Deborah Landau

Sugar withdrawal symptoms turn out to be, what, exactly—keto flu, depression,

killer headaches and cravings (cravings) (cravings)

endorphins how I long for you—    longing, that’s a sugar and

love is, morning sun too, especially through French windows and

earth is a sugar while it still greens around us. What else sweetens? not the internet not

tweets, except maybe Alex’s which are really poems in tweet’s clothing, definitely not

one (a tweet) from the president        yet iced with the season’s first

narcissus blooms this day & somehow it’s still a thrill to wake, warmbodied alive.

Deborah Landau is the author of five books, including Skeletons. She is a professor and director of the NYU Creative Writing Program.
Originally published:
September 1, 2022


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Deborah Landau


Deborah Landau


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