She’s the only one who hears me sing

Emily Lee Luan

She’s the only one who hears me sing.

The only one who hears me singing, she.

Only one, who hears my song?

One hears me sing—no, she’s the only.

Who, me? I’m my only.

Hear me sing her only song.

I sing, and there’s my only, hearing.

Sing her to only.

Sing me into hearing

I who is my only.

Hearing why my onlys, she sings.

Whose hearing ones to singing?

One, the only one,

Only my only sing me.

The she who sings, hearing all the way to one.

She’s singing, in it I hear my onely.

Emily Lee Luan is the author of 回 / Return, a winner of the Nightboat Poetry Prize, and I Watch the Boughs, selected for a Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship. She holds an MFA from Rutgers University–Newark.
Originally published:
April 19, 2023


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