Volumes 80-89 (1992-2001)

VOLUME LXXX, NOS. 1&2 (April 1992)

Richard Rorty: The Intellectuals at the End of Socialism 1
Vincent Scully: Style and Context 17
Harold Bloom: The Religion-Making Imagination of Joseph Smith 26
James Merrill: Days of 1952 85
Peter Gay: Mensur: The Cherished Scar 122
Richard Wilbur: The School for Husbands, Act II 122
Charles Simic: From My Cornell Notebooks 165

Vladimir Nabokov: Wingbeat 52
Arny Hempel: The Annex 73
Francine Prose: Talking Dog 150

John Ashbery: A Call for Papers 44
Louise Glück: Lamium 46
Louise Glück: September Twilight 47
Louise Glück: Vespers 48
Gary Snyder: Earrings Dangling and Miles of Desert 49
Adrienne Rich: Rachel 78
Adrienne Rich: In Those Years 77
Mona Van Duyn: Endings 79
Sandra McPherson: Coastscape and Mr. Begley 81
Gjertrud Schnackenberg: Angels Grieving Over the Dead Christ 169
Gjertrud Schnackenberg: Tiberius Learns of the Resurrection 174

Michael Howard: The War in the Gulf 181
Jonathan Spence: The Art of Discovery 191
Sara Suleri: The Pornography Debate 197
Jonathan Lear: Speaking with an Iddish Accent 207
George Greenstein: Imps 221
Marilynne Robinson: Fiction in Review 227
Robert Pinsky: Poetry in Review 236
William Weaver: Recordings in Review 255

VOLUME XXX, NO. 3 (July 1992)

Joseph LaPalombara: A New Europe? 1
Richard N. Cooper: Whither Europe? 10
Joseph Brodsky: What the Moon Sees 18
Juan Goytisolo: Fortress or Common Land? 23
Eva Hoffman: Warsaw Days 28
Nina Berberova: Looking Back at Tchaikovsky 60
Richard Poirier: Pragmatism and the Sentence of Death 74
John Hollander: Three Dazzlers 101

Joanna Scott: Bees Bees Bees 137

Mark Strand: What Will Happen 50
Jorie Graham: Event Horizon 53
Rachel Hadas: On Dreams 127
Karl Kirchwey: Memnon 132
Cynthia Zarin: Fire Lyric 135

Ross Posnock: Reading Poirier Pragmatically 156
Steven D. Fraade: Disclosure and Deception 170
Gerald Weissmann: Not an Inn but an Hospital 179
Hazel V. Carby: Imagining Black Men: The Politics of Cultural Identity 186
Wendy Lesser: Fiction in Review 198
Helen Vendler: Poetry in Review 209
Matthew Gurewitsch: Recordings in Review 222

VOLUME LXXX, NO. 4 (October 1992)

Guy Davenport: Whitman a Century after His Death 1
Tom Paulin: The Phallic Thumb of Love: Whitman and Hopkins 16
Allan Gurganus: Ode to Boy 29
Hortense Calisher: Anecdotes and Psyches 43
Geoffrey H. Hartman: Art and Consensus in the Era of Progressive Politics 50

Joyce Carol Oates: Bare Legs 70

A.R. Ammons: Middling Seasons 37
A.R. Ammons: Whitewater 38
A.R. Ammons: Spike-Tooth Harrows 39
Rosanna Warren: The Twelfth Day 40
W.S.Merwin: The Ring of Fire 62
Killarney Clary: Three Poems 73
Robert Richman: Fall Fair, Pageant of Balloons 75
Michael J. Rosen: The Growing Conditions 76
Julie Agoos: Intensive 78

William Cronon: Forests and Civilization 79
Alan Pryce-Jones : A Certain Courage 85
Georges May: Lucid Misanthropy 90
David Plante: Fiction in Review 99
Phoebe Pettingell: Poetry in Review 111
Thomas Hathaway: Recordings in Review 118

VOLUME LXXXI, NO. 1 (January 1993)

Rachel M. Brownstein: The Funeral of the Tragic Muse 1
Frank Kermode: Freedom and Interpretation 41
Stanley Kauffmann: The Abduction from the Theater: Mozart Opera on Film 92

Stephen Dixon: Lost 66
Walter Kirn: The Frequent Flyer 72

May Swenson: Sleeping with Boa 37
May Swenson: Logs in the Grate 39
Frederick Tibbetts: Motions of the Soul 40
Amy Clampitt: Sed de Correr 61
Irving Feldman: Warm Enough 85
Brooks Haxton: Hypothetical 89
Debora Greger: La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans 90

R. W. B. Lewis: A Knowable City 105
William Weaver: The Painful Dream 131
Gaddis Smith: The Uses of a Political Hero 141
Jane Smiley: Fiction in Review 148
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review 163
Dale Harris: Recordings in Review 187

VOLUME LXXXI, NO. 2 (April 1993)

Anthony Bailey: No Spaniel 1
Peter Stallybrass: Worn Worlds: Clothes, Mourning, and the Life of Things 35
Anthony Hecht: Paradise and Wilderness: The Brave New World of The Tempest 76

Bruce Ducker: Melding for Rachel 30
William H. Gass: Leaming to Drive 51

Charles Wright: Morandi II 26
Philip Booth: Linesquall 27
Constance Urdang: Into the Trees 28
Walter Pavlich: Throwing China into the Sea 71
William Logan: The Shock of the New 73
Henri Cole: The Minimum Circus 74


Jed Perl: A Quarter Century with Kael 96
John Morton Blum: Archibald MacLeish: Art for Action 106
Maureen Howard: Fiction in Review 34
Charles Berger: Poetry in Review 144
George Martin: Recordings in Review 160

VOLUME LXXXI, NO. 3 (July 1993)

Nicholas Howe: Reading Places 60
Steven Millhauser: An Incident in the Life of Emile Reynaud 74

John Hersey: Get Up, Sweet Slug-a-bed 1

Charles Simic: Mad Business 53
Charles Simic: The Supreme Moment 54
Charles Simic: Pascal’s Idea 55
Charles Simic: Sinister Company 56
Lynne McMahon: Storm Sketch 57
Deborah Digges: Late Summer 58
Daniel Hall: Chez Nguyen 84
Daniel Hall: A Trellis 87
Daniel Hall: Rising and Falling 91


Maureen Quilligan: Author, Author 93
Harvey Sachs: Furtwangler and the Fuhrer 105
Francine Prose: Fiction in Review 122
Willard Spiegelman: Poetry in Review 134
Ned Rorem: Recordings in Review 152

VOLUME LXXXI, NO. 4 (October 1993)


Richard Rorty: Human Rights, Rationality, and Sentimentality 1
Edmund White: The Burning Book: Genet and Cocteau 24
Ann Fabian: Crime That Pays 45

Christopher Tilghman: A Suitable Good-bye 70

W.H.Auden: Humpty Dumpty 21
Vickie Karp: A Taxi to the Flame 62
Mark Doty: Description 64
Greg Williamson: Chant Royal 67


Linda Colley: The Imperial Embrace 92
John Bayley: An Unexpected Attachment 99
Richard Howard: Doing Britten 106
Edward Mendelson: The Oxford English Dictionary in the Square and the Round 111
Walter Kendrick: Fiction in Review 124
Vernon Shetley: Poetry in Review 138
Harry Haskell: Recordings in Review 157

VOLUME LXXXII, NO. 1 (January 1994)

David Bromwich: How Moral Is Taste? 1
Fritz Stern: Historians and the Great War: Private Experience and Public Explication 34
Alastair Fowler: The Porphyrian Trunk 59
Victor Brombert: Italo Svevo: The Paradoxes of the Anti-Hero 67
Judith Azrael: Journey 27
Peter Cameron: Departing 88

Irving Feldman: Terminal Laughs 24
Wayne Koestenbaum: Rita, Time, and Space 55
Gail Shepherd: Love Letters 57
Eavan Boland: A Woman Painted on a Leaf 82
Robert Mezey: One-Rime Dream 84
Robert B. Shaw: On Their Anniversary It Rained 85
Brian Swann: Whiteness 86

Hilton Kramer: Present at the Creation 104
Claude Rawson: Noble Observer 110
Matthew Gurewitsch: Tragical-Comical-Historical-Pastoral 126
Langdon Hammer: The New Elizabeth Bishop 135
John Hollander: Fiction in Review 150
Mary Jo Salter: Poetry in Review 161
Patrick J. Smith: Recordings in Review 167

VOLUME LXXXII, NO. 2 (April 1994)

Joel Agee: Progress and the Prayer Wheel: l
Andrew McCord: Coincidence of Water and Grain 25
Georgina Kleege: Call It Blindness 46
John Morton Blum: Tory Democrat: Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. 76

Jean McGarry: The Raft 89

James Merrill: Cosmo 43
William Logan: The Embarrassment of Riches 70
Jody Gladding: Asparagus 72
Jeffrey Harrison: Hitting Golfballs off the Bluff 73
Ian Ganassi: The Roommate Trap 74
Alan Williamson: The Harvest Moon 84

Ruth Bernard Yeazell: Aurora’s Rise 99
John Herington: August Company 111
Marie Borroff: The Achievement of Norman Maclean 118
Gerald Weissmann: Science Fictions 132
Alexander Welsh: Dickens and Certain Women 143
Judith Grossman: Fiction in Review 152
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review 161
George Jellinek: Recordings in Review 182

VOLUME LXXXII, NO. 3 (July 1994)

Harold Bloom: Freud:A Shakespearean Reading 1
Gilberto Perez: A Man Pointing: Antonioni and the Film Image 38
Peter Davison: Out of Bounds: Robert Lowell, 1955-1960: 76

James McCourt : Ensenada 107

Sandra McPherson: Phlox Diffusa: A Poem for My Fiftieth Birthday 24
Sandra McPherson: Paths Rounding Timberline, Mt. Hood, Last Week of Summer 25
W. S. Di Piero: Windy Hill 31
Michael Longley: Couplets 33
Peter Richards: Such Adjustments 34
Beth Houston: Watermelon 36
Donald Finkel: In the Clearing 66

Jon Butler: The Faith of Narrative 139
Barbara Packer: A Garden of Verses 146
Vicki Hearne: Philosophy Goes to the Polls 157
John Leonard: Fiction in Review 165
Phoebe Pettingell: Poetry in Review 170

VOLUME LXXXII, NO. 4 (October 1994)

Justin Kaplan: A Culture of Biography l
Thornton Wilder: The Wreck on the Five-Twenty-Five (with a note by Donald Gallup): 17
Alan Trachtenberg: Conceivable Aliens 42

Peter Gordon: Stones 65

Anthony Hecht: Death the Whore 13
Chase Twichell: The City in the Lilac 75
James Laughlin: ls Memory 78
Tony Sanders: Transit Authority 79
James Langenbach: What You Find in the Woods 81
David Wagoner: Walt Whitman Bathing 82

Gaddis Smith: Henry Kissinger’s Chessboard of History 84
Anne Hollander: A Modern Antique 92
P. Adams Sitney: Three Filmmakers as Culture Heroes 102
Francine Prose: Fiction in Review 121
Rachel Hadas: Poetry in Review 133
Dale Harris: Recordings in Review 147

VOLUME LXXXIII, NO. 1 (January 1995)

William H. Gass: Mississippi 1
Jed Perl: Pop Theater 31
Robert D. Richardson, Jr.: Read Only to Start Your Own Team: Emerson on Creative Reading 84
Paul Horgan: Unwritten Chapters 92

William Faulkner: Christmas Tree (with a note by Patricia C. Willis) 26

Gary Snyder: An Offering for Tara 19
Jordan Smith: For Appearances 76
Peter Sacks: Two Poems 77
Rachel Hadas: Paradigm Shift 78
Rachel Hadas: Arguments of Silence 80
Henri Cole: Apostasy 83

James Alan McPherson: We Will Go Down the Line Together: The origins of the American railroad 96
Jane Mendelsohn: Fiction in Review: The novels of Louis Begley 108
Langdon Hammer: Poetry in Review: Formal feelings: new books by women 121
Igor Kipnis: Recordings in Review: A survey of historical piano recordings 142

VOLUME LXXXIII, NO. 2 (April 1995)

Eric Foner: “We Must Forget the Past”: History in the New South Africa 1
Diana Wylie: Dealing With the Past: History in the New South Africa 18
George Konrad: Central Europe Redivivus 35
John Hollander: Mess 68
Saul Steinberg: A Drawing 70
Daniel Hall: On Rarity and Mischance 74
Mark Edmundson: Not Flat, Not Round, Not There: Don DeLillo’s Novel Characters 107

Ann Beattie: Coydog 41
Peter Cameron: Aria 100

Jorie Graham: The Strangers 31
Jorie Graham: Submitting 33
Harry Mathews: Marriage of Two Minds: Received Visions 56
Stephen Sandy: But Then 62
Stephen Sandy: A Measure of Things 63
Dave Smith: Allen Tate’s Grave 64
Dave Smith: Being on the Job 66
Debora Greger: Ovid at Land’s End 91
Agha Shahid Ali: Muharram in Srinagar, 1992 93
Eamon Grennan: Stone Flight 94
Albert Goldbarth: Us/ Claudia/ Talleyrand 96
Margaret Ditmars: Trees of the New World 98

James Tobin: Cents and Nonsense: Sociology in the culture of currency 125
Guy Davenport: Taking Up Serpents: Religion and rattlers in Appalachia 130
John Crowley: Fiction in Review: Thomas Disch and the modern Gothic 134
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Metamorphoses: recent work by women 147
Gunther Schuller: Recordings in Review: The legacy of Louis Armstrong 168

VOLUME LXXXIII, NO. 3 (July 1995)

Peter S. Hawkins: Stitches in Time 1
Mariana Cook: Eight Portraits 28
Richard Olney: La Romanee and the Prince de Conti 37
Steven Millhauser: Replicas 50
Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria: The Game in Matanzas: On the Origins of Cuban Baseball 62

T. M. McNally: Skin Deep 102

Brian Swann: HIV 16
Mark Wunderlich: How I Was Told and Not Told 17
Mark Wunderlich: The Bruise of This 19
Richard Howard: Nikolaus Mardruz to his Master Ferdinand, Count of Tyrol, 1565 20
Joyce Carol Oates: Sexy 95
Craig Arnold: Saffron 121
Turner Cassity: Across the River and into the Sleaze 124
Jennifer Clarvoe: Ruth’s Garden 126
Mairi Maclnnes: Traveling North 128

Mary Gardner Neill: The Culture of Chinese Painting 131
Claude Rawson: Larkin’s Life and Letters 136
James McCourt: Fiction in Review: William Gass’s masterwork 159
George Bradley: Poetry in Review: Newcomers and new strategies 170
Wayne Koestenbaum: Recordings in Review: The latest cast of opera stars 185

VOLUME LXXXIII, NO. 4 (October 1995)

William Gaddis: Old Foes with New Faces 1
Priscilla Roosevelt: Ideal Worlds: The Idyll of the Russian Intelligentsia 32
Berel Lang: Commonplaces 88

Vladimir Nabokov: Gods 24
Paul West: A Chinese Geisha 75

James Merrill: Rhapsody on Czech Themes 17
John Ashbery: Cantilever 67
John Ashbery: I, Too 68
Jessica Hornik: Cold Comfort 69
Joanie Mackowski: Seattle to Boston 70
Andrew McCord: In a Taxi in Kashmir 72
Ruth Whitman: The Behavior of Birds 74
Bruce Bond: Native Tongue 83
John Koethe: Songs My Mother Taught Me 84

Howard Lamar: Disciplining the Disciplines: Two Views 95
Gilberto Perez: The Centenary of Jean Renoir 101
Mary Price: Clutching Their Past about Them 114
Edward T. Cone: Adding Up Beauty and Truth 121
Lorrie Moore: Fiction in Review: New novels by Jane Smiley and Anne Tyler 135
James Langenbach: Poetry in Review: Masters, young and old 144
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Orpheus Britannicus Redivivus-the Purcell tercentenary 158

VOLUME LXXXIV, NO. 1 (January 1996)

John Keegan: Warfare on the Plains 1
Jonathan Spence: Family Circles 52
Maribeth Fischer: Lottery 76
Mark Doty: Cold Dark Deep and Absolutely Clear 90
James Schuyler: Letters from Great Spruce Head Island: Introduction and Notes by William Corbett 113

John Barth: Love Explained 65
Kit Reed: Voyager 131

Donald Hall: Tomorrow’s History 49
Julie Agoos: “I Miss the Mystery,” He Said 70
Vickie Karp: Watching the Commuters Read 72
Carolyn Kizer: An American Beauty 104
Tom Sleigh: Under the Mountain 107
Charles Wright: The Appalachian Book of the Dead 109
John Peck: Book of Life 111

Jeffrey L. Sammons: Heine’s Last Years 144
Dolores Hayden: The Politics of Architecture 152
Sven Birkerts: Fiction in Review: Novelists’ novels about novelists 157
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Rare birds: John Ashbery and Brigit Pegeen Kelly 166
Gary Schmidgall: Recordings in Review: Mezzo-sopranos and others 186

VOLUME LXXXIV, NO. 2 (April 1996)

Richard H. Brodhead: Two Writers’ Beginnings: Hart Crane and Jean Toomer 1
Bright Stones: An Exchange of Letters: Introduction and otes by Langdon Hammer 22
Alexander Theroux: Orange 43
James Lord: Alberto’s Tantrum 91
Robert Giroux: Henry’s Understanding 96
Wyn Wachhorst: Kepler’s Children 112

Paul Brodeur: D-Day 67
Sheila Kohler: Structure 134

John Hollander: Owl 39
Marilyn Hacker: Days of 1994: Alexandrians 61
Marilyn Hacker: The Boy 63
Carl Phillips: The Full Acreage of Mourning 65
John Burt: Love and Fame 88
Walter Pavlich: Making a Voice 90
James Richardson: Under Water 104
Robert Bly: Hawthorne and the Elephant 132
Robin Robertson: Three Ways of Looking at God 133

Mary Lefkowitz: Portraits of the Past 138
Maureen Quilligan: Early Modern Women and the Spectacles of Scholarship 144
Ned Rorem: Fiction in Review: The novel and music: notes on Kazuo Ishiguro 154
Willard Spiegelman: Poetry in Review: Inflections and innuendos: seven poets 160
Brian Zeger: Recordings in Review: The art of the song 184

VOLUME LXXXIV, NO. 3 (July 1996)

Geoffrey H. Hartman: The Reinvention of Hate 1
Judith Grossman: Great Teacher 47
Joan Dayan: Looking for Ghosts 57
R. W. B. Lewis: The Founders’ Story, 1898-1907 91

Deborah Eisenberg: Mermaids 15
Aryeh Lev Stollman: Die Grosse Liebe 75

Gertrude Stein: William P. Sears, Jr.: (with a note by T. G. Young) 13
Gary Snyder: We Wash Our Bowls in This Water 69
Gary Snyder: Old Woodrat’s Stinky House 72
Martha Hollander: Other Drivers 88
Edgar Bowers: The Falls 90

Ann Fabian: A Bureaucracy So Sublime 118
Nicholas Jenkins: Black Power 126
Anthony Hecht: How to Tell a Hawk from a Handsaw 134
Walter Kendrick: Fiction in Review: Dorothy Allison- facts and fiction 162
Langdon Hammer: Poetry in Review: Allen Grossman and Robert Pinsky 168
Vivian Perlis: Recordings in Review: Betsy Jolas-words and music 179
Gilberto Perez: Film in Review: The gangster’s enterprise: Martin Scorsese and the gangster film 186

VOLUME LXXXIV, NO. 4 (October 1996)

Marianna Torgovnick: A Passion for the Primitive: Dian Fossey among the Animals 1
Charles Simic: Secret Maps: Holly Wright’s Photographs of Hands 26
Holly Wright: Eight Photographs 29
Jaroslav Pelikan: The Woman Clothed with the Sun 71
James Richardson: 99 Cracks: Aphorisms, Expostulations, and Ten-Second Essays 82

Jeffrey Eugenides: Air Mail 37
Ellen Wilbur: Lovers 91
Joe Ashby Porter: Bone Key 100

Rachel Wetzsteon: Umbrella Weather 25
C. K. Williams: Old Man 57
Suzanne Paola: Fall Landscape, with Empty Places & Sound 60
Linda Gregerson: The Woman Who Died in Her Sleep 63
Mark Jarman: The World 68
Charles Simic: Blood Orange 93
Charles Simic: Slaughterhouse Flies 94
Charles Simic: Street of Martyrs 95
William Jay Smith: The Cyclist 96
Irving Feldman: Wisdom (Not for Beginners) 98
Jeredith Merrin: Big Sister 111
Herbert Morris: History, Weather, Loss, the Children, Georgia 113

Robert Pounder: Archaeologist as Liar 119
James Trilling: The Art of Portraiture 128
Edward T. Chase: The New Catastrophism 137
Joan Silber: Fiction in Review: Religion and the contemporary novel 151
James Longenbach: Poetry in Review: Louise Glück, Alan Shapiro, Seamus Heaney, S. X. Rosenstock 158
Albert Innaurato: Recordings in Review: The allure of great conducting 175

VOLUME LXXXV, NO. 1 (January 1997)

Paula Marantz Cohen: Helen Keller and the American Myth 1
Joan Dayan: The Blue Room in Florence 27
Dorothea Straus: Old Movies 56
Anthony Bailey: Deep Puzzles 61

James McCourt: New York Lit Up That Way at Night 94

W. S. Merwin: That Music 21
W.S. Merwin: A Claim 22
W.S. Merwin: The Chinese Mountain Fox 23
James Lasdun: Landscape with Bubbles and Broom 47
David Wojahn Ghost Supper 50
Ronald Wallace: Three Sonnets 52
Jane Hirshfield: The Lives of the Heart 54
Roald Hoffmann: Cheiron in California 85
Wyatt Prunty: Seasons 87
William Mullen: Enchanted Rock 89
Jody Gladding: The Two Houses 92
Sherod Santos: The Last Photograph of My Sister 128
Sherod Santos: The Miracle 129
Edward Hirsch: The Unnaming 131
Steve Orlen: The Meaning of Romance 133

Nicholas Howe: The Figural Presence of Erich Auerbach 136
Sven Birkerts: Fiction in Review: Three novels for the end of the millennium 144
John Hollander: Poetry in Review: Dorothy Parker and the art of light verse 156
Charles Michener: Recordings in Review: Tenoritis: two young singers and their masters 165
Gilberto Perez: Film in Review: The edges of realism: the films of Abbas Kiarostami 171

VOLUME LXXXV, NO. 2 (April 1997)

Georgina Kleege: Voices in My Head 1
Thornton Wilder: Bernice (with a note by A. Tappan Wilder) 19
Wallace Stevens: Two Letters 51
Millicent Bell: Othello’s Jealousy 120

Elizabeth Pollet: Darius Alexander Amenhotep 54
Steven Barthelme: Interview 85
James Lasdun: Lime Pickle 111

Sandra McPherson: “Through Lace Curtains, Ravens” (Pasternak) 39
Marie Borroff : Origination 41
A. F. Moritz : Artisan and Clerk 43
Karl Kirchwey: Roman Hours 46
John Bricuth: Just Let Me Say This About That 68
Gwen Head: Fire Shadows 98
Randy Blasing: Second Home 103
Alexander Theroux: Desert Hermits 108
Alexander Theroux: The Ames Bros. 109
Robert Bly: The Shocks We Put the Forks Into 110
Sidney Wade: Green 137
Alan Williamson: Dreams of Sacrifice 139
William Logan: The Rotting Stars 141
Philip Booth: Passage Without Rites 143

Neil Baldwin: Books Furnish a Mind 145
Lindsley Cameron: Fiction in Review: The novels of Kenzaburo Oe 150
Stephen Ycnser: Poetry in Review: The rigorous mastery of Anthony Hecht 161
James Ellroy: Recordings in Review: All alone in the dark with the music 177

VOLUME LXXXV, NO. 3 (July 1997)

Edward Hoagland: The Sage of Selborne 1
Wilfred Sheed: Burton Lane: A Man and His Piano 25
Christopher Benfey: The Cotton Ballet 36
Marianne Moore: The Katydid’s Wing: Letters on Poetry (Introduction by Cristanne Miller) 58
Eric Ormsby: The Happiest Man in Morocco 76

Joyce Carol Oates: Fugitive 20
Steven Millhauser: Balloon Flight, 1870 88
Valerie Wohlfeld: Burnt Light 101

Mary Jo Salter: A Kiss in Space 15
Mary Jo Salter: A Robin’s Nest 18
Kenneth Koch: Ballade 32
Jordan Smith: Union Station 53
Stephen Berg: Milk 55
Joanie Mackowski: Electric Storm on Brayton Point 56
Stephen Sandy: The Water Spider 85
Sarah Lindsay: Aluminum Chlorohydrate 87
Todd Smith: Boy, 19, Requests Death by Drowning 97
Frederick Tibbetts: Polovtsian Dances 98
Jennifer O’Grady: Rain 99

Edmund White: An Open Book 104
John Morton Blum: Defining Experience 112
Rachel Hadas: Three Lives 119
Tracey Seeley: Rebecca West: The Meaning of Research 129
Michael Malone: Fiction in Review 135
Stephen Burt: Poetry in Review 142
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review 159
Gilberto Perez: Film in Review 175

VOLUME LXXXV, NO. 4 (October 1997)

Peter G. Davis: An American Singer 1
John Updike: The Appetite for Truth: On Melville’s Shorter Fiction 24
Maribeth Fischer: Sorrowing 53
Paul Moore, Jr.: On the Heights: Scenes from the Life of a Bishop 104
Grace Schulman: Gift from a Lost World 121
David Bromwich: Keats and the Aesthetic Ideal 140

Joanna Scott: The Queen of Sheba Is Afraid of Snow 69

Charles Wright: Back Yard Boogie Woogie 20
Charles Wright: Half February 21
Chase Twichell: Erotic Energy 22
Chase Twichell: Secrets 23
Mark Doty: Where You Are 48
Charles O. Hartman: Russian Lessons 98
David Lehman: The Code of Napoleon 118
Matthew Sweeney: Never in Life 135
Denver Butson: This Late 136
Jay Parini: A Killing Frost 137
Rachel Hadas: On Myth 138

Howard Lamar: The Search for American Heroes 146
John Taylor: An Impossible Survival 151
Lorin Stein: Fiction in Review: The comic elegance of Ann Beattie 156
Willard Spiegelman: Poetry in Review: Charles Wright and Jorie Graham 166
Paul Gruber: Recordings in Review: Theater music of Kurt Weill 176

VOLUME LXXXVI, NO. 1 (January 1998)

Alexander Theroux: Odd Collections 1
Chris Ware: Jimmy Corrigan 14
Elisabeth Sifton: The Serenity Prayer 16
Karl Maier: The Universal Soldier 70
Barbara Hurd: The Country Below 96
Roberto González Echevarria: The Second Discovery of America 136

Julie Orringer: What We Save 114

Kay Ryan: That Will to Divest 13
James Longenbach: Answer to a Question 66
Jeredith Merrin: Family Reunion 68
Donald Hall: Smile 93
Greg Williamson: The Dark Days 109

Ben Downing: The Carpentered Sacraments of David Jones 154
Lindsley Cameron: Fiction in Review: News from the Far East 167
Harold Bloom: Poetry in Review: The Achievement of Amy Clampitt 179
Brian Zeger: Recordings in Review: Schubert Continued 185

VOLUME LXXXVI, NO. 2 (April 1998)

Alan Trachtenberg: Wanamaker Indians 1
David Cannadine: An Imperial Childhood? 28
James Trilling: The Flight from Enchantment: Ornament as a Threat to Reason and Reality 81
Amélie Oksenberg Rorty : How to Harden Your Heart: Six Easy Ways to Become Corrupt 104

John Barth: Dead Cat, Floating Boy 52
Donald Justice: Death, Night, Etc. 63

John Ashbery: New Constructions 25
Kevin Durkin: Little League 47
Brenda Shaughnessy: Your One Good Dress 48
Brenda Shaughnessy: Still Life, With Gloxinia 49
Philip Schultz: In Medias Res 50
Diann Blakely: Matinees 76
Mark Levine: The Fixed Wing 78
Robin Magowan: Seven, Without Binoculars 79
Allen Grossman: How To Do Things With Tears 113
Terese Svoboda: Parents 115
Tom Sleigh: Scattering 116
Tom Sleigh: The Hammock 118
Eamon Grennan: Windless Night 120

Kai Erikson: The Fate of the Inner City 121
Chris Agee: Poteen in a Brandy Cask: The Ethical Imagination of Hubert Butler 129
Walter Kendrick: Fiction in Review: Journeying Through Underworld 143
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: On Frank Bidart and C. K. Williams 153
Patrick J. Smith: Recordings in Review: Archival Treasures 169
Gilberto Perez: Cinema in Review: Victor Nunez and Ulee’s Gold 174

VOLUME LXXXVI, NO. 3 (July 1998)

Kathleen Hill: Reading with Diana 1
Alexander Theroux: Plaid 33
Bettina Drew: A New Kind of American Town: Celebration 51
Eric Bentley: The Play of the Century 71
David Yandell Todd: An Interview with Andre Dubus 89

Michael Frank: My Husband’s Best Friend’s Second Wife 111

Anthony Hecht: The Fall 29
Anthony Hecht: Look Deep 31
May Swenson: The Winepress 49
Eleanor Ross Taylor: O Lamp 82
Eleanor Ross Taylor: Night Retrieves 83
William Logan: Lying in Bed 84
William Logan: On the Crucifixions 85
Henri Cole: Etna 86
Stephen Perry: Philomel 88

John Hollander: Paradise Enow 128
Nicholas Howe: The Lower Margin: Footnotes and the Writing of History 140
Jean McGarry: Fiction in Review: The Short Story Today 150
James Longenbach: Poetry in Review: Edward Hirsch: Eating the World 160
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Virtual Music 174

VOLUME LXXXVI, NO. 4 (October 1998)

William H. Rehnquist: Inter Arma Silent Leges 1
Donald Windham: Which Urges and Reasonably So the Attraction of Some for Others 18
George Platt Lynes: Eight Portraits 19
Eva Hoffman: The New Nomads 43
Arnold Steinhardt: Death and the Maiden 64
William McBrien: I Want to Be A Yale Boy 98

Sheila Kohler: Ambush 87

W.S. Merwin: Orioles 16
W. S. Merwin: Seed Time 17
Irving Feldman: City of Good Neighbors Blues 32
Joyce Carol Oates: Fast Forward 35
Ben Downing: No Rosetta Stone 37
Carolyn Kizer: The Erotic Philosophers 38
Marie Ponsot: Antepenultimate 59
Dennis O’Driscoll: Hay 60
David Wagoner: Thoreau and the Stumps 62
Steve Orlen: Taboo 79
Tom Disch: Ode on the Source of the Mississippi 82
David Hilton: The Grownup 84
Rachel Hadas: Fathers and Daughters, Mothers and Sons 119
Bruce Bond: Thelonious Sphere Monk 123
Marilyn Hacker: Taking Leave of Zenka 125

Edison Miyawaki: C:\Evolve: 128
Lorin Stein: Fiction in Review: Vivian Gornick and John J. Clayton 140
Stephen Burt: Poetry in Review: Ashbery, Moss, Kleinzahler, Gander 152
Benjamin Ivry: Recordings in Review: Virtual Ravel 172

VOLUME LXXXVII, NO. 1 (January 1999)

Robert Mezey: An Eyelid’s Soundless Blink: The Poetry of Thomas Hardy 1
Edward Mendelson: Auden, From Parable to Myth 26
Gail Godwin: Waltzing with the Black Crayon 44
Robert Lowell:Two Letters and a Poem (Introductory Note by Hannibal Hamlin) 54
Wilfred Sheed: There Goes the Judge 70
Richard Olney: The Avignon Program 99

Marshall N. Klimasewiski: Nobile’s Airship 111

Richard Howard: Family Values 20
Louise Glück: The Burning Heart 37
Jesse Lee Kercheval: In a Small City, Somewhere in the Past 39
Jeffrey Harrison: Family Dog 41
Scott Hightower: James Dean 43
John Hollander: M and M’s 63
Robert B. Shaw: Anthology Piece 67
Jennifer Atkinson: Nimbus 68
Thomas Bolt: Refined Waste 69
Sandra McPherson: A Perspective of Tangerines 94
Elizabeth Cohen: The Move 96
Debora Greger: The Overland Bus 97

Igor Kipnis: Keyboard Cabbages and Kings 132
Diana Postlethwaite: Fiction in Review: American Allegories 139
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: At Century’s End: The Poetics of Plash and Speed 149
Jesse Green: Recordings in Review: Never Look Back: Broadwa Original Cast Recordings 172
Gilberto Perez: Cinema in Review: Spectacle and Surveillance: The Truman Show 182

VOLUME LXXXVII, NO. 2 (April 1999)

John Keegan: European Tragedy, European Mystery 1
Amos Oz: What Actually Existed Here Before the Big Bang? 18
Edmund White: The Mask of Art 25
Inger McCabe Elliott: Picture Story 44
W. D. Snodgrass: Your Own Footprints 57
Anthony Hecht: On Rhyme 71
Jay Parini: Depths Below Depths: Robert Frost in a Dark Time 95
Stella Adler: Ibsen the Pioneer 107

Jean McGarry: Among the Philistines 119

Richard Wilbur: Fabrications 13
James Merrill: Minotaur 15
Gerald Stern: Which One? 17
C. K. Williams: Droplets 37
C. K. Williams: The Train 39
Robert Hahn: Yes 40
Dabney Stuart: Lives of Their Own 41
Rick Barot: Nearing Rome 43
David St. John: Chevalier D’or 118

Richard Howard: The Winds of Will 142
Cynthia Russett: Spirits and Scandals 149
Michael Frank: Fiction in Review: Lorrie Moore and Alice Munro 157
Stephen Burt: Poetry in Review: Hill, Rich, Creeley, Szporluk 175

VOLUME LXXXVII, NO. 3 (July 1999)

Randall Jarrell: Is American Poetry American? (Introductory Note by Stephen Burt) 1
André Aciman: Pensione Eolo, Sites of Nostalgia 25
James McCourt: Mae West 45
Kenneth Gross: An Imaginary Theater 56
Dorothea Straus: First Boy 76
Richard T. Arndt: Saving Art: Some Early American Rescuers 85

Peter Cameron: Accidents 112
Richard Stern: Wool 130

Dorothea Tanning: No Palms 21
Stephen Yenser: Paradise Cove 22
Stephen Yenser: Harmonie Du Soir 24
Daniel Hall: The Birds of the Holy Land 38
Daniel Hall: The New World 39
Gwen Head: Matron 40
David Baker: Benton’s Clouds 42
Mark Bibbins: Birds of Prayer 70
Barry Goldensohn: Lao Tzu Rebuked 71
Jody Gladding: Greens 72
D. Nurkse: My Father at Prades 73
Elizabeth Macklin: Little Sister 74
Eric Ormsby: The Jinn 106
Susan Mitchell: Bird: A Memoir 107

William Weaver: Reading Montale 142
Howard R. Lamar: One of Those Uncommon Geniuses 147
Molly McQuade: Dancing Through Pain 153
John Crowley: Fiction In Review: The Cartoon Strip As Novel 159
Michael Thurston: Poetry In Review: Eavan Boland & W. S. Merwin 167
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings In Review: Edgard Varèse’s Music of the Future 182

VOLUME LXXXVII, NO. 4 (October 1999)

Fritz Stern: Death in Weimar 1
Ned Rorem: Notes Without Music 28
Anthony Hecht: Technique in Housman 55
Thornton Wilder: A Footnote to the Skin of Our Teeth (Introductory Note by A. Tappan Wilder) 66
Charles Fergus: Stones 91

Alice Adams: Her Unmentionables 44
Mark Wisniewski: Addenda 77

Yehuda Amichai: Autumn, Love, History 21
Yehuda Amichai: Yehuda Halevi 23
Cynthia Zarin: Baby’s Breath 24
Robert Bly: Rembrandt’s Elephant 26
Robert Bly: The Woman in the Last Car 27
Jane Mayhall: Uncensored Note to Auden 52
Daniel Halpern: Air, ’56 53
W. S. Di Piero: Driving to Provincetown 54
Eric Pankey: Sandy Point Road: An Eclogue 86
C. Dale Young: Night Air 87
Carole Satyamurti: My Wilderness 89
Michael J. Rosen: Sighting 111
Robert Richman: My Race 112

William Weaver: Preparing for Saints 113
Daniel Hall: One Traveler 118
Ian Sansom: Reading W. H. Auden 128
Patricia C. Willis: Cooler by the Lake 135
Joanna Scott: Fiction in Review: The Long-Awaited Novel by Ralph Ellison 145
Carol Muske: Poetry in Review: Miles, Wright, Williams 154
Benjamin Ivry: Recordings in Review: The Poulenc Centenary 165
Gilberto Perez: Film in Review: Ghosts of the City: Films of Ernie Gehr 173

VOLUME LXXXVIII, NO. 1 (January 2000)

Eva Hoffman: Life Stories, East and West 1
Joan Dayan: The Photo 27
Avi Sharon: Turning Point: A Year in the Seferis-Katsimbalis Correspondence 44
Mark Doty: Queer Sweet Thrills: Reading May Swenson 86

Jean Ross Justice: The Offer 63

Irving Feldman: Beautiful False Things 20
Kevin Durkin: American Pylons 40
Mark Halperin: Millennium 41
Bill Christophersen: Cocktails at the Millennium Hotel 43
Jonathan Galassi: Siren 74
Jonathan Galassi: Snapshot 75
Steve Orlen: Monkey Mind 76
Steve Orlen: The Man in the Photograph 77
Carl Phillips: And Fitful Memories of Pan 80
Brian Swann: Physics 111
Brian Henry: Veterans’ Club 113
Karen Chase: Winter in Provincetown 115
Peggy O’Brien: Virtual Reality 115

Edison Miyawaki: A Brain For Business 121
Willard Spiegelman: Criticism at Century’s End 133
Michael Frank: Fiction in Review: The Fictional World of Nina Berberova 151
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Heather McHugh, Lynne McMahon, Jorie Graham 171
Robert Kimball: Recordings in Review: News from the Rialto 197

VOLUME LXXXVIII, NO. 2 (April 2000)

Paul West: The Fool of Light 1
Kenzaburo Oe and Susan Sontag: An Exchange of Letters 10
Richard Wilbur: Molière’s The Bungler, Act I 39
Leon Edel: Searching for Sylvia Beach 107

Joyce Carol Oates: Words 62
Neil Grimmett: Cider 79

W. S. Merwin: Paradiso II 33
Linda Gregerson: Eyes Like Leeks 73
Don Bogen: No Friend 75
Lynne McMahon: Marriage Dissolving in the Upstairs Room 77
Dolores Hayden: Cadillac Ranch 87
John Kinsella: The Iconography of Drought Jackie 89
Vijay Seshadri: Immediate City 92
Andrew Zawacki: Lessons in Chiaroscuro 93
Erin Belieu: Brown Recluse 97
Frances Padorr Brent: Fire in the Doll’s House 98
Daryl Hine: The Boy’s Own Manual 99
Kay Ryan: The Pass 100
Kay Ryan: The Catch 101
Philip Levine: Today and Two Thousand Years From Now 103
Philip Levine: Moradian 105

Hermione Lee: An Appetite for Writing 117
Michael Ravitch: Byron’s Afterlife 124
Diane Stevenson: Memory and History 138
Lorin Stein: Fiction in Review: Frederick G. Dillen & Trace Farrell 139
James Logenbach: Poetry in Review: Some Versions of Pastoral 164
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Richard Strauss 175
Gilberto Perez: Films in Review: Bad Boys: Klaus Kinski & Werner Herzog 185

VOLUME LXXXVIII, NO. 3 (July 2000)

John Malcolm Brinnin: A Matter of Passing Papers 1
Edward T. Chase: Ross of The New Yorker Edits Hiroshima by John Hersey 16
Nora Sayre: Could It Be Read to Flaubert? 30
William Kerrigan: Emotion in Housman 46
Mark Oppenheimer: At August’s End: Serving Time in Leftist Summer Camps 71
Amélie Oksnberg Rorty: The Dramas of Resentment 89
J. Mitchell Morse: Veblen, Kafka, Vico, and the Great Wall of China 101

Joe Ashby Porter: Icehouse Burgess 110

Debora Greger: Prince of the Powers of the Air 25
Debora Greger: In the Sixties 27
Debora Greger: The Alligator Bride and Groom 29
Sherod Santos: The Talking Cure 65
Agha Shahid Ali: Ghazal 69
Rachel Hadas: The Crust House 85
Ian Ganassi: I Do Not Love Thee Doctor Fell 87
Sara Miller: The Yellow Emperor 111
Sara Miller: His Mark 112
Valerie Wohlfeld: Quilt 113
Brooks Haxton: Deaf 115
Peter Davison: Glittering Truot 130
Rex Wilder: For K., Whom I Did Not Marry 132
Grace Schulman: Last Requests 133

William Weaver: The Return of Natalia Ginzburg 135
Stephen Burt: A Pure Reader 148
Meghan O’Rourke: Fiction in Review: Aleksaandar Hemon & Zadie Smith 159
Michael Thurston: Poetry in Review: Ciaran Carson, Marilyn Hacker, & Thom Gunn 171
Gary Schmidgall: Recordings in Review: Countertenors & Others 190

VOLUME LXXXVIII, NO. 4 (October 2000)

Ronald W. Jones: Britain and Islam, 1600–1800: Different Perspectives on Difference 1
Cynthia Ozick: Imaginary People 25
Anita Brookner: The Brothers Goncourt: The Breakdown of Joy 28
Nicholas Howe: Places of Fear 43
Maribeth Fischer: Words 56
James Richardson: The Dream of Reading 80
C. K. Williams: Unlikely Likes: George Herbert and Philip Larkin 121

Shelia Kohler: Underworld 73
Ellen Wilbur: Bed Check 113

Charles Wright: A Short History of the Shadow 21
Charles Wright: Appalachian Lullaby 23
Elisabeth Frost: Under Heaven 51
Rhoda Janzen: Inhabited D 52
Joanie Mackowski: Lunch by the Construction Site and After 54
Charles Martin: Death Will Do Nothing 109
Roderick Townley: The Red Blouse 110
Mary Jo Bang: Night and Nail 111
Joyce Carol Oates: A Dream of Backed-Up Drains 117
Alan Wlliamson: Nostos 139
Debra Nystrom: Listening in Bed to You Reading Swann’s Way Aloud 141

Edison Miyawaki: Emotional Man 143
Sven Birkerts: Fiction in Review: Susan Sontag’s In America 158
Brian Henry: Poetry in Review: Pankey, Rumsey, & Levine 163
Patrick J. Smith: Recordings in Review: The Recording Business: Issues & Reissues 181

VOLUME LXXXIX, NO. 1 (January 2001)

Owen Fiss: The Civilizing Hand of the Law?: Birmingham, 1963 1
Seth Lerer: Children’s Literature and the Stories of the List 25
Virginia Woolf: How Should One Read a Book? 41
André Gide: Montaigne 53
Robert B. Shaw: Learning from Lowell 77
Stanley Kauffmann: In Search of Tragedy 104

Laura Furman: Beautiful Baby 89

Jane Hirshfield: Red Berries 20
Greg Williamson: Three-Sided, One-Way Mirror 22
John Poch: Aubade 72
Nathaniel Bellows: Work 73
William Logan: Adultery 75
William Logan: Seven Deadly Sins 76
John Koethe: The Other Side of the Canyon 108
Teresa Svoboda: Death Stayed 111
Ira Sadoff: Nefarious 112

Edison Miyawaki: The Information We Were Born For 113
John Taylor: Guillevic’s Quest 130
Michael Ravitch: Fiction in Review: J. M. Coetzee 144
Stephen Yenser: Poetry in Review: Anne Carson 154
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: Mélodies Passaagères 167
Gilberto Perez: Film in Review: Mike Figgis’s Time Code 178

VOLUME LXXXIX, NO. 2 (April 2001)

Alan Hollinghurst: I Often Laugh When I’m Alone: The Novels of Ronald Firbank 1
William Weaver: The Canzoniere of the House of Salina 24
Adam Haslett: The Believers 36
Joyce Carol Oates: Nighthawk: A Memoir of a Lost Time 56
Leon Trotsky: If World War Comes Again 83
Ivan Bunin: Maxim Gorky 94
Maxim Gorky: Song of the Blind 104

John Hollander: Names on Trees 19
John Updike: At the Miho Museum 21
John Updike: Shinto 22
John Updike: Hiroshima, 2000 23
Jeff Dolven: What Counts for What 73
Andrew Feld: The Boxers 75
Stephen Cushman: At the Recycling Center 77
B. H. Fairchild: A Photograph of the Titanic 79
Jeffrey Harrison: Sex and Poetry 81
Jeffrey Harrison: Rowing 82
Susan Wheeler: That Been To Me My Lives Light and Savior 112
James Lasdun: Property: The Bear 115
Cleopatra Mathis: Demeter 117
Robert Bly: The Way Rimbaud Died 127
David Hilton: Salcombe Ramble 128

Jean McGarry: The Maestro 118
T.M. McNally: Open My Heart 131

Lance Esplund: Championing a Champion 150
Diana Postlethwaite: Fiction in Review: Missing Persons 159
Rachel Hadas: Poetry in Review: Putting It All Down, Leaving It All Out 170
Benjamin Ivry: Recordings in Review: Louis Armstrong 185

VOLUME LXXXIX, NO. 3 (July 2001)

R. W. B. Lewis: Dante The Florentine 1
Peter S. Hawkins & Rachel Jacoff: Still Here: Dante After Modernism 11
Jacobo Fijman, translated by Melanie Nicholson: Fires of the Mind: A Memoir 27
April Allsiton & Pamela J. Schirmeister: A Gentlemanlike Training: James Fenimore Cooper at Yale 46
Edith Wharton: Harems and Ceremonies 70
Dean Acheson: Prelude to Independence 93

Katherine L. Hester: Prelude to Independence 104
David Shields: Properties of Language 128

John Hollander: Song, Son Sordino 25
Rachel Hadas: The Argument About Difficulty 41
Ron Rash: In the Barn 43
Eliza Griswold: Pennant 44
Reginald Shepherd: Duration of White 45
Stephanos Papadopoulos: The Painter’s Atelier (Nonda) 65
Alan Michael Parker: The God of Wine 67
Molly Bendall: More Delicacies 69
Max Winter: One Thing Told from Another 135
Michelle Boisseau: Self-Pity’s Closet 137
David Wagoner: Backstage 138

Anthony Hecht: Bard on Bard 140
Molly McQuade: Fiction in Review: Prey: Joy Williams & Janet Kauffman 160
Michael Thurston: Poetry in Review: Michael S. Harper & Yusef Komunyakaa 165
Daniel Hall: Recordings in Review: Steely Dan 184

VOLUME LXXXIX, NO. 4 (October 2001)

Oliver Sacks: Stinks and Bangs 1
Thomas Mann: Goethe 23
Paul Valéry: Art and Progress 45
Thomas L. Jeffers: Nice Threads: Tennyson’s Lady of Shalott as Artist 54

Thomas L. Jeffers: References Available Upon Request 74

Marilyn Hacker: Explication De Texte 19
Eamon Grennan: Afterweather 51
Madeline DeFrees: Almanac 53
A. E. Stallings: Aftershocks 69
Barbara Orton: The Student 70
Cecily Parks: Severance 71
Judith Hall: Souvenir of the New World 72
James Hatch: The Fault 73
Cynthia Zarin: Rocking the Carriage 96
Joan Swift: Six Floor North 98

Cynthia Ozick: Smoke and Fire 99
Lance Esplund: Rockwellian Myths 103
Edison Miyawaki: The Brief History of the Moment 113
Lorin Stein: Fiction in Review: Ken Kalfus & Evan S. Connell 129
Justin Quinn: Poetry in Review: Geoffrey Hill in America 165
Dewey Faulkner: Recordings in Review: The Verdi Centennial 167