Deborah Landau

Strutting avec Cyndi Lauper, a flourish. Stunt-

kissing Kevin S. behind school on roller skates getting all

electric in biology class, at Dairy Queen, babysitting, Louie M.

lying on top of me under layers of Michigan winter   we were

excessive. Those scenarios could get orthodontically complex.

Trepidatious afterglow we’d saunter back to school. Who needed

oratory? We were mad for the body in its meant-for-pleasure
      finery, lips a-cherry,

nails glossed wine, libido an overdrive meant to keep us here a
      long time.

Deborah Landau is the author of five books, including Skeletons. She is a professor and director of the NYU Creative Writing Program.
Originally published:
September 1, 2022


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Deborah Landau


Deborah Landau


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