rose Of Moral Bonds and Men 149
B. H. Hoggin New Records in Review 156

VOLUME LXX, NO. 2 (January 1981)

The Uses of Poetry
John Hollander A Poetry of Restitution 161
Robert B. Shaw Farewells to Poetry 187
The Uses of History
Gushing Strout The Historical Hero in a Psychological Age 206
James Turner Recovering the Uses of History 221
Rebecca Kavaler Tigers in the Wood A Story 234
John Ashbery Two Poems 258
Turner Cassity Berolina Demodee A Poem 259
Edward Hirsch Dusk: Elegy for the Dark Sun A Poem 260
Douglas Crase To the Light Fantastic A Poem 261
Stephen Yenser Ember Week, Reseda A Poem 262
Richard Howard Attic Red-Figure Calix, Revelling in Progress,
Circa 510 b.c. A Poem 263

Tony Tanner Seasoned Criticism 267
Georgia A. Brown Recent Fiction 273
Keith Stewart Thomson “Through the Spectacles of an Hypothesis” 283
Karsten Harries Insight and Madness 289
Cynthia Fuchs Epstein Perspectives on Power 295
Mary Ellmann Katherine Mansfield: Writer, Woman, Patient 300
Alfred Corn Romanticism as Lucifer? 304
Fred A. Bloom On “Shrinking” History 311
Harold J. Morowitz Sweet Voice of Reason 315
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 317

VOLUME LXX, NO. 3 (April 1981)

Erik H. Erikson The Galilean Sayings and the Sense of “I” 321
Marina Tsvetaeva The Devil 363
Mary Price The Snapshot 371
J. Mitchell Morse Frogs, Dogs, Apes, Artists, Scientists, and Moralists 384
Jack Matthews The Tree Beyond A Story 397
John Hollander Two Poems 406
Jonathan Aaron Auras A Poem 408
Langdon Hammer Chenega Island A Poem 409
Frederick Morgan Two Poems 410
Brian Swann The Sky A Poem 412
Daryl Hine Rigor Mortis, Rigor Amoris A Poem 413
Lorrie Goldensohn Three Poems 413

Alvin Kernan Well Well Never Again 416
Alexander Welsh Lives of Hawthorne 421
Nelson W. Polsby New Warts on Old Portraits 431
Maury Yeston Whose Land? 442
R. W. B. Lewis Travel and the Modernist Temper 446
Elting Morison The Effects of War 452
Joseph Parisi Half-Lives and Highlights 456
Michael E. Lamb Grief and Mourning in Children and Adults 463
Arthur Walworth The Old Diplomacy 467
Adam Yarmolinsky The Informer’s Tale 471
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 474
Reader’s Guide
Elizabeth Gillette Jackson Invention and Tradition viii

VOLUME LXX, NO. 4 (July 1981)

Terrence Des Pres Into the Mire: The Case of Bertolt Brecht 481
Leon Lipson Stalin’s Style 500
S. Y. Agnon Three Stories 506
Edith Milton Coming Over A Story 523
Stephen Berg Black A Poem 543
Louise Gluck Mock Orange A Poem 547
Charles Wright Montana Out-Takes A Poem 548
Robert Penn Warren: Poet and Critic
Robert Penn Warren Blessèd Accident A Poem 549
Cleanth Brooks Episode and Anecdote in the Poetry of Robert Penn Warren 551
R. W. B. Lewis Warren’s Long Visit to American Literature 568
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Frederick Douglass and the Language of the Self 592
Patricia Meyer Spacks A Private Life 611
Richard Howard The Good Gray Poet and the Ancient Sage 616
Wendell Berry Harry Caudill in the Cumberlands 621
Derek Traversi Paved (Sometimes) with Good Intentions 626
Janet Todd Reconstructing Aphra Behn 631
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 637
Reader’s Guide
Harold J. Morowitz Laws of the Game viii
Nelson W. Polsby Walter Lippmann and the American Century x
Alfred Corn The Men’s Club xiv
Stephen F. Frazzini Eyewitness Testimony xviii

VOLUME LXXI (1981-1982)
[Reviews are entered under the author of the review.]

VOLUME LXXI, NO. 1 (October 1981)
Gregory Bateson The Eternal Verities 1
Geoffrey H. Hartman Plenty of Nothing: Hitchcock’s North by Northwest 13
Michael G. Cooke Rational Despair and the Fatality of Revolution in West Indian Literature 28
Helen Chasin Impossible A Story 39
Jeffrey L. Duncan The Design of Hawthorne’s Fabrications 51
Gretchen Graf Jordan Adultery and Its Fruit in The Scarlet Letter and The Power and the Glory:
The Relation of Meaning and Form 72
A. R. Ammons Spiritual Progress A Poem 88
John N. Morris In the Album A Poem 89
W. S. Di Piero Early Light A Poem 90
Amy Clampitt Letters from Jerusalem A Poem 92
Robert Shaw Two Poems 94

Stephen Yenser Recent Poetry: Five Poets 97
Nancy F. Cott The Confederate Elite in Crisis 121
Donald G. Marshall Criticism and Creativity 129
Hana Demetz The Valley of the Shadow 138
John Morton Blum To Nuremberg and Beyond 141
Martin Green The Soldier Caste 145
Alexander Welsh Dickens Among Fallen Women 149
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 157
Reader’s Guide: David E. Schoonover Hemingway’s Letters x

VOLUME LXXI, NO. 2 (January 1982)

Ezra Pound Fragment, 1944 A Poem 161
H. D. Other Sea-Cities A Poem 165
W. H. Auden Pride A Poem 172
Hugh Kenner Poets at the Blackboard 173
James Laughlin William Carlos Williams and the Making of Paterson 185
Fred C. Robinson “The Might of the North”: Pound’s Anglo-Saxon Studies and “The Seafarer” 199
Alfred Corn Wallace Stevens: Pilgrim in Metaphor 225
Daniel Hoffman A Letter to W. H. Auden A Poem 236
Robert Fitzgerald Aeneid III, 1-72 A Translation 238

Terrence Des Pres A History of Death 241
Edith Milton Fables for Our Times: Six Novels 254
Richard Falk Slightly Beyond the Best and the Brightest 267
Patricia Meyer Spacks How We Talk 274
Sally Falk Moore A Theatre State? 280
Lowry Nelson, Jr. Certifying the Novel 285
David J. Gordon Analyst and Critic: New Relations 288
J. D. McClatchy Accounts of Auden 293
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 299
Comment: Fred A. Bloom Seeing Dylan Seeing 304
Reader’s Guide
Michael Ferber The Paintings and Drawings of William Blake ix
Mary T. Reynolds Joyce’s Politics xiii
Jonathan Rieder The Odyssey of the American Right xvii

VOLUME LXXI, NO. 3 (April 1982)

William H. Gass Emerson and the Essay 321
James Dougherty Jane Addams: Culture and Imagination 363
Stephen Dixon The Frame A Story 380
Richard Wilbur Racine, Andromache, from Act Four, Scene One A Translation 386
Mono Van Duyn The Learners A Poem 388
Alan Williamson Hyde Park at Thirty-Five A Poem 389
John Barnie The Death of King Arthur A Poem 390
Rachel Hadas Black Light A Poem 391
Arnost Lustig Auschwitz-Birkenau 393

Brand Blanshard Plea Bargaining with the Universe 404
Gianfranco Poggi Western Civilization: A Critical Study 409
Margaret W. Ferguson “Debate That Bleedeth at Our Doors”: Recent Criticism of Shakespeare 414
William H. Chafe Women’s History: Some Continuing Challenges 426
Susan Gubar Eve’s Lexi-Cons 446
Roy Andrew Miller Mozart Scored for Mouth Organ 453
Jason H. Silverman Race, Class, and Caste in Nineteenth-Century America 458
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 467
Comment: Jonathan Elkus An Encounter with the New Pirates 472
Reader’s Guide: Doris L. Eder Foreigners viii

VOLUME LXXI, NO. 4 (July 1982)

Leo Brandy Popular Culture and Personal Time 481
Sidney W. Mintz Culture: An Anthropological View 499
Howard S. Becker Culture: A Sociological View 513
Robert Fitzgerald Culture and the Homeric Poems 528
Marylin B. Arthur Women and the Family in Ancient Greece 532
Anne F. Rosner In the Chinaberry Tree A Story 548
Herbert Marks The Counter-intelligence of Robert Frost 554
W. S. Merwin Two Poems 579
Amy Clampitt Stacking the Straw A Poem 580
Grace Schulman City of Many Names A Poem 581
Irving Feldman The Epiphanies A Poem 582
David Bergman The Madame Considers Her Future State A Poem 583

Jerome B. Grieder The Chinese and Their Revolution 584
James Olney Anthropology, Autobiography, Gynecology 591
Richard H. Brodhead The “New” Sister Carrie 597
John F. Kasson The Past in the Present 601
Michael Seidel Studies of Joyce 604
Stephen Tapscott Proust Retrouvé 612
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 623
Comment: Ralph Kirkpatrick Recollections of Two Composers: Hindemith and Stravinsky 627
Reader’s Guide: Adrienne Munich Robert Browning: The Poems viii

VOLUME LXXII (1982-1983)
[Reviews are entered under the author of the review.]

VOLUME LXXII, NO. 1 (October 1982)
E. P. Thompson Deterrence and “Addiction” 1
Richard J. Barnet The Future of Democracy 19
Nelson W. Polsby Party Realignment in the 1980 Election 41
James Richardson To Odysseus on the Hudson A Poem 55
Stephen Sandy Wall, South Dakota A Poem 57
Sharon Olds Two Poems 58
Elizabeth Spires Two Poems 60
Colette Inez Lake Song A Poem 62

Louis L. Martz Ammons, Warren, and the Tribe of Walt 63
Nathan Irvin Huggins Ethnic Americans 84
Thomas McFarland Complicated People: Three Studies in the Romantic Sensibility 95
Robert Scholes Structuralism: Around and Beyond 105
Richard Howard On Mallarmé and Bataille 108
William B. Goodman The Business of Books 112
Harold Bloom The Criticism of Our Climate 116
B. H. Hoggin New Records in Review 121

Peter G. Bourne Jimmy Carter: A Profile 126
Amélie Oksenberg Rorty Western Philosophy in China 141
Reader’s Guide:
Burton Spivak Jefferson and His Time viii
Kenneth Gross Endlesse Worke: Spenser and the Structures of Discourse x
John Baskin The Formal Voice xvii
Owen Lattimore Chinabound xxii

VOLUME LXXII, NO. 2 (January 1983)

Ursula K. Le Guin A Non-Euclidean View of California as a Cold Place to Be 161
Stanley Cavell The Thought of Movies 181
Octavio Paz The Same Time A Poem 201
Martin Green Tolstoy, Keats, and Shakespeare 206
Timothy C. Weiskel Rubbish and Racism: Problems of Boundary in an Ecosystem 225
Jincy Willett Anticipatory Grief A Story 245
W. Bishop Travelers Sleeping A Poem 258
David Citino Two Poems 259
Grace Goldin Three Poems 260
Peter Cooley Frog Hunting A Poem 262

Richard Sieburth Howard’s Flowers 263
Joseph LaPalombara Blackshirts, Bombast, and Mirrors 272
Monroe Engel A Placed Life 279
Barbara Gutmann Rosenkrantz Non-Random Events 284
Giles Gunn American Studies as Cultural Criticism 296
John Mack Clifford Odets and the Creative Transformation of Narcissism 305
Kingman Brewster A Past Most Pertinent to the Present 311
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 316
Reader’s Guide
Carl Pletsch Sociological Impressionism viii
Rosabeth Moss Kanter Women in Law x
Carolyne Wright Chilean Writers in Exile xiii

VOLUME LXXII, NO. 3 (April 1983)

Edmund S. Morgan Government by Fiction: The Idea of Representation 321
George d’Almeida Memoirs of an Ismaric Spear A Poem 340
David Bromwich The Originality of Hazlitt’s Essays 366
Richard Moore The Balancer: Yeats and His Supernatural System 385
Jonathan Penner Things to Be Thrown Away A Story 399
Rebecca Kavaler Those Grand Old Songs A Story 403
S. Ben-Tov A Young Doctor in the Gardner Museum A Poem 415
Mark DeFoe Opossum Spring A Poem 416
Michael Waters The Story of the Caul A Poem 417
Ira Sadoff After a Disappointing Visit with Old Friends I Try In Vain to Recover the Joys of Childhood A Poem 418
Stephen Dunn Tangier A Poem 419

James M. Cox The Lee Shore 420
Helen Chasin What Have You Done? What Have You Done? 426
Christopher Ricks “Benignant Influence” 439
Margaret Homans Daddy’s Girl 445
Stephen Greenblatt A Crisis of Poetic Faith 455
B, H. Haggin New Records in Review 458
Comment: Roger Rosenblatt The Road to Khao I Dang 463
Reader’s Guide
Adrienne Munich Woman and the Demon: The Life of a Victorian Myth viii
David Lehman The Twofold Vibration xii

VOLUME LXXII, NO. 4 (July 1983)

Phyllis Rose A Victorian Marriage: Catherine Hogarth and Charles Dickens 481
Lidia Avilova The Puzzle A Story 522
Willis Johnson The Ice Fish A Story 541
Patricia Meyer Spacks Gossip: How It Works 561
Harvey Birenbaum The Art of Our Necessities: The Softness of King Lear 581
Louis Coxe Two Poems 600
Jody Swilky Tenants A Poem 601
Rennie McQuilkin The Undoing A Poem 602
Dan Masterson Treehouse A Poem 603
Martha Hollander Central Park A Poem 604

Paul H. Fry Northrop Frye’s Myth of Concern 605
Carol F. Karlsen On Witchcraft and Witch-hunting 612
Ishmael Reed Charles Davis: A Pioneer Critic 619
Carlos R. Hortas Growing Up Hispanic 622
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 627
Comment: Norman Birnbaum What Really Happened at the Sorbonne 632
Edward Mendelson The OED in Review ix

VOLUME LXXIII (1983-1984)
[Reviews are entered under the author of the review.]

VOLUME LXXIII, NO. 1 (October 1983)

Arnold Rampersad Biography, Autobiography, and Afro-American Culture 1
John Hersey Treadup of the China Field 17
Jonathan Spence Ricci 47
James Olney Aké: Wole Soyinka as Autobiographer 72
Marie Sheppard Williams Weeds A Story 94

J. D. McClatchy A Little More Night Music 115
Gushing Strout Telling the Oppenheimer Story: From the AEC to the BBC 122
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 131
Seamus Heaney Station Island A Poem 136
Comment: Terrence Des Pres Accident and Its Scene 145
John Hollander Poetry in Review ix

VOLUME LXXIII, NO. 2 (January 1984)

David Bromwich The Uses of Biography 161
R. W. B. Lewis The Courtship of William James 177
C. Vann Woodward Mary Chesnut in Search of Her Genre 199
David Levin Trying to Make a Monster Human: Judgment in the Biography of Cotton Mather 210
Alan Trachtenberg Brady’s Portraits 230
John Burt Plains of Peace A Poem 254
Boyer Rickel Two Poems 259
William Wilborn From the Chorus A Poem 261
Karen Fish Wishbone A Poem 262
Robert Pinsky Clara and Benedict A Story 263
Marianne Wiggins Stonewall Jackson’s Wife A Story 268

Leon Lipson Smart Alexeyevich 280
Le Anne Schreiber Isak Dinesen’s Afterlife 285
Charles Berger Angel Surrounded by Paysans 290
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 295
Turner Cassity For the Scrapbook of Mrs. Charles Black A Poem 301
Eric Trethewey Rescue A Poem 302
Moore Moran The Face A Poem 303
Vern Rutsala Darkening World A Poem 304
Brian O’Neill Burn Out A Poem 306
Lewis Turco The Day the Shed Came Apart A Poem 307
Comment: Robert Coles Simone Weil: The Mystery of Her Life 309
Maureen Howard Fiction in Review ix

VOLUME LXXIII, NO. 3 (April 1984)

A. Bartlett Giamatti A Prince and Her Poet 321
Judith Magyar Isaacson Seed of Sarah: A Memoir 338
Gaddis Smith Ideals Under Siege: Carter’s Foreign Policy 354
John McGahern Oldfashioned A Story 367
Katinka Loeser Shelf Life A Story 391
Gish jen The White Umbrella A Story 401
Leon Rooke The Woman Who Talked to Horses A Story 410
Peter Makuck Persistence A Story 418
Robert Penn Warren Two Poems 429
John Burt Teratocarcinoma A Poem 431
Julia Mishkin Flight A Poem 432

Jefferson Hunter Photography and the Social Scene 433
Harriet Ritvo Coming to Grips with Nature 439
Theodore Friend Infinity and Limit: A Teacher’s Eye 446
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 452
Comment: Terry Caesar Outside the Inside of Saudi Arabia (Part 1) 457
John Hollander Poetry in Review ix

VOLUME LXXIII, NO. 4 (July 1984)

Erik H. Erikson Reflections on Ethos and War 481
Stephen Jay Gould A Biological Comment on Erikson’s Notion of Pseudospeciation 487
Charles H. Taylor Apocalyptic Power and Human Care 491
George H. Rosen The Immanence of God in the Tropics A Story 503
James Merrill Days of 1941 and ‘44 A Poem 518
Debora Greger Two Poems 521
Richard Kenney Driving Sleeping People A Poem 523
Esther Kreitman The New World A Story 525
Soph’ia V. Kovalevskaia A Memoir of George Eliot 533
Timothy Joel Johnson Reclamation A Story 551
Bret Lott Open House A Story 561
Sandra McPherson Two Poems 568
Theodore Weiss Two Poems 572
Robert Moynihan Interview with Paul de Man 576

Paul H. Fry Literatures and Our Discontents 603
B.H. Haggin New Records in Review 617
Comment: Terry Caesar Outside the Inside of Saudi Arabia (Part 2) 622
Maureen Howard Fiction in Review ix

VOLUME LXXIV (1984-1985)
[Reviews are entered under the author of the review.]

VOLUME LXXIV, NO. 1 (November 1984)

Malcolm Cowley A Time of Resignations 1
Stanley Kauffmann Album of an Eccentric 15
Mary Jo Salter Mary Cazzato, 1921 A Poem 25
Reginald Gibbons The Eager Interpreter A Poem 27
James Schuyler This Notebook A Poem 30
William Logan Capability Brown in the Tropics Poem 31
Daniel Aaron Letter to a Chinese Friend 32
Norman Birnbaum Letter to A European Friend 47
Howard Lamar The First American West: Jamestown, 1607-1699 64
David St. John Two Poems 56
Frederick Turner The Cave at Zhoukoudian A Poem 58
Carl S. Smith Urban Disorder and the Shape of Belief: The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire 79
Carrie Young Bank Night A Story 96
John Hermann South Fork A Story 107

Louis Menand Revisionists Revised 119
Amy Kaplan “Absent Things in American Life” 126
Giles Gunn Perception at the Pitch of Passion 135
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 142
Barbara Ascher A Visit with Eudora Welty 147
Ben Sonnenberg Public Relation 154
John Hollander Poetry in Review

VOLUME LXXIV, NO. 2 (January 1985)

Robert Fitzgerald When the Cockroach Stood by the Mickle Wood 161
Elting E. Morison Being an American 182
Lawrence W. Levine American Culture and the Great Depression 196
Michael Seidel Nabokov and the Aesthetics of American Exile 224
Laura Battey Katz Recovery A Story 240
Gjertrud Schnackenberg Kremlin of Smoke A Poem 253
John Skoyles Two Poems 259

R. W. B. Lewis Letters of a Self-Renewer 261
Frederick Wegener An Inward Life 269
Andrew Delbanco Reconstructing Hawthorne 276
Roberto González-Echevarría America Conquered 281
Catherine L. Albanese Religion on the Uninstallment Plan 290
Ross Spears Fiction as Life 296
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 307
Comment: Annie Dillard Singing with the Fundamentalists 312
Maureen Howard Fiction in Review vii

VOLUME LXXIV, NO. 3 (April 1985)

Jaroslav Pelikan Christ—and the Second Christ 321
Zbigniew Brzezinski Poland: Reflections on Solidarity 346
Marie Borroff “Fowler and the Rest” 353
Victor Bers Achilles’ Name among the Maidens and Deeper Questions: Looking It Up in the Classics 368
Barbara McCorkle An Atlas for the Times 378
Edward Mendehon Baedeker’s Universe 386
Barry Goldensohn Poetry Anthologies and the Canon 404
John McGahern Like All Other Men A Story 415
Gish Jen Eating Crazy A Story 425
Debra Ratner The Dreams of All Men A Story 434
Allen Grossman Two Poems 447
Alice Fulton 603 West Liberty St. A Poem 450
David Wagoner By a Waterfall A Poem 452
Yannis Ritsos Two Poems 452

Christine Froula The Adventures of Ulysses 454
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 467
Comment: Paul Wallich Computers and the Humanities 472
John Hollander Poetry in Review ix

VOLUME LXXIV, NO. 4 (July 1985)

Anthony Hecht The Pathetic Fallacy 481
Marianne Moore Preface to Monsieur Teste by Paul Valery 500
Ronald F. Turner Luzon A Story 507
John Ashbery Two Poems 518
Daniel Hall Two Poems 520
Charles Simic Three Poems 521
Pamela Alexander City House Built as a Series of Additions A Poem 523
Allen Guttmann The Belated Birth and Threatened Death of Fair Play 525
Terence Clarke The Red A Story 538
Brad Canard Swimming A Story 557
Thorn Gunn Two Poems 567
Ellen Bryant Voigt The Witness A Poem 569
John Peck Two Poems 570
Jane Shore The Game of Jack Straws A Poem 572
Dave Smith Robert Penn Warren: The Use of a Word Like Honor 574

Robert B. Shaw Heaney’s Purgatory 581
David M. Halperin All Dressed Up and No Place to Go 587
Katha Pollitt Sleeping Fury 596
Richard Wertime Poets’ Prose 602
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 610
Comment: Edward Mendelson Word Processing: A Guide for the Perplexed 615
John Hollander Poetry in Review vi

VOLUME LXXV (1986-1987)
[Reviews are entered under the author of the review.]

VOLUME LXXV, NO. 1 (February 1986)

Hamlin Garland Stephen Crane as I Knew Him 1
Ford Madox Ford Working with Conrad 13
Harold Nicolson Hindenburg 29
Frank O’Connor Two Friends: Yeats and A. E. 40
Erik H. Erikson The First Psychoanalyst 63

Frank O’Connor The English Soldier 86
William Saroyan Five Ripe Pears 99
Maxim Gorki Song of the Blind 105
John Cheever The Brothers 113
Eudora Welty Asphodel 129
Shirley Jackson Men with Their Big Shoes 141
Edwin O’Connor Parish Reunion 150
Kai Erikson Retrospect v
Maureen Howard Retrospect: Fiction in Review xxvii

VOLUME LXXV, NO. 2 (February 1986)

José Ortega y Gasset Kant and the Modern German Mind 161
Thomas Mann Germany and the Germans 181
Marcelle Tinayre French Women after the War 200
S. C. Thompson A Whaling Cruise in The Sea Fox 210

Emily Dickinson Two Unpublished Poems 224
Robert Frost Four Poems 225

Edith Wharton The Great American Novel 229
André Gide Henry James 239
Virginia Woolf A Conversation about Art 242
Wallace Stevens Effects of Analogy 255
Katherine Anne Porter “Noon Wine”: The Sources 271
John Hersey The Legend on the License 289

David Wagoner Lullaby through the Side of the Mouth 315
Robert Penn Warren From You, Emperors, and Others: Two Poems 316
Robert Lowell The Public Garden 318
John Berryman Two Dream Songs 319
Penelope Laurans Retrospect: Poetry in Review vii
B. H. Haggin Retrospect: Recording and Records xvi

VOLUME LXXV, NO. 3 (June 1986)

Mary de Rachewiltz Pound as Son: Letters Home 321
Emily Mitchell Wallace Some Friends of Ezra Pound: A Photographic Essay 331
A. Walton Litz “Remember that I have remembered”: Traces of the Past in The Pisan Cantos 357
Irving Feldman From All of Us Here A Poem 368
Mary Jo Salter The Annunciation A Poem 370
Susan Snively The Women at the Watching A Poem 370
Timothy Steele Beatitudes, While Setting Out the Trash A Poem 372
Louis L. Martz Pound: The Prophetic Voice 373
Lloyd G. Reynolds Economics in History: The Poetic Vision of Ezra Pound 385
Barry Goldensohn Pound and Antisemitism 399
Sandra McPherson Two Poems 422
Reg Saner What We See Is What We Are A Poem 424
Lee Upton Aide-Mémoire A Poem 425
Kay Ryan The Animal Itself A Poem 427
John Frederick Nims Closed for Restoration A Poem 428

Vernon Shetley The Place of Poetry 429
William H. Youngren Contemplating Musicology 437
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 445
Comment: Edward Mendelson Word Processing: A Continuing Guide for the Perplexed 454

VOLUME LXXV, NO. 4 (October 1986)

E. P. Thompson The Reasons of the Yahoo 481
George J. Watson Cultural Imperialism: An Irish View 503
Terrence Des Pres On Governing Narratives: The Turkish-Armenian Case 517
Amy Clampitt The Odessa Steps A Poem 532
Marilyn Hacker Two Poems 533
Stephen Tapscott Two Poems 534
Ira Sadoff In the House of the Child A Poem 535
Alfred Corn The Candlelight Burglary A Poem 536
Pattiann Rogers The Next Story A Poem 538
Robert Polito Nana A Poem 539
Joseph LaPalombara The Achille Lauro Affair: A Note on Italy and the United States 542
Wendell Bell The Invasion of Grenada: A Note on False Prophecy 564
James Merrill The Ponchielli Complex A Poem 587
Joyce Carol Gates Heat A Poem 588
Baron Wormser Starting the First Fire, Autumn A Poem 589
William Logan Disease and Etiquette A Poem 589
Alan Williamson The City A Poem 591
Virginia W. Rasmussen The Peril of Ecological Illiteracy: Thoughts for the Graduating Class 594
Janette Turner Hospital The Mango Tree A Story 601

Janet Levine Inside Apartheid 610
Patricia Nelson Limerick True West 619
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 628
Comment: Charles Bernstein Pound and the Poetry of Today 635

VOLUME LXXVI (1986-1987)
[Reviews are entered under the author of the review.]

VOLUME LXXVI, NO. 1 (December 1986)

Seamus Heaney The Impact of Translation 1
James Tatum The Iliad and Memories of War 15
Todd Lieber Steers A Story 32
Julie Agoos Florence Interlude A Poem 42
Debora Greger Two Poems 43
Charles Wright From a Journal of the Year of the Ox A Poem 46
Editors Boston in Turmoil: A Foreword 49
Kevin H. White Boston in Turmoil: Ironies 51
J. Anthony Lukas Boston in Turmoil: A Matter of Class 56
Harvey Cox Boston in Turmoil: Uncommon Time 62
Peter Makuck Bound Away A Story 74
Frank Vick Pigeons A Story 91
Frank J. Popper The Strange Case of the Contemporary American Frontier 101
Howard Moss Seven Odes of Departure A Poem 122
Albert Goldbarth Shawabty, Ushabi, or Shabti Figures A Poem 124
Michael J. Rosen Always the Deeper Meaning A Poem 125
Elizabeth Spires The Needle A Poem 126
Anthony Hecht Envoi A Poem 127

Barry Goldensohn Love and Work 128
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 136

VOLUME LXXVI, NO. 2 (June 1987)

Isaiah Berlin Edmund Wilson at Oxford 139
Peter Blume A Recollection of Hart Crane 152
Jerome Bruner Le Patron: Jean Piaget 157
Robert Brustein Lionel Trilling: Memories of a Mentor 162
Hortense Calisher Stead 169
Paul A. Freund Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. 178
Nat Hentqff Finding Malcolm X 181
John Hersey First Job 184
Richard Howard Manila Clipper 198
G. Evelyn Hutchinson Rebecca West 203
Harry Levin Jean Renoir 206
Kenneth MacKenzie Remembering Casey 214
William Maxwell Zona Gale 221
W. V. Quine Carnap 226
Rosanna Warren Two Poems 231
David Lehman Cambridge, 1972 A Poem 234
Konrad Kellen Reminiscences of Thomas Mann 238
Sidney Lovett A Boy’s Recollections of William James 247
Howard Nemerov A Christmas Card of Halley’s Comet A Poem 256
Henri Cole Saint Stephen’s Day with the Griffins A Poem 256
Sidney Wade Kansas Weather A Poem 258
Jay Parini Reading through the Night A Poem 259
Grace Schulman Easter in Bellagio A Poem 260
Michael Lee The Kid A Story 261
Jincy Willett Mr. Lazenbee A Story 268
Christina Baker From Whence the Rivers Come A Story 285

VOLUME LXXVI, NO. 3 (June 1987)

Quentin Bell Meeting Matisse 295
Sissela Bok Alva Myrdal 300
Cleanth Brooks An Evening with Robert Graves 309
Stanley Cavell Notes after Austin 313
Monroe Engel An Exemplary Edmund Wilson 323
Robert Giroux E. M. Forster 334
Francine du Plessix Gray Charles Olson and an American Place 341
May Swenson In Florida A Poem 353
Mark Rudman My Quarrel with Thoreau A Poem 354
Charles 0. Hartman After Kuo Hsi A Poem 356
Jerome Mazzaro Near Sisyphus A Poem 357
W. S. Merwin Two Poems 358
Paul Morgan L’Apres-midi de Mary Garden 361
Victor Llona Sightseeing in Paris with Theodore Dreiser 374
William H. Pritchard West of Boston: Robert Frost 380
Willie Ruff Three Musical Passions of Paul Hindemith 386
Adrienne Rich In Memoriam A Poem 411
Wendy Battin Calling & Singing A Poem 412
Robert B. Shaw There and Back Again A Poem 412
Suzanne Gardinier Tonight A Poem 414
Sherod Santos The Easter Manifestations A Poem 415
John Koethe Pining Away A Poem 417
Bayard Rustin A. Philip Randolph 418
Mary Lee Settle Maugham 428
Eileen Simpson A Courier for Jacques Lacan 440
Brian Urquhart Remembering Ralph Bunche 448
Maury Yeston Alan Jay Lerner 452

VOLUME LXXVI, NO. 4 (September 1987)

Natalie Zemon Davis “Any Resemblance to Persons Living or Dead”: Film and the Challenge of Authenticity 457
Paul Horgan A Writer’s Margins 483
Stanley Kauffmann Two Vulgar Geniuses: Augustin Daly and David Belasco 496
Peter Sacks Autumn A Poem 514
Ben Belitt Displaced Person A Poem 518
Jane Brown Gillette A Preface for Mrs. Parry 520
Lewis S. Feuer Recollections of Alfred North Whitehead in the Harvard Setting (1931-1937) 530
George Bradley Cyclopean Wall in the Alto-Molise A Poem 551
Rachel Hadas Four Angers A Poem 552
David Craig Austin Good Friday A Poem 553
Emily Grosholz The Warning A Poem 554
Sarah Arvio Library at Los Milagros A Poem 554
Nicholas Christopher Collecting Stamps in Port-au-Prince A Poem 555
Steve Barthelme Zorro A Story 557
Ed Minus The Furniture Store A Story 569
Ned Polsky Centenaries for 1987 in the Humanities ix

VOLUME LXXVII (1987-1988)
[Reviews are entered under the author of the review.]

VOLUME LXXVII, NO. 1 (December 1987)

John Hersey Mr. Quintillian A Story 1
Douglas Crase True Solar Holiday A Poem 25
Priscilla Sneff Poem A Poem 26
Mark Doty Harbor Lights A Poem 26
Jay Cantor Kat and Maus 29
Alfred Corn The Poet’s Criteria 41
Robert Garis Dancing for Balanchine 52
Carolyn G. Heilbrun Women, Jews, and Nazism 69
Mary Jo Salter The Moon and Big Ben A Poem 79
Wayne Koestenbaum Shéhérazade A Poem 80
Alvin Kernan Criticism as Theodicy: The Institutional Role of Literary Criticism 86
Robert Miklitsch The Language of Literary History-Dead or Alive? 103
Stephen Yenser Bright Sources 115
Jeffrey Harrison Reflection on the Vietnam War Memorial A Poem 148
Terese Svoboda Conquistador A Poem 148
Donald Finkel Separation A Poem 150
William Wadsworth The Physicist on a Cold Night Explains A Poem 150
Dave Smith Lake Drummond Dream A Poem 151

VOLUME LXXVII, NO. 2 (March 1988)

Jonathan Kozol Distancing the Homeless 153
James Merrill Walks in Rome A Poem 168
Brom Anderson Two Healers 172
David Bromwich Public Faces 183
Ronald Bush But Is It Modern?: T. S. Eliot in 1988 193
Giles Gunn The Kingdoms of Theory and the New Historicism in America 207
Medbh McGuckian Three Poems 237
Debra Allbery Tour of Duty A Poem 240
Eavan Boland The Shadow Doll A Poem 241
Maureen Howard Semi-Samizdat and Other Matters 243
Maureen Quilligan Rewriting History: The Difference of Feminist Biography 259
Erich Segal The Noblest Roman of Them All 287
Jay Wright Madrid A Poem 293
Karl Kirchwey Two Legends of Salvation A Poem 295
Sandra Alcosser Michael’s Wine A Poem 297

VOLUME LXXVII, NO. 3 (June 1988)

Joan Dayan The Crisis of the Gods: Haiti after Duvalier 299
Ronald Aronson Lecturing in South Africa: “Remember, Stay out of Politics” 332
William Kornblum Working the Deuce 356
Craig Raine Two Poems 368
Stephen Romer Three Poems 369
Andrew Motion Lovely Day A Poem 373
Jeremy Reed Two Poems 373
Carol Rumens Two Poems 376
Nancy F. Cott Women’s Rights: Unspeakable Issues in the Constitution 382
Richard Howard Colored Stones A Poem 397
Edward Hirsch When Skyscrapers Were Invented in Chicago A Poem 399
Robert Pinsky An Old Man A Poem 401
Mary Helen Stefaniak America, the Beautiful A Story 402
William F. Van Wert Shoe Trees A Story 418
A. R. Ammons The Damned A Poem 435
Cynthia Zarin Klex A Poem 436
James Laughlin Our Bicycles A Poem 438
Paul Lake Additions A Poem 439
Jeanne Schinto The Disappearance A Story 441

VOLUME LXXVII, NO. 4 (October 1988)

Noel Annan Dean Acheson 463
Julian Barnes Playing Chess with Arthur Koestler 478
Fred Collier The First Lady of the World 492
John Hollander W. H. Auden 501
Amy Clampitt Dejection: A Footnote A Poem 512
Jeffery Donaldson Word from Niagara Falls A Poem 513
David Lehman The Answering Stranger A Poem 518
Maureen Howard There Are Many Wonderful Owls in Gambier 521
James Laughlin About Gertrude Stein 528
Eleanor Perényi Carl Van Vechten 537
Henri Peyre Claudel, Breton, and Sartre at Yale 544
Vincent Price A Legend in My Life 551
Steven Runciman Mrs. Wharton 560
Angus Wilson D. P. Walker 563
Mary Kinzie On the Actor Edward Petherbridge A Poem 566
Alan Shapiro Covenant A Poem 568
Mona Van Duyn Three Poems 572
Marjorie Sandor Judgment A Story 578
Daniel Wallace The Offering A Story 589
David R. Schmahmann Baptie in Her Homeland A Story 600
Joe Bolton Tall Palms A Poem 607
Turner Cassity Two Poems 607
Sandra McPherson Four Poems 609
Comment: Annie Dillard Making Contact 615

VOLUME LXXIII (1988-1989)
[Reviews are entered under the author of the review.]

VOLUME LXXVIII, NO. 1 (March 1989-Autumn 1988)

Arnold Rampersad Psychology and Afro-American Biography 1
Gloria Naylor Love and Sex in the Afro-American Novel 19
Les A. Murray Three Poems 32
Carolyn G. Heilbrun Freud’s Daughters 37
Robert Erwin The Man Who Discovered America 46
Robert E. Lerner The Pope and the Doctor 62
Katherine Soniat Learning in Time Poetry 80
Brian Swann Two Poems 80
A. F. Moritz Popular Songs Poetry 83
Rita Dove Dedication Poetry 84
Robert Karen The Revenge of the Wounded 85
Philip Kuberski Proust’s Brain 97
Daryl Hine Postscripts Poetry 113
Robert Thomas December Matinee Poetry 115
Julie Agoos Two Poems 116

Giles Gunn Authority and Its Distractions 119
Mary T. Reynolds Present at the Creation 127
Gianfranco Poggi A Work in Progress 134
Debora Greger Two Poems 142
Robert Pack Display Poetry 144

VOLUME LXXVIII, NO. 2 (September 1989-Winter 1989)

Frank Kermode The Last Classic 147
William Arrowsmith Grave Prattle: Eliot’s “Le Directeur” 166
Prefaces: Five Poets on Poems by T. S. Eliot
Amy Clampitt T. S. Eliot’s “Different Voices” 196
Anthony Hecht The First Eighteen Lines of The Waste Land 202
James Merrill “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” 209
Gjertrud Schnackenberg “Marina” 210
Richard Wilbur “Ash-Wednesday” 215
Denis Donoghue The Idea of a Christian Society 218
Christine Froula Eliot’s Grail Quest, or, The Lover, the Police, and The Waste Land 235
A. Walton Litz The Allusive Poet: Eliot and His Sources 254
Lucy McDiarmid Eliot: The Dead, the Living, and the End of Poetry 265
Lawrence S. Rainey The Price of Modernism: Reconsidering the Publication of The Waste Land 279
Comment: Patricia C. Willis American Modern: Scofield Thayer, Marianne Moore, and the Dial 301
Cleanth Brooks The Waste Land: A Prophetic Document 318
VOLUME LXXVIII, NO. 3 (December 1989-Spring 1989)
Richard Wilbur The Persistence of Riddles 333
Michael G. Cooke Byron, Pope, and the Grand Tour 352
Robert B. Shaw The Post Office Murals Restored Poetry 370
Stephen Menick Dr. Rapallo Fiction 379
James Gordon Bennett The Searle Sisters Fiction 392
Sandra Spatt Olsen The Butcher’s Girl Fiction 403
Wyatt Prunty The Lake House Poetry 410
Kevin Hearle Each Thing We Know Is Changed Because We Know It Poetry 414
Joyce Carol Oates Edward Hopper, Nighthawks, 1942 Poetry 415
Paul Horgan Not Even a Footnote Fiction 417
Tom Ruane Space on the Tape Fiction 428
Catherine Mellett The Orange Popsicle Fiction 442
Peter Gordon Joan in Love Fiction 452
David Wojahn Two Poems 459
Henri Cole Lost in Venice Poetry 462

Wayne Koestenbaum Immunities 466
Roberto González-Echevarría Love in the Golden Years 472
Doretta Wildes Blow Ball Poetry 479
Frances Lindsay An Iris from Purgatory Poetry 480
Katha Pollitt Two Poems 481
Hannah Stein Anniversary Poetry 483
Daniel Hall Two Poems 484
Comment: Geoffrey Hartman The Longest Shadow 485

VOLUME LXXVIII, NO. 4 (March 1990-Summer 1989)

Ford Madox Ford War and the Mind 497
Ford Madox Ford Creative History and the Historic Sense 511
Kai Erikson On Sociological Prose 525
Terrence Des Pres Channel Fire: Political Intrusion in Poetry 539
Sandra Spatt Olsen The Sigh of the Hard-Pressed Creature Fiction 561
Marilyn Hacker Two Poems 579
Sylvain Maréchal The Last Judgment of Kings: A Prophecy in One Act, in Prose 583
Sara Suleri Contraband Histories: Salman Rushdie and the Embodiment of Blasphemy 604
Mark Strand Fiction Poetry 625
Tom Sleigh Aubade Poetry 625
Daniel Hoffman Evidence Poetry 626
William Logan The Rule of the Rule of Law Poetry 627
Comment: Donald Hutter The Repository: A Remembrance of Scribner’s 629
Deborah Larsen Slant Shape Poetry 654
James Richardson How It Ends Poetry 654

VOLUME LXXI (1989-1990)
[Reviews are entered under the author of the review.]

VOLUME LXXIX, NO. 1 (May 1990-Autumn 1989)

Wayne Koestenbaum Callas and Her Fans 1
Phyllis Rose Literary Warhol 21
Amy Hempel The Rest of God Fiction 34
Priscilla Snejf Chemo Poetry 39
Don Bogen A Muse Poetry 40
Ruth Fainlight Two Poems 42
Rachel Hadas Mornings in Ormos 43
Richard Wertime Italy, 1969-1989 61
Jan F. Kiely China 1989: The Wuhan Spring 78
Margaret Morganroth Gullette Letter from Nicaragua: How Not to Be a Tourist 93
Jan Epton Scale Cockscombs Fiction 117
Martha Hollander Pillar of Salt Poetry 124
Carole Bernstein The Charm Machine, 1965 Poetry 125
James Lasdun Edenesque Poetry 125
Jordan Smith Two Poems 126
Mary Jo Salter Honest Elegist 129
Lucy McDiarmid Liberating the Pseudoese 136

VOLUME LXXIX, NO. 2 (October 1990-Winter 1990)

Helen Vendler The Waste Land Revisited 147
James Longenbach The Ghost of Yeats at Fifty 162
Langdon Hammer Robert Lowell’s Breakdown 172
Mary Jo Salter Puns and Accordions: Emily Dickinson and the Unsaid 188
Barbara Browning We Were All Hungry Poetry 222
Philip Levine Two Poems 222
Jonas Zdanys Inheritance Poetry 225
James Laughlin Cutting Poetry 226
Alice Fulton The Fractal Lanes Poetry 227
Amy Herrick Pinocchio’s Nose Fiction 228
Charles Wright Tennessee Line Poetry 246
John Hollander River Remembered Poetry 247
Mark McBride Driving Lessons Fiction 251
Suzanne Hunter Brown Storytelling Fiction 266
Les Murray Two Poems 286
Mary Kinzie Canicula Poetry 287
Daniel Hall The Beanstalk Poetry 288
Brigit Pegeen Kelly Pipistrelles Poetry 289
C. A. Fiedler A Border Tale 293
Comment: Ted Cohen There Are No Ties at First Base 314

VOLUME LXXIX, NO. 3 (Novermber 1990-Spring 1990)

Killarney Clary “In Doubt and Thus Alive” 323
James Conant Throwing Away the Top of the Ladder 328
Lydia Goehr The Power of the Podium 365
Elizabeth Macklin A Field Guide to Lesser Desires Poetry 382
Edgar Bowers Clothes Poetry 383
Chase Twichell Two Poems 384
Tom Disch Riddle Poetry 387
James Merrill To the Reader Poetry 387
Langdon Hammer Who Was Randall Jarrell? 389
Richard Johnson Rhetoric Revived 406
Jean Sudrann Goings and Comings 414
Lynne McMahon Two Poems 439
Carol Muske Field Trip Poetry 441
Alexander Thorburn Wedding Poetry 443
Rachel Hadas Roadblock Poetry 445
Cynthia Zarin Forensic Biography 446
Jonas Zdanys Voices from the Other Europe 467
Henri Cole Two Poems 483
Dick Davis Two Poems 485
Mary Stewart Hammond Accepting the Body Poetry 487

Jeanne Schinto The Art of Eating Words 489
Marc Wortman Battery Park City: Utopian Poetics in the Urban Greenhouse 501

VOLUME LXXIX, NO. 4 (May 1991-Summer 1990)

Gayle Pemberton None of the Above 509
James Schuyler First Light 553
Daniel Hall Termination Dust 562
Cynthia Macdonald The Role of the Stars in Psychoanalysis 579
Edward Gorey The Doleful Domesticity 604
Anne Carson Short Talks 610
Stephen Yenser Vertumnal Poetry 615
Thomas Mallon Rodeo 622
Mono Van Duyn Words for the Dumb Poetry 647
Anthony Brown The Ever-Articulate Love of Sweets Fiction 652
Andrew Towle Tennyson Poetry 661
Jay Rogoff Did the Black-and-White Movies Make My Mother? Poetry 662
Clifford Chase Calf Development Fiction 664
A. F. Moritz Christmas Decorations Poetry 674
Wendell Mayo Robert’s Bride Fiction 675
Bruce Beasley Eurydice in Hades Poetry 688

Richard Powers State and Vine 690
Bernard Cooper Mightier than the Pen 698
Anne Winters The Child Vanishes 703
Priscilla Sneff Nostalgic de la “Boo!” 713
Wayne Koestenbaum Rhapsody Poetry 719

James McCourt Ackerley 729
Richard Howard And Tell Sad Stories Poetry 745